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Full List of the Colleen Hoover Books in Order (+ Printable PDF)

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Get the complete and fully updated list of #1 New York Times bestselling author Colleen Hoover books in order so that you can binge-read ALL of her beloved contemporary romance novels.

To make it extra easy and fun, you can also download a free printable PDF of the list of Colleen Hoover books below.

This post answers frequently asked questions about Colleen Hoover books, then it shares the chronological list of all her books, followed by the full list sorted by standalone novels and book series by Colleen Hoover and, finally, summaries of all of the books to help you decide which one to read first or next.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are Colleen Hoover books so popular?

Colleen Hoover’s books are plot-driven romance novels, making them hard to put down. But while many plot-driven books can be lighter on character depth, Hoover also dives into the innermost emotions of her characters, offering the best of both worlds and also tugging at the reader’s heart to leave a lasting impression.

What order should I read Colleen Hoover’s books in?

Colleen Hoover’s standalone books can be read in any order. The following books by Colleen Hoover are part of a series and should be read in order of publication:

It Ends with Us Series: It Ends with Us (2016); It Starts with Us (2022)

Hopeless Series: Hopeless (2012); Losing Hope (2013); Finding Cinderella (2013); Finding Perfect (2019)

Maybe Series: Maybe Someday (2014); Maybe Not (2014); Maybe Now (2018)

Slammed Series: Slammed (2012); Point of Retreat (2012); This Girl (2013)

Never Never: Never Never (Part 1); Never Never (Part 2); Never Never (Part 3)

Are Colleen Hoover’s books a series?

While many of Colleen Hoover’s books are standalone novels, she has also written five series of books below:

Slammed Series: Slammed; Point of Retreat; This Girl

Hopeless Series: Hopeless; Losing Hope; Finding Cinderella; Finding Perfect

Maybe Someday Series: Maybe Someday; Maybe Not; Maybe Now

Never Never: Never Never (Part 1); Never Never (Part 2); Never Never (Part 3)

It Ends With Us Series: It Ends With Us; It Starts With Us

What is Colleen Hoover’s most popular book?

It Ends With Us is a #1 New York Times bestseller by Colleen Hoover that has sustained massive popularity over several years, rising to the top of the charts again many years after its original publication, due to the vast praise it received on TikTok.

Find out what books made the list of the top 5 Colleen Hoover books.

Colleen Hoover Books in Order

(Note: This list does include co-authored books but it does NOT include works featured in collections or anthologies.)

Chronological List of All Colleen Hoover Books in Order

  1. Slammed (Slammed Series Book 1 of 3) (2012)
  2. Point of Retreat (Slammed Series Book 2 of 3) (2012)
  3. Hopeless (Hopeless Series Book 1 of 4) (2012)
  4. This Girl (Slammed Series Book 3 of 3) (2013)
  5. Losing Hope (Hopeless Series Book 2 of 4) (2013)
  6. Finding Cinderella (Hopeless Series Book 3 of 4) (2013)
  7. Maybe Someday (Maybe Someday Series Book 1 of 3) (2014)
  8. Ugly Love (2014)
  9. Maybe Not (Maybe Someday Series Book 2 of 3) (2014)
  10. Confess (2015)
  11. November 9 (2015)
  12. Never Never (Part 1 of 3) (2015) (co-authored)
  13. Never Never (Part 2 of 3) (2015) (co-authored)
  14. Never Never (Part 3 of 3) (2016) (co-authored)
  15. It Ends With Us (2016)
  16. Too Late (2016)
  17. Without Merit (2017)
  18. All Your Perfects (2018)
  19. Maybe Now (Maybe Someday Series Book 3 of 3) (2018)
  20. Verity (2018)
  21. Finding Perfect (Hopeless Series Book 4 of 4) (2019)
  22. Regretting You (2019)
  23. Heart Bones (2020)
  24. Layla (2020)
  25. Reminders Of Him (2022)
  26. It Starts With Us (2022)

Get your printable PDF of the list of Colleen Hoover books in order below.

