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Get the most thought-provoking Fourth Wing book club questions to have a fun and interesting discussion of the hottest fantasy book out there right now, as well as a printable PDF of the questions to take with you.

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Fourth Wing fever has absolutely swept readers away, including both fantasy newbies and aficionados, so it’s also made for a popular book club choice. While this literary sensation is an obvious choice for fantasy book clubs, it’s a great “starter” fantasy book for those less familiar with the genre because it’s not too hard to learn and immerse yourself, and it contains a lot of fun things to discuss as well, from talking dragons to a good old-fashioned enemies-to-lovers romance.

As a Fourth Wing fan myself, I curated these discussion questions to guide your book club meetings. They are comprehensive, and they balance the fun of fantasy with the heavier themes as well, so that you can have a really well-rounded conversation.

Use these Fourth Wing book club questions to discuss everything from your favorite signets to the power of storytelling and teaching history. And, then print out a free PDF copy to take with you!

Fourth Wing Book Club Questions

There are some plot spoilers in these questions, but I have aimed to keep them minimal.

Did you hear anything about this popular book before reading it?

Discuss expectations versus your actual experience in reading this popular book. Did Fourth Wing live up to the hype?

Discuss your familiarity with fantasy books prior to reading Fourth Wing.

Discuss the pros and cons of the format in which you read Fourth Wing (audio, print, digital).

Was it easy or hard for you to learn the world created in this fantasy novel?

Discuss Violet as our heroine, including her strengths, weaknesses, and motivations.

How did Violet cope with chronic illness (Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, a connective tissue disorder)?

What can the reader take away from Violet’s experience with chronic illness?

What were Violet’s most significant challenges and how did she work through them?

Compare and contrast Violet to the members of her family.

The characters’ unique physical characteristics were described in detail. Which ones do you recall?

How does the daily threat of death affect Violet?

Why do you think Yarros chose a school setting for this novel?

Would Violet have been safer or happier as a scribe?

It was said that riders have weapons but scribes have “the real power.” Why?

Why did Violet’s mother push her to be a rider?

Discuss the popular quote, “We can live as cowards or die as riders.”

Discuss the politics of Navarre.

Describe the land of Navarre.

How do truth and lies intersect in history telling in Navarre?

Did you think there would be a love triangle between Dain and Xaden?

Are you Team Dain or Team Xaden?

Was Dain helpful or hurtful to Violet?

What do you make of Xaden’s nickname for Violet — Violence?

Discuss the physical challenges the riders faced.

Did any of the characters’ deaths surprise you?

What quadrant would you want to be in (riders, healers, scribes, and infantry)?

What signet would you want to have?

Why do you think Violet got the signet of wielding lighting and the gift of stopping time?

Why is mind reading “a death sentence”?

Why is mending the most precious signet?

What dragon would you bond with?

Why did Tairn and Andarna choose Violet?

Did the “talking dragons” work for you?

Who was your favorite dragon and why?

It is said that, “A rider without their dragon is dead.” How do the dragons protect their riders?

Is the rebellion rellic (and the mandates that come with it) fair?

It was said that, “There is nothing more sacred than the Archives. Even temples can be rebuilt, but books cannot be rewritten.” Why is this true?

Did the spice level work for you or did you want more or less?

Did you like the “enemies to lovers” trope in this novel?

How did you feel about Xaden at the beginning versus the end of Fourth Wing?

Was danger inside or outside the school more palpable to you?

Which characters do you trust or distrust?

What was Violet’s biggest act of bravery?

Did the plot twist at the end surprise you?

Did you find any content to be triggering?

Who would you cast in a movie adaptation of Fourth Wing?

Do you plan on reading the next book(s) in the Empyrean series?

Discuss your predictions for the next book(s) in the Empyrean series.

Compare and contrast Fourth Wing with other fantasy series you’ve read.

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These Fourth Wing book club questions will help you foster both fun and thoughtful discussions about the popular fantasy novel everyone is talking about, from lighter topics like your favorite dragons to heavier thematic questions, including the nature of history telling presented. Whether you’re a fantasy newbie or an aficionado, you’re bound to enjoy talking about this beloved book.

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