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Get the most thought-provoking Iron Flame book club questions to have a fun and interesting discussion of the hottest fantasy book sequel out there right now, as well as printable book club discussion questions to prepare for your in-person book club.

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The Fourth Wing book series by Rebecca Yarros has swept readers away, including both fantasy newbies and aficionados, so Iron Flame, the sequel to Fourth Wing, has made for a popular book club choice. I too was texting compulsively with friends about shocking plot twists and theories about Iron Flame!

So, I curated these Iron Flame book club questions to help you easily guide your book club meetings. Since Iron Flame digs deeper into the over-arching themes of the Empyrean series, including history-telling and the nature of love and war, I focused my questions on those aspects of the book.

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Iron Flame Book Club Questions

There are spoilers in these discussion questions. I included Iron Flame page numbers after some of the questions for easy referencing but please note these are page numbers from the Kindle version, which has 884 pages. The hardcover edition has 640 pages, so my Kindle page numbers differ from the hardcover.

Discuss the significance of the title and how it manifests in the plot.

Describe Aretia and how you picture it.

Discuss the various characters’ reactions to Brennan being alive.

Why do you think Navarrians wiped history of venin and choose their own protection by hoarding the alloy that powers the wards (but can also kill venin)?

Why was it said that scribes have more power than dragon riders, gryphon flyers, and even dark wielders?

Violet says, “They wouldn’t need as many weapons if they had wards.” (page 34) Why are wards more powerful than weapons?

Discuss knowledge and access to information as it pertains to this Iron Flame quote: “Just because no one knows how to create new wards today doesn’t mean the knowledge can’t exist somewhere.” (page 34)

What did you think of adolescent Andarna and her changes?

Was Sloane right to be angry at Violet for her brother’s death?

It was said that secrets make for poor leverage because they die with the people who keep them. Should secrets be revealed?

Discuss the Codex rule to defend the borders with lethal force but not take war to civilians.

Discuss the culture of Basgiath War College, in which many students lose their lives during their first year and the remainder “lose [their] humanity” in their second year. (page 145)

History telling is said to be incomplete by either ignorance or intention. What is at play here?

Discuss the difficulties of making objective records.

Discuss the impact of history getting lost in translation. (For example, The Gift of the First Six is written in Old Lucerish, a dead language.)

Violet’s father was writing a book on feathertails and Violet bonded one. What do you make of this, if anything?

Violet describes her confidence in Xaden as “arrogant.” Is this a strength or a weakness of their relationship?

Discuss book banning in the context of Iron Flame and current events.

Is it right that the historians chose to focus on unification rather than the sacrifices made by dragons and humans to establish Navarre?

How does Violet attempt to answer her questions?

What role did trust play among the characters?

Why are lies described as “powerful tools”? (page 246)

Xaden wants “blind faith” from Violet and she wants it in return. Is this a good or a bad thing?

Do you believe this statement is true?: “History and current events are tied because one influences the other[.]” (page 299)

In the Unification, Navarrians sacrificed culture and the ability to travel for safety. Is that a worthwhile sacrifice?

The riders discuss the fact that the fact something is printed for public dissemination doesn’t make it real. How does this pertain to current events?

It is said that it’s foolish to think you can save everyone. Is this true?

Violet is told her weakness is the people she loves. Do you agree?

Tecarus thinks Violet’s wildest dream is peace for the people she loves. Is he correct?

Discuss the significance of adding runes to the plot.

Did your opinions of any Iron Flame characters change versus Fourth Wing?

Who is the biggest villain in Iron Flame?

How does Xaden’s and Violet’s relationship change?

Discuss how Violet’s Ehlers-Danlos syndrome is represented in Iron Flame.

Discuss how diversity is represented in Iron Flame.

Compare and contrast parts one and two of Iron Flame.

Discuss the pros and cons of Iron Flame.

Discuss the pacing and length of Iron Flame.

Which physical or mental challenge did you like the most and why?

Did Jack’s return surprise you?

Did any of the deaths surprise you?

Did the Iron Flame ending shock you?

Did you find any holes in the plot?

Did you find any “Easter eggs” in the plot?

Has Iron Flame caused you to re-think the accuracy of any of your own learning of history and current events?

Did Iron Flame live up to your expectations?

Who would you cast in the adaptation?

What do you predict Violet’s second signet will be?

What do you think will become of Xaden’s and Violet’s relationship?

How do you think venin will be fought in future books?

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These Iron Flame book club questions will help you foster both fun and thoughtful discussions about the popular fantasy sequel everyone is talking about, from lighter topics like your predictions to heavier thematic questions, including the nature of love and war. You’re bound to enjoy talking about this highly anticipated book.

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