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Learn everything you need to know about the Fourth Wing map to assist your reading of the Empyrean series by Rebecca Yarros. And at the end of the post, download a printable PDF with all this information and more to read alongside.

I was influenced to dive into Fourth Wing by, well, EVERYONE on social media, but I am a very logical person who usually struggles with learning about and understanding fantasy worlds. So, I decided to take very detailed notes as I read this five-star book set in school at the fictional Basgiath War College.

Now, I’m sharing my own personal Kindle book highlights and notes on the Fourth Wing map to assist your own reading experience. It includes everything I read about “The Continent,” as well as relevant battle locations, treaties, etc.

Fourth Wing Map

fourth wing map

Fourth Wing takes place in one Continent with two kingdoms. These kingdoms were at war for 400 years.

  • Navarre is the larger kingdom, which is mountainous and produces ore, timber, deer, and elk. There are six provinces in Navarre:
    • Luceras is in the Northwest of The Continent.
    • Morraine is North and central in The Continent.
    • Elsum is just South and East of Morraine.
    • Deaconshire is in the center of Navarre.
      • Basgiath War College is near the center of Navarre.
        • The Vale is the valley behind Basgiath War College where the dragons live.
    • Calldyr is West and central in The Continent.
    • Tyrrendor is in the Southwest of The Continent. It is the largest province in Navarre. To the West is the Emerald Sea, and to the South is the Arctile Ocean. The Cliffs of Dralor along the Southern coast act as a protective barrier. It was the last of the bordering provinces to join the alliance under King Reginald. And, it is the only province to attempt secession 627 years later.
      • Aretia was the capital, near the Cliffs of Dralor, and it was burned to the ground after the rebellion. July first is the anniversary of the Battle of Aretia, and it became known as Reunification Day by King Tauri to honor the lives lost and to save the kingdom from separatists and those saved by the Treaty of Aretia.
  • Poromiel is the smaller kingdom, consisting of arable plains and marshlands, textiles, fields of grain, gems.
    • Krovola is the province that shares a border to the East of Tyrrendor.
    • Braevick and Cygnisen are provinces to the West, with the Esben Mountains as a border.
      • The Esben Mountain Range is the highest along Braevick. It’s the least likely place for an attack; however, fighting is the most intense there.
    • The Barrens are deserted land along the East of The Continent.

Notes About the Fourth Wing Map

The Battle of Gianfar, six centuries prior to the time of Fourth Wing, was crucial to the unification of Navarre: “‘The stronghold was not only set for a siege, […] but was equipped with the first cross-bolt, which proved lethal against dragonkind. […] It was one of the final battles where gryphons and dragons actually worked alongside each other to annihilate the army of the Barrens.”

The Kingdoms are bound by the Trade Agreement of Resson, signed 200 years prior to the time of Fourth Wing. Per this Agreement, trades are made in Poromiel four times a year at the Athebyne outpost on the border of Krovla and Tyrrendor (the South central part of The Continent).

More about this area:

“The first known gryphon attack occurred in 1 AU ( After Unification ) near what is now the trading post of Resson. At the edge of the dragon-protected border, the post has always been vulnerable to attack and, over the course of the past six centuries, has changed hands no less than eleven times in what has become a never-ending war to secure our borders from our power-hungry enemies.”

The Treaty of Arif is “[T]he agreement between Navarre and Krovla for mutually shared airspace for both dragons and gryphons over a narrow strip of the Esben Mountains, between Sumerton and Draithus[.]” Sumerton and Draithus are also in the South central part of The Continent.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Fourth Wing have a map?

Yes. Fourth Wing by Rebecca Yarros contains a two-page map of “The Continent” where the story takes place.

What is the country in the Fourth Wing?

Fourth Wing by Rebecca Yarros takes place primarily in the country of Navarre, which is on “The Continent.” It has two kingdoms, Navarre and Poromiel, which were at war for 400 years.

Where does the Fourth Wing take place?

Fourth Wing by Rebecca Yarros takes place primarily at Basgiath War College in Navarre, which is part of “The Continent.” It has two kingdoms, Navarre and Poromiel, which were at war for 400 years.


This guide to the Fourth Wing map with my Kindle highlights and notes aimed to assist and improve your reading and comprehension of the Empyrean series by Rebecca Yarros.

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