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The Literary Lifestyle is a virtual reading corner for women that leaves you feeling as inspired as a cozy afternoon at home with a book and a warm beverage. Sound good?

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The Literary Lifestyle by: Jules Buono

I'm Julianne a/k/a Jules Buono. I help busy women who are looking to make each day better by reading more and pairing these books with fun and authentic lifestyle.

I've been on The Today Show's Read with Jenna book club, Oprah's Book Club, Reese's Book Club, and Buzzfeed, and my essay about The Rory Gilmore Book Club was published in the book But I'm a Gilmore!

I live in Philly with my husband and cats and am an introverted homebody. I'm a classic style lover, mostly vegan eater, and a fan of character-driven novels and epic family sagas.

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