Get the best nail ideas for Spring that are popular with women to brighten your manicures and pedicures all the way from St. Patrick’s Day to April showers and May flowers. Welcome the warmer weather and fresh blooms with nature-inspired pastels and flowery, feminine shades.

olive and june spring 2023 nail polish bottles and box for mani kit with books

Since I’m an Olive & June ambassador and only use their nail products exclusively, I am focusing on their products for these nail ideas for Spring. Their collections are so thoughtful, and I *kind of* think their new Spring nail designs (below) are the best collection yet — so fresh and bright!

(Pair them with a cuppa and one of these Spring books for a fabulous hour or two of Spring self-care!)

Olive & June is known for their SUPER long-lasting nail polish (with their bestselling top coat) to achieve a salon-quality manicure at home for a fraction of the cost. I started using their mani system and pedi system when COVID hit, and I never went back to the salon again.

Now, I dive into my kits every Friday night with an audiobook and a glass of wine at *exactly* 5 pm.

Olive & June also boasts the following accolades:

  • vegan products
  • cruelty-free products
  • non-toxic products
  • Press on nails from 94% post-consumer recycled materials and non-damaging glue
  • Allure Best of Beauty winner (cuticle serum and nail polish remover pot)
  • woman-owned business

Discount code: You can use my code OJJULIANNEB20 for 20% off your purchase of any Olive & June system.

(For more info check out my review of the Olive & June mani system and/or the pedi system.)

Now that you know all about Olive & June, let’s talk about their best nail ideas for Spring!

Best Nail Ideas for Spring

Olive & June has six new shades of Spring nail polish and three press-on Spring nail designs this year, as well as four additional Spring collections, with six nail ideas each, for a grand total of thirty-three nail ideas for Spring!

New Spring Nail Polish Color Ideas for 2023

olive and june spring 2023 nail polish

These six new Spring nail colors are bright and juicy, as they as inspired by a farmer’s market.

  • This Lettuce is Radicchio: sheer magenta
  • Strawberries are in Season Right Now: sheer crimson
  • Lavender Stems: sheer lavender
  • Carrot Juice: fresh orange
  • Not Kale: chartreuse green
  • Berry Basket: soft turquoise

I got to test all these shades, and I think “This Lettuce is Radicchio” is the most universally flattering. That being said, I absolutely love the shade of “Berry Basket” and how unique “Not Kale” is. Lastly, “Lavender Stems” is so feminine and soft.

Of note, the “sheers” are very sheer, and they are meant to look like lipgloss (a current nail trend). You should paint three coats of the sheer shades.

Reminder: While you can buy the nail polish of your choice separately, you can get 20% off with my code OJJULIANNEB20 when you purchase any Olive & June system. The Spring mani system contains all the tools you need to achieve that salon-quality look and feel, PLUS a limited edition floral box, floral pouch, and mint Poppy (for holding the brush).

Spring Press-On Nail Ideas

olive and june spring 2023 press ons

These three Spring press-on nails range in both size and style.

  • Butterfly Party: extra-short round
  • Periwinkle Vampy Heart: short round
  • Strawberry French: medium almond

A few quick tips about the press-ons:

You can cut the press-on nails, shape them, and even paint on them, and they also come off with NO damage to your nail in about 15-20 minutes of soaking them in soapy water.

I suggest using a “medium” amount of glue to get about 10-14 days of wear out of them.

The press-on nails aren’t too “fake” looking either, and I was even stopped several times at the grocery store the last time I wore the French manicure style!

Reminder: While you can buy the press-on nails of your choice separately for $10 per set, you can get 20% off with my code OJJULIANNEB20 when you purchase any Olive & June system. The press-on system contains all the tools you need to attach and remove your nails with the greatest ease.

More Nail Ideas for Spring

If you’re looking for even more nail ideas for Spring, Olive & June has four additional Spring collections, with six nail polish shades each.

(Tip: Top any of these shades with Pink Goldfish for an iridescent finish!)

Tea Party Inspired Spring Nail Ideas

olive and june spring 2022 nail polish
  • The Queen Takes Her Tea with Milk: neutral mauve sheer (works well for a “glazed donut” look)
  • Strawberry Scone: pink sheer
  • Jam, Please: glowing soft magenta
  • You’re Invited: playful lilac purple
  • Golden Afternoon: sunny spring marigold
  • Cucumber Sandwich: super fresh cool green

In this set, “Jam, Please” is an all-time favorite shade for both fingers and toes! For this reason, I love it throughout the Spring and Summer months as a great nail color for the beach.

Paradise-Inspired Spring Nail Polish Ideas

olive and june spring 2021 nail polish
  • Angelfish– pale blue
  • Cockatoo– glowy lavender
  • Pink Sands– sun-bleached pink
  • Hibiscus– tropical pink
  • Wild Orchid– rich magenta
  • Lava– spicy orange-red

This is a set with which you can’t go wrong. All of these shades are bestsellers and fan favorites, and they are must-have shades for every nail polish collection. Seriously, I’ve tried them all, and they are all must-haves. These colors will take you all the way from Spring through Labor Day.

Pastel-Themed Spring Nail Polish Ideas

olive and june spring 2021 nail polish
  • BEB– sheer white
  • CCT– sheer pink
  • CHM– sheer tan
  • KMC– sage green
  • JM– pinky lavender
  • JLR– sunny yellow

This set makes me think of Easter. There are some great neutrals that can be worn year-round, plus a few colorful pastels reminiscent of the season.

“Fresh”-Themed Nail Polish Ideas

olive and june spring 2020 nail polish
  • GH– baby pink
  • CDJ– creamy greige
  • MM– toasted neutral
  • EC– sheer peach
  • TT– pastel lavender
  • BP– icy blue

This is a true neutral set. Shop this set if you’re looking to start your collection and/or have some shades that work for everyone and all occasions.


Those are the best nail ideas for Spring.


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