At The Literary Lifestyle, we’re not only passionate about promoting literacy in the digital sphere — we’re also deeply committed to playing an active role in giving back to the community through books in real life.

By participating in The Literary Lifestyle’s community, you’re not just accessing content to improve your own bookish life. You’re also supporting a company that believes in making a (very literary) difference.

Read on to discover the various charitable initiatives we support to enrich literary lives.

classroom library funded by readers of The Literary Lifestyle

Classroom Library Project

In 2021, we ran a book drive that secured 1,500 books in one week for low-income Philly-based school districts that were especially in need of this support due to the many challenges brought on by the pandemic.

person writing out a wish list.

Clear the List Campaigns

We regularly fund teachers’ classroom wish lists, particularly during the “back-to-school” season. We focus these donations on literary projects, school libraries, and books. We also provide resources for readers to learn how to #ClearTheList.

woman and child reading books

Charitable Donations

Each month, The Literary Lifestyle chooses at least one book-related charity to support financially. The charity is often announced at the end of our email newsletter.

book with chain and lock.


It’s often said that reading allows one to walk in another person’s shoes, and the benefits of reading include cultivating empathy, expanding your worldview, and making you more open-minded. That’s why we believe in highlighting diversity in our content and striving to amplify the voices of those often marginalized. For example, we regularly support initiatives against the banning of books.

free little library in oak bluffs massachusetts.

Community Involvement

We regularly donate books and offer financial support to libraries and book-related charitable causes in the Philadelphia area, where we are based. We support independent bookstores and authors both on this website and in real life at local literary events.