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Review of Deco TV Frame for Samsung Frame TV (+ Promo Code)

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This honest review of the Deco TV Frame for the Samsung Frame TV shares how to install a frame on your Frame TV, as well as the pros and cons, PLUS it provides an exclusive discount code to readers of The Literary Lifestyle to purchase your own!

(Disclosure: I purchased a Deco TV Frame on my own, and I loved it so much that I asked Deco TV Frames to work with me on a collaboration, and they gifted me a second Frame. All opinions within this review are honest and my own.)

The Samsung Frame TV is “kind of a big deal” both in our home and on The Literary Lifestyle. I purchased two for my husband for his 40th birthday, and we got so engaged in installing it and customizing it that we started sharing posts with our tips and tricks, which are now some of the most popular posts around here with tens of thousands of views each month.

But, the focus of THIS post is our absolute favorite accessory for the Samsung Frame TV: Deco TV Frames!

What’s unique about the Samsung Frame TV is that it mounts flush against your wall and its wires and “brains” can be concealed out of sight. It also has an “art mode” by which you can upload and display art like a screensaver to further make the tv appear more like art and less like a tv.

BUT, the thin black edge around the Samsung Frame TV still kind of makes it look like a TV.

Enter: the Deco TV Frame. This custom frame fits right on top of your Samsung Frame TV for easy installation and the most gorgeous appearance of ACTUAL artwork — not a TV!

Does the Frame TV need a bezel?

A bezel is not required for your Frame TV; however, a bezel or frame creates the illusion of customized artwork and makes your Frame TV look much less like a TV.

I mean, just look at the difference in these before and after photos:

before and after deco tv frames
Warm Silver Deco TV Frame
before and after deco frame for frame tv

When we had family visit our home BEFORE we installed the Deco TV Frame, my brother-in-law remarked, “Is that a digital frame?”

And AFTER we installed it, we had repairmen working on our fireplace below our Frame TV for about an hour when I referred to it. One of them responded, “Wait — that’s a TV?!”

I can’t help but also show you how festive it looked at Christmastime in our home:

Samsung Frame tv with Christmas decor

We truly feel the Samsung Frame TV is simply not complete without a Deco TV Frame, and that it’s worth every penny. It’s something that *sparks joy* for us on a daily basis.

Review of Deco TV Frame

Below is a more detailed review of the Deco TV Frame: a discount code, how to install it (including a video), and a list of pros and cons.

Deco TV Frames Installation

How do I put a frame on my Samsung Frame TV?

1. Unbox your Deco TV Frame and lay out the four pieces in the shape of a frame per their labels.
2. Snap the four corners together magnetically using your hands.
3. Hook the top of the Deco TV Frame on top of the Samsung Frame TV.
4. Clip the bottom of the Deco TV Frame onto the bottom of the Samsung Frame TV.instructions for deco tv frame installation

Watch this one minute video to see exactly how easy it is to install and get a special offer:


Special Offer: Use code LITLIFE to get $20 of samples from Deco TV Frames for free.

Pros and Cons of the Deco TV Frame

While I couldn’t be happier with my Deco TV Frames, below is a more comprehensive list of pros and cons for you to consider whether it’s right for you too:

burlwood deco frame tv
Burlwood Deco TV Frame in my Ralph Lauren inspired bedroom


Deco TV Frames are high quality and absolutely stunning.

Deco TV Frames are made in the United States of America.

Shipping is extremely fast (I’m talking “Amazon Prime fast”).

Deco TV Frames are super easy to assemble and install. Anyone can do it in under two minutes.

At the time of posting, there are sixteen traditional and contemporary styles of premier frames and eleven alloy bezels available. If you are unsure which style to choose, you can even order samples!

Customer service for Deco TV Frames aims to satisfy the customer. Their return policy states: “We stand behind our products and will gladly issue a full refund upon return if you are not satisfied.”

Deco TV Frames have over 1,000 5-star customer reviews at the time of posting. (I also give them 5 stars!) In fact, I didn’t spot even one review under 5 stars. Here’s just a few:

Installation was super easy and fast, the color is beautiful it changes the whole vibe in the room and draws your attention to the tv and shipping was fast.

Juan B.

One of the best products I’ve gotten online in a while. Shipped super fast, extremely easy to assemble and the quality is excellent. Highly recommend.

Matt V.

Your advertising is wrong, it said it would take 2 minutes to assemble and install this frame and it took 1.2 minutes tops!!! Never seen anything as simple! I LOVE it! We’ve added this tv to a very formal room and this frame made it work perfectly! The quality is amazing. It blends with other pieces of artwork in the room beautifully. I highly recommend your company!

Kim M.

Deco TV Frames take the look of your Frame TV to a whole new level in making it look like actual artwork and not a TV, and it is so much more likely to fool your guests as well. (It fooled our guests, whereas the Frame TV on its own did not.)


Deco TV Frames can ONLY be used on Samsung Frame TVs.

The Deco TV Frame is a fairly expensive product (as custom framing generally is). Prices range from $149 and up.

The Deco TV Frame can lessen the effectiveness of the motion sensor which automatically turns your Frame TV on when light is detected in a room. I have found that the sensor works about half of the time with the Frame installed, but I have the TV set to stay on for a few hours at a time, and I really don’t mind switching it back on every few hours. It’s literally just a touch of a button.

(NOTE: Deco TV Frames has created a Smart Room Sensor (SRS) for 2017-2020 Frame TV models to combat this issue.)

Special Offers

Get $100 in free Frame TV art from the art store at Deco TV Frames with code ART100.

Use code LITLIFE to get $20 of samples from Deco TV Frames for free.

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Jeff Norman

Sunday 8th of January 2023

Good article, I bought samples (before I saw your article, could have saved some dough) and agree that they will make the TV perfect. They are really well made. However, I spent a ton of time and effort mounting my Connect Box behind the sheetrock, cutting it and installing an av box and running power. Now I have to determine if having the TV frame blocking my sensors is worth it. I really like how the sensors work and the exterior sensor (SRS-2) Deco TV sells doesn’t really fit my clean wall install. It looks bulky and not wall mountable. I wish I had more information about the sensors and if a cutout on the frames would solve the issue.

Sue Sabatino

Thursday 28th of July 2022

Love this!!


Friday 20th of May 2022

Just bought my frame tv. On the wall now trying to figure out a frame. Thanks. Great article


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