Explore dozens of recipes to get the best Harry Potter food ideas for a party and beyond, like a movie night at home, or even an afternoon tea inspired by the wizarding world!

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Here, you will find answers to frequently asked questions about these Harry Potter food ideas, followed by dozens of my favorite Harry Potter recipes for you to make.

Many are inspired by butterbeer (of course!), the Hogwarts house colors, the golden snitch, the sorting hat, and even your favorite potions. There’s everything from drinks (for both kids AND adults), to savory food, snacks, and lots of sweet desserts. The creativity in these recipes is both inspiring AND delicious!

The only question is which one of these Harry Potter food ideas to make first!

Frequently Asked Questions About Harry Potter Food Ideas

What are some foods from Harry Potter?

Some foods referenced in Harry Potter books and movies include butterbeer, shepherd’s pie, pumpkin pasties, treacle tarts, Harry’s birthday cake from Hagrid, Molly’s meat pies, Kreacher’s French onion soup, pumpkin juice, and rock cakes.

What do you serve at a Harry Potter dinner?

A traditional Hogwarts feast is a hearty one with meat, potatoes, and vegetables, such as a shepherd’s pie. It would be followed by a dessert, such as Harry’s favorite treacle tart.

What kind of food is at a Harry Potter party?

A Harry Potter party may serve food like butterbeer-flavored everything (drinks, cake, cupcakes, cookies), pumpkin pastries, shepherd’s pie, pudding, rock cakes, treacle tarts, and more.

Harry Potter Food Ideas

Below are dozens of Harry Potter ideas for you to explore for your Harry Potter-themed party and beyond.

Harry Potter Food Ideas

More Harry Potter Food Ideas

Get even more Harry Potter food ideas from these popular Harry Potter-themed cookbooks:

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Those are all the best Harry Potter food ideas for you to enjoy making AND eating!

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