Colleen Hoover Book List of Standalone Books

  1. Ugly Love (2014)
  2. Confess (2015)
  3. November 9 (2015)
  4. Too Late (2016)
  5. Without Merit (2017)
  6. All Your Perfects (2018)
  7. Verity (2018)
  8. Regretting You (2019)
  9. Heart Bones (2020)
  10. Layla (2020)
  11. Reminders of Him (2022)

It Ends with Us Series

  1. It Ends with Us (2016)
  2. It Starts with Us (2022)

Hopeless Series

  1. Hopeless (2012)
  2. Losing Hope (2013)
  3. Finding Cinderella (2013)
  4. Finding Perfect (2019)

Maybe Series

  1. Maybe Someday (2014)
  2. Maybe Not (2014)
  3. Maybe Now (2018)

Slammed Series

  1. Slammed (2012)
  2. Point of Retreat (2012)
  3. This Girl (2013)

Never Never Series (co-authored with Tarryn Fisher)

  1. Never Never (Part 1) (2015)
  2. Never Never (Part 2) (2015)
  3. Never Never (Part 3) (2016)

Get the age rating for all Colleen Hoover books.

Chronological List of Colleen Hoover Books with Summaries

Slammed (Slammed Series Books 1 of 3)

Slammed is the first of three books in the Slammed series by Colleen Hoover, as well as her debut novel.

Eighteen-year-old Layken becomes the rock for her mother and her younger brother after their patriarch unexpectedly dies. Inside, however, she’s losing hope.

Then, she meets her new neighbor Will, whose passion for poetry enthralls her. Everything’s great until a shocking discovery challenges the relationship.

Only poetry may save them.

Point of Retreat (Slammed Series Book 2 of 3)

Point of Retreat continues Layken’s and Will’s story, as a revelation about Will’s past leaves the pair questioning everything. They must decide how hard they are willing to fight for a future together, and it seems only something truly extraordinary will work.

Hopeless (Hopeless Series Book 1 of 4)

Hopeless is the first of four books in the Hopeless series by Colleen Hoover.

High school senior Sky must decide whether to keep believing lies or know a truth that makes her feel hopeless.

She’s completely captivated by Dean Holder, who has a promiscuous reputation in town. There’s something about him that reminds her of her troubled past, but she can’t deny their growing bond.

When his secrets are revealed, Sky’s ability to trust is challenged and she must face emotional scars if she wants to move forward in this tale of first love.

This Girl (Slammed Series Book 3 of 3)

This Girl concludes the Slammed series.

Layken and Will are married and feeling secure, but Layken seeks to learn more about Will’s past.

For the first time, he’s willing to reveal his innermost feelings and thoughts, both good and bad. This includes shocking confessions from when they first met and so, their future rests on how well they can overcome the past.

Losing Hope (Hope Series Book 2 of 4)

Losing Hope continues the Hopeless series from Dean’s point of view.

Dean has been haunted by guilt and remorse over the little girl he couldn’t save and felt even more pain once they reconnected.

Only upon redeeming himself and loving Sky can he start to heal himself.

Finding Cinderella (Hopeless Series Book 3 of 4)

Finding Cinderella is a novella. Eighteen-year-old Daniel and the girl he meets by chance profess their love for each other, but they agree it will only last one hour and it will only be make-believe.

Afterward, the girl rushes off like Cinderella, and Daniel is left trying to remind himself it was only a pretend love affair.

A year later, he meets Six, a strange girl who further threatens his happily ever after.

Maybe Someday (Maybe Someday Series Book 1 of 3)

Maybe Someday is the first of three books in the Maybe series by Colleen Hoover.

Sydney is a college student with a steady job and a loving boyfriend, Hunter… that is, until she realizes he’s been cheating on her.

She can’t keep her eyes off her mysterious guitar-playing neighbor, Ridge, who has also noticed her.

When they finally meet, they realize they need each other in more ways than one.

(Note: the ebook and paperback contain a link to original music for this book!)

Ugly Love

New York Times Bestseller

Ugly Love tells the story of Tate, who meets airline pilot Miles, but they have nothing in common except their mutual attraction.

They realize it may actually be perfect to have a purely physical relationship, since he doesn’t want love and she doesn’t have time for it.

