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Struggling with all the details in Iron Flame? I took hundreds of notes to make it easy for readers like you to learn and theorize. Here, you’ll learn everything you need to know about Iron Flame dragons and other creatures (wyvern, gryphon, venin) to assist your reading of the Empyrean series by Rebecca Yarros. So, get “fired” up!

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I was influenced to read the Fourth Wing book series by, well, EVERYONE on social media, but I am a very logical person who usually struggles with learning about and understanding fantasy worlds. So, I decided to take very detailed notes (nearly 700 for this book alone).

Now, I’m sharing my own personal Kindle book highlights and notes on the Iron Flame dragons and creatures to assist your own reading experience. This post includes everything I read and annotated on these topics, including dragon names, types, and human bonds. You can download and print a PDF copy of my notes to use while you’re reading as well!

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There are SO MANY creatures in this book to keep track of! Here are the guideposts for this article:

  • Yes, there are spoilers, as I can’t discuss plot details without, well, discussing plot details, but I do not reveal who dies, since that is one of the biggest spoilers, and I do not reveal the conclusion of Iron Flame here.
  • Generally speaking, this list is in chronological order of appearance in the book.
  • And I ONLY included information revealed in the book Iron Flame. Check out my Fourth Wing dragon guide if you need information from that book.

In this book reading guide to Iron Flame dragons and creatures, I included page numbers for easy referencing but please note these are page numbers from the Kindle version, which has 884 pages. The hardcover edition has 640 pages, so my Kindle page numbers differ from the hardcover.

Iron Flame Dragons

Name of DragonType of DragonHuman Bonded With
CodaghBlack golden eyesCommanding General Melgren
TairnBlack Morningstartail with gold eyesViolet Sorrengail
MarbhOrange DaggertailBrennan Sorrengail
SgaeylBlue DaggertailXaden Riorson
DeighLiam Miari
FuilSolei Telery
Solasone golden-eyed Orange DaggertailMajor Varrish
CathRed SwordtailDain Aetos
BreuganProfessor Carr
GlaneOrange DaggertailImogen Cardulo
CuirGreenBodhi Durran
BaideOrange ScorpiontailJack Barlowe
Andarnafeathertail / scorpiontailViolet Sorrengail
TeineGreen clubtailMira Sorrengail
Brown daggertailVisia Hawelynn
Blue clubtailAaric Graycastle
Red daggertailSloane Mairi
FelixRed Swordtail
Brown ClubtailSuri
Green SwordtailUlices
AimsirLilith Sorrengail
Red ClubtailProfessor Devera
ChradhBrown ScorpiontailGarrick Tavis

Notes About Dragons

Codagh and Tairn are two of the greatest dragons of their time. (page 26)

Naolin was Tairn’s previous rider who died trying to save Brennan. (page 29)

Andarna’s scales are black as of page 38. “Dragons are only gold-feathered as hatchlings.” Only the eldest can sense the hatchling’s pigment. Violet admits they “are so deeply black they glimmer almost purple — iridescent[.]”  She has golden eyes.

Adolescents don’t bond because they don’t have patience. (page 38)

“The color of a dragon’s scales is hereditary[.]” (page 39)

Black dragons are rare.

Codagh says that two more black dragons have hatched in the last year.

“The First Six riders were desperate to save their people when they approached the dens over six hundred years ago. Those dragons formed the first Empyrean and bonded humans only to protect their hatching grounds from venin, who were the bigger threat.” (page 45)

“[D]ragons ferociously guard both their young and any information regarding their development, only four facts are known about the Dreamless Sleep. First, it is a critical time of rapid growth and development. Second, the duration varies from breed to breed. Third, as the name suggests, it is dreamless, and fourth, they wake up hungry .” (page 57)

Basgiath was chosen for the location of the wards [because] Green dragons, especially those descending from the line of Cruaidhuaine, have an especially stable connection to magic, which some believe is a result of their more reasonable, defensive nature[.]” (page 236)

Alloy is made of “[a]n amalgamation of Palladium, a few other ores, and dragon egg shells.” Dragon shells are “metal and still carry magic long after the dragons hatch.” (page 295)

“Dragons aren’t supposed to even get close to family lines” and bond with humans in the direct family line, which can cause madness. (page 435) Quinn is only the great-niece of Cruth’s previous rider. (page 710)

Aretia’s first hatchling is a feathertail dragon. (page 587)

“The six most powerful refers to dragons, not riders.” (page 702)

Dragons can’t talk to each other over a large distance, but they can sense emotions. (page 832)

Andarna’s scales shift from midnight black to a shimmering deep purple, then take on a greyish hue. (page 861)

Notes About Wyvern

Fables say wyvern are created by venin. They channel power into the wyvern. There are at least two breeds: one that produces blue fire and a faster one that breathes green fire (pages 30-31)

Lightning kills them. (page 765)

“Wyvern are created with dark wielder magic[.]” (page 610)

“Venin share a collective conscious with the wyvern they create[.]” (page 611)

Notes About Gryphon

Cebbelair (“Cibbe”)Luellasilver-specked wings
KiralairCatsilver wings

Gryphon are about a foot taller than Xaden with razor-sharp beaks and beady eyes. They are half eagle and half lion, and they don’t tolerate altitude well.

“When a gryphon bonds, it does so for life.” (page 599)

“Gryphons die with their fliers[.]” (page 600)

Notes About Venin

Venin are dark wielders. The only thing that can kill them is the alloy that powers the wards. (Note also that the dragon riders’ daggers have an alloy medallion in them that are capable of wielding power.)

“[T]he only weapon capable of killing a dark wielder is the same thing that drove them to soullessness … power.” (page 630)

“Defeating a dark wielder begins with knowing where they rank in age and experience. Initiates have reddish rings to their eyes that come and go depending on how often they drain. Asims ’ eyes fluctuate in degrees of red, and their veins distend when riled. Sages ’ — those responsible for initiates — eyes are permanently red, their veins perpetually distended toward their temples, expanding with age. Mavens — their generals — have never been captured for examination.” (page 642)

“Venin share a collective conscious with the wyvern they create[.]” (page 611)

Printable PDF

Download your free printable PDF copy of my notes to take with you below.


These important details about the Iron Flame dragons have assisted your reading experience of the Empyrean series by Rebecca Yarros and helped you prepare for the next books in this popular fantasy series.

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