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Hi! I'm Julianne -- a/k/a Jules Buono!

(Email me directly at [email protected]

I’m passionate about inspiring women to read more.  I just can't stop reading in my free time and I love sharing it.  My goal is to serve busy women who are looking to make each day even a little bit better and more meaningful in all facets of life, primarily by reading more.  And I like to pair books with fun lifestyle items, like style and recipes.

I’ve been on The Today Show's Read with Jenna book club on TV, as well as Oprah’s Book Club and Reese’s Book Club on Instagram, and Buzzfeed.

More About Me

I live in Philly with my husband and cats and am an introverted homebody. I’m an enneagram 6w5 (The Loyalist), Aquarius, Hufflepuff, INFJ (The Counselor), classic style lover, mostly vegan eater, and a fan of character-driven novels and epic family sagas.

I can still remember the sheer excitement of reading on my own for the first time as a young child, when I couldn't get enough of everything featured on Reading Rainbow (which inspired this website), The Polar Express, and Shel Silverstein poems. I grew into American Girls books (Molly was my favorite), Judy Blume novels and The Baby-Sitters Club series, then preferred classic authors like Vonnegut and Steinbeck as an AP English student in high school.

As a college student with an English minor, I focused more on my writing, and then as a young adult, I was really taken by The Lovely Bones and perusing the local libraries for hidden gems. Now, my favorite book has become My Brilliant Friend, and I read 100+ books of all sorts per year.

A few faves: Trader Joe's, Martha's Vineyard, Gilmore Girls, The Office (fun fact: I grew up in Scranton), Italian and Mediterranean food, Audrey Hepburn, hot baths, Philly sports, jazz music, Harry Potter, wine & yoga.

Coffee order: Cafe au lait with oat milk

Ideal reading location: my reading room with a blanket, candle, and classical music playing

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