When the past is revealed, however, the future comes into question, and their seemingly uncomplicated love gets…ugly.

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Maybe Not (Maybe Someday Series Book 2 of 3)

In Maybe Not (a spinoff in the Maybe series), Warren agrees to live with a female roommate, the cold and calculating Bridgette. When tensions get heated, Warren comes up with a theory that anyone who can hate with so much passion can love with so much passion, and he decides to put it to the test.

Will Bridgette’s heart warm up? Maybe, or Maybe Not.


  • New York Times Bestseller
  • Winner of the 2015 Goodreads Choice Award for Best Romance

Confess is about taking risks for love and finding your heart. Twenty-one year old Auburn has lost everything in her life and, as she rebuilds it, she sees no room for error.

But, when she looks for a job at an art studio, she becomes attracted to an artist there, Owen. But Owen is keeping a big secret that can destroy Auburn once again.

The question is whether a confession will be worse than the original sin.

November 9

New York Times Bestseller

November 9 is the popular love story of Fallon, who is escaping from a physically and emotionally painful past, and Ben, an aspiring novelist, who spend one day together before her cross-country move.

As their lives move forward, they continue to meet on the same day each year, and Fallon becomes Ben’s unexpected creative inspiration.

However, Fallon discovers that Ben has hiding a big secret that may change how both real life and the novel will end.

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Never Never (Part 1) (Never Never Series Book 1 of 3)

Never Never (Part 1) is the first of three books in the Never Never series that Colleen Hoover co-authored with Tarryn Fisher.

Charlize and Silas been best friends since they were babies, and they fell in love at the tender age of fourteen.

But as of one morning, every memory has vanished, and they must learn the truth about what happened to them and why. This causes them to question why they were together in the first place.

Never Never (Part 2) (Never Never Series Book 2 of 3)

Never Never (Part 2) continues the story of Chaliza and Silas, as Silas races against time to fight the truth and bridge the divide between their past and their present.

Never Never (Part 2) (Never Never Series Book 3 of 3)

Never Never (Part 3) concludes the story of Charlize and Silas. As time ticks away, they continue to look deeper into the past to find answers before they lose everything they ever had.

It Ends With Us (Book 1 of 2 in the It Ends With Us Series)

  • #1 New York Times bestseller
  • 2016 Goodreads Choice Award for Best Romance

It Ends With Us is Colleen Hoover’s most popular book, achieving massive popularity even years after its publication, due to its success on TikTok. It’s also the first of two books in the It Ends With Us series.

Lily has graduated from college, moved to Boston, and started a floral business when she meets Ryle, a stunning neurosurgeon.

Quickly, she becomes his exception to the “no dating” rule, but she soon learns the dark secret about why he has this rule in the first place.

Lily thinks back to Atlas, the protector of her past, and when he re-emerges in her life, the relations among all three become explosive.

Too Late

In Too Late, Sloan is stuck in a relationship with the corrupt Asa, and nothing can get in her way to find an escape… except Carter.

The problem is that nothing can get in the way of Asa staying one step ahead of Sloan… except Carter.

Without Merit

Without Merit is about the Voss family, who lives in a repurposed church. The cancer-surviving mother lives in the basement, while the father is married to her former nurse. The half-brother isn’t allowed to do anything fun, and the eldest siblings are perfect.

Merit keeps these family secrets, as she meets Sagan, an unavailable idealist, at an antique shop. As she retreats deeper into herself, she becomes fed up with her family and decides to leave them.

When her escape plan fails, she’s faced with telling the truth and risking love in doing so.

All Your Perfects


All Your Perfects is the popular story of Quinn and Graham, a once-perfect couple who now have an imperfect marriage.

Their future depends on promises made in the past — before they endured years of imperfections, and the question is whether they can overcome their faults.

Maybe Now (Maybe Someday Series Book 3 of 3)

Maybe Now concludes the Maybe series, returning to the world of Ridge and Sydney, Maggie, Warren, and Bridgette.

Ridge and Sydney are happy and carefree, whereas Warren and Bridgette are volatile. Meanwhile, Maggie grapples with her illness.

