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Get the ultimate guide to Alex Michaelides’s books in order if you love psychological thrillers and want to read some of the most twisted and popular page-turners out there right now.

the fury by alex michaelides

The Silent Patient remains a cherished favorite of psychological thriller fans everywhere, who also enjoy the works of authors like Agatha Christie and Lucy Foley, author of The Guest List. I can still recall the experience of reading it, from its short and quick chapters to its utterly shocking twist and unputdownable quality.  Suffice it to say that Alex Michaelides quickly became an author whose books I always read. 

Below you will find a list of Alex Michaelides books in order and ranked, as I’ve read them all, followed by more details on each to help you decide what to read first or next from this thrilling author.

Alex Michaelides Books in Order

  1. The Silent Patient (2019)
  2. The Maidens (2021)
  3. The Fury (2024)


Alex Michaelides is a native of Greece who holds a Master of Arts in English Literature from Trinity College, Cambridge University, and a Master of Arts in Screenwriting from the American Film Institute in Los Angeles. He also studied psychotherapy for three years, which may be said to influence his writing style. He wrote three films before turning to novel writing.  His debut book, The Silent Patient, took the literary world by storm, instantly debuting at #1 on the New York Times bestseller list in 2019 (quite rare for a debut novel) and selling more than 6.5 million copies.

Alex Michaelides Best Books (Ranked)

  1. The Silent Patient
  2. The Fury
  3. The Maidens

I have read all of Alex Michaelides’s books to date, and from what I’ve seen and heard in the book industry, I believe my personal rankings also mirror that of many, if not most, other readers of his books.

Like millions of other readers, I adored The Silent Patient. It was absolutely unputdownable, and the twist shocked me. It truly deserves its status as one of the most satisfying thrillers you can read.

Next, I adored my reading experience of The Fury — just not quite as much. I found it to be so clever both in its plot and how it was told. It was also truly unique in that it was hard to even figure out who was dead, let alone whodunnit. It made a lot of promises explicitly, and it delivered on all of them.

I also enjoyed The Maidens, but definitely the least of the three Alex Michaelides books. I wouldn’t say I was disappointed by it, as I knew some readers were after loving The Silent Patient so much, and I was definitely surprised by the ending, but it just didn’t have the same level of suspense and intrigue as the others for me.

I think that once The Fury is publicly released (I read an advanced copy), readers will agree that Michaelides has made an epic comeback.

Details on All Alex Michaelides Books

The Silent Patient

Instant #1 New York Times bestseller

The Silent Patient is the first novel by Alex Michaelides.

Alicia Berenson is a shocking psychological thriller of a woman and famous painter who has been found guilty of murdering her husband, the in-demand fashion photographer Gabriel Berenson, who was tied up and shot. Because Alicia took a plea of “diminished responsibility,” she was admitted to a secure forensic unit called the Grove instead of being sent to prison.

Six years later, at the Grove, Theo Faber is a newly hired criminal psychotherapist with a troubled past, who is uniquely intrigued by Alicia’s case and requests to be assigned to her care. Alicia is known as “The Silent Patient,” as she has not spoken since the day of the murder of her husband Gabriel. 

As Theo attempts to treat Alicia, he also dives deep into her past and her art.  Her diary reveals her hidden thoughts about the murder and the events leading to it.  Meanwhile, dark truths about Theo’s life are also revealed.

In one absolutely jaw-dropping plot twist, these storylines ultimately reach their climaxes, and the truth is revealed.   This masterfully paced thriller keeps you absolutely glued to the pages and makes you question everything you thought you knew about the characters and their stories.  I read it in roughly 24 hours’ time, like so many millions of other readers who rave about this satisfying thriller.

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The Maidens

Instant New York Times bestseller

The Maidens is the second novel by Alex Michaelides.

This dark academia novel follows Mariana Andros, a troubled group therapist haunted by her traumatic past, including the death of her husband, as she becomes entangled in a dark web of mystery at Cambridge University. When the best friend of her niece Zoe is murdered there, Mariana suspects the members of a secret society of female students led by a charismatic Greek tragedy professor, Edward Fosca.

As Mariana investigates, she becomes obsessed with untangling the murder’s tangled web of clues, secret motives, and psychological complexities. Particularly, Fosca’s teachings on Greek mythology and ancient traditions surrounding the concept of darkness and light seem to resonate with the society, leading Mariana to believe there may be a connection between them and the murder.

Driven by her past, the novel reaches an epic climax as Mariana uncovers the shocking truth in a heart-pounding series of suspenseful events. 

While I’ve heard some readers say they were disappointed by this novel, I thoroughly enjoyed it and was definitely surprised by the ending.

The Fury

The Fury is the third novel by Alex Michaelides and it’s one of the most anticipated books of the year.  

Narrator and playwright Elliot Chase tells, in five acts, a story of murder and love, which he himself lived to tell.  It all began when his friend and former movie star, Lana Farrar, and her other famous friends and family took a spontaneous trip to her private Greek island.

Chase promises a story unlike any you’ve heard before, and tension builds as he delivers just that in this spellbinding tale of psychological suspense.  This locked room mystery defies everything you thought you thought you knew about the genre. With as many twists and turns as the wind for which it’s named, this book forces you to delay questioning “whodunnit,” as you won’t even be able to figure out who’s dead first.

Beyond who’s dead and who committed murder, what also comes to light is a maze of dark secrets and hidden motives of this eerily interconnected group.  It’s brilliantly clever both in its plot and how it’s told, and it’s one utterly satisfying read I think other readers are also going to adore. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What has Alex Michaelides written?

Alex Michaelides has written three books: The Silent Patient (2019); The Maidens (2021); and The Fury (2024).

How many books does Alex Michaelides have?

Alex Michaelides has three books: The Silent Patient (2019); The Maidens (2021); and The Fury (2024).

What order should I read Alex Michaelides books?

Alex Michaelides’s books are standalone novels that can be read in any order. However, many readers like to start by reading his first and most popular thriller book to date, The Silent Patient.

Should I read The Silent Patient before The Maidens?

Alex Michaelides’s books are standalone novels that can be read in any order. However, many readers like to start by reading The Silent Patient because it is his first and most popular thriller book to date.

Is The Maidens a sequel to The Silent Patient?

No. The Maidens is a standalone novel. It is not a sequel to The Silent Patient, nor does a sequel exist.


Alex Michaelides is the bestselling author of three thriller novels, The Silent Patient, The Maidens, and The Fury. He’s known for delivering shocking twists through a series of short, quick, and unputdownable chapters, often sprinkled with Greek references.

If you’re unsure what book to start with, I recommend his most popular book, The Silent Patient, and if you’re unsure what book to read next, I recommend his latest book, The Fury.

Keep the conversation going! Share your favorite Alex Michaelides book in the comments below.

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