These Verity triggers warnings will help you decide whether to read and/or prepare to read Colleen Hoover’s bestselling romantic thriller book.

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It’s no secret that Verity is a massive success as a New York Times bestseller, USA Today bestseller, The Globe and Mail bestseller, and Publishers Weekly bestseller. (And it’s popular with readers of The Literary Lifestyle too.)

Verity is also easily one of the most disturbing and graphic books I have read (but it’s also my personal favorite Colleen Hoover book). It also has an age rating for “Very Mature Adults” aged 21 and over. So, there are definitely a lot of content warnings to note before reading this book.

First, for a quick overview of the plot, Verity is about the (fictional) author Verity Crawford, who has sustained terrible injuries in an accident and cannot complete her books. So, her seemingly doting husband, Jeremy, hires struggling writer Lowen Ashleigh to act as a ghostwriter.

As Lowen sorts through Verity’s materials, she finds what’s either Verity’s autobiography or a manuscript, which is filled with an array of chilling events sure to make you gasp, including disturbing admissions about her twin girls.

At the same time, Lowen develops feelings for Jeremy, and strange things begin to happen, leaving you questioning everything you thought you knew about Verity. The conclusion is utterly shocking!

Now that you know the basic plot of Verity, let’s discuss the Verity by Colleen Hoover trigger warnings you need to know before reading it.

Of note, triggering content can be very subjective, so I have done my best to include the most common triggers in each Verity book trigger warning here. I also note that discussing these triggers necessarily includes some content spoilers; however, I have still tried to keep them as vague as possible and label the more specific ones, so as not to give away too much of the story.

Verity: Trigger Warnings

What are the trigger warnings for Verity?

Common Verity triggers warnings include:
Car accidents
Physical injuries
Blood and gore
Mental illness
Death of a child
Death of a parent
Attempted suicide
Attempted murder
Child abuse
Child neglect
Spousal abuse
Graphic sexual content

Why is the book Verity disturbing?

Verity by Colleen Hoover is widely considered to be disturbing because it contains graphic content relating to topics like attempted murder, murder, child abuse, car accidents, abortion, physical injuries, and more.

Want even more specific Verity trigger warnings? (There are spoilers in the below paragraph.)

Some more specific content warnings for Verity include cancer, drowning, allergic reaction, coma, pregnancy, miscarriage, kidnapping, alcohol, medication abuse, scars, Asperger’s Syndrome, smothering, strangling, choking, and grief.

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Those are the Verity trigger warnings you need to know about this unputdownable, but disturbing, Colleen Hoover book.

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