When Maggie comes across a list of things she always wanted to do, she decides it’s time to accomplish her dreams.

But, Ridge worries about her, and Sydney becomes suspicious of their friendship. If they want to stay together, she must overcome her jealousy and accept that Maggie is a part of their lives.


  • New York Times Bestseller
  • USA Today Bestseller
  • The Globe and Mail Bestseller
  • Publishers Weekly Bestseller

Verity is a popular thriller that has shocked legions of readers who, like me, couldn’t put it down, and left with their mouths hanging open. I read it in one sitting, and it remains a book that I recommend to everyone who doesn’t mind disturbing content.

Lowen is a struggling writer who accepts a job ghostwriting for bestselling author Verity Crawford, who is seriously injured.

As she sorts through Verity’s notes, she finds an unfinished autobiography that startles her with spine-tingling details about Verity’s life, including the night of her accident.

At the same time, Lowen develops feelings for Verity’s husband, and strange things start happening that continue to confuse, and scare, Lowen.

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Finding Perfect (Hopeless Series Book 4 of 4)

Finding Perfect is a novella that concludes the Hopeless series.

Daniel, Six, Holder, Sky, and Breckin are plan on celebrating Thanksgiving at Sky’s parents’ house.

Daniel reaches out to Six and learns that their shared secret is set to put a damper on the holiday. So, he tries to find answers for the one he loves. The problem is it may only lead to despair.

Heart Bones

In Heart Bones, an unexpected death leaves an impoverished Beyah with nowhere to go in the months leading to her future life. As a last resort, she spends the Summer on a Texan peninsula with the father she barely knows.

She has nothing in common with wealthy neighbor Samson, except that they are both drawn to sad things, including each other. It’s a Summer fling that may end up placing Beyah’s future into question.

Regretting You

#1 Wall Street Journal bestseller

Regretting You is a moving story of grieving mothers and daughters that touched my heart and will touch yours too.

Morgan is determined to prevent her teenage daughter, Clara, from making the same mistakes she made by getting pregnant and married at a young age.

As their relationship struggles, their patriarch is killed in a tragic accident.

In their grief, Morgan seeks comfort in the last person she expected, and Clara escapes to a forbidden boy.


  • Wall Street Journal bestseller 
  • USA Today bestseller

Layla is Colleen Hoover’s “ghost story.” It felt a bit odd at first to me with the paranormal elements, then took a twist that made it really suspenseful and just as satisfying as all her novels.

Leeds wants to spend his life with Layla, but he’s torn because she was left a different woman as the result of a violent attack. When they retreat to a “bed and breakfast,” Layla’s behavior becomes downright bizarre, and that’s not the only odd thing happening in this place.

When Leeds meets a “guest” named Willow, he starts falling for her, which ultimately leads to him learning the truth about what happened to Layla and the strange occurrences.

For more, read my full Layla book summary and review.

Reminders of Him

Reminders of Him is about a troubled young mother named Kenna Rowan, who leaves a five-year stint in prison with the hope of reuniting with her young daughter.

However, everyone shuts her out for what she did, except Ledger, a local bar owner. As he becomes a bigger part of her life, they must hide their connection to avoid losing the trust of everyone that matters to them, while also maintaining the hope of healing fractured bonds.

It’s a gripping story of grief, redemption, and forgiveness that packs an emotional punch in addition to offering a steamy romance.

It Starts With Us (Book 2 of 2 in the It Ends With Us Series)

It Starts With Us is fan favorite Atlas’s side of the story in the It Ends With Us Series. Two years after separating from Ryle, Lily bumps into Atlas, who asks her for a date.

But, Ryle still doesn’t want Atlas in their daughter’s life, threatening her second chance at love.

I don’t want to say too much about it so as not to spoil anything, but I will note that it involves sweet letters and more than one child as a character.

I will also say that, for better or worse, to me it felt more like a continuation of the story than a full-fledged sequel.

Those are all the Colleen Hoover Books in order.

Bonus: Printable PDF of the List of Colleen Hoover Books in Order

Before you go, remember to get your free printable PDF of the List of Colleen Hoover books in order.

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