These Summer self-care ideas will help you feel relaxed. From spending time in the fresh air to taking a vacation and reading more, now is the time to boost your mental health with these Summer self-care tips. So, celebrate the season of lazy days in the sun by taking the Summer self-care challenge!

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I always think of Summer with nostalgia, as many people do, as it’s when we were free to play as children — long days and nights outside and in the pool with family and friends were abundant. Baseball always served as the unofficial sound of Summer, and we regularly visited places like the library and parks.

So much of that gets lost as we age and take on more responsibilities that it becomes more of an effort to squeeze a bit of it in here and there versus luxuriously indulging over the course of a few months.

(I mean, can you even imagine that kind of leisure anymore?!)

That’s why I like to plan ahead for my self-care during Summer. It can pass by us in the blink of an eye otherwise.

We already have our annual Summer vacation to Martha’s Vineyard booked, and I just added a few self-care ideas for Summer to my list, including joining a local pool club, finding pickleball courts near us, and getting some landscaping done so I can read in the shade outside.

I think Jenny Han said it best in this Summer-themed literary quote from The Summer I Turned Pretty book series:

“Everything good, everything magical happens between the months of June and August.”

So, let’s embark on a magical Summer that feels as relaxing and rejuvenating as it should. If you want ideas on how to take care of yourself in Summer, below are dozens of Summer self-care ideas for you, followed by the specific products I recommend for your Summer self-care and, lastly, a Summer self-care challenge template that you can download and share on social media as you tackle your own Summer self-care.

Summer Self-Care Ideas

Attend a bonfire.

Attend a graduation party, wedding, or another seasonal event for someone you love.

Attend an outdoor festival.

Attend an outdoor concert.

Attend an outdoor sporting event, such as a major league baseball game .

Bask in direct sunlight for 20 minutes a day.

Breathe in the fresh air.

Burn a floral, fruity, fresh, citrus, or ocean-inspired candle.

Celebrate Summer holidays (in the U.S.A., that’s Memorial Day, Father’s Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day).

Celebrate the Summer Solstice.

Collect seashells.

Cook something seasonal, like zucchini, corn, or tomatoes.

Cut or buy fresh flowers, like hydrangeas.

Dance in the rain.

Decorate your home for the season.

Do something in the early evening when it’s light outside.

Do something on a boat, like sailing or fishing.

Do yoga and/or exercise outdoors.

Drink a refreshing beverage.

Drink coffee or tea al fresco at a café.

Eat fresh food that energizes you, like peaches, watermelon, or freshly grown herbs.

Eat outdoors.

Fly a kite.


Get or give yourself a Summer-themed manicure and/or pedicure for beach-ready nails.

Give someone flowers.

Go camping.

Go on a road trip.

Grow fresh herbs or vegetables, like basil or mint.

Hang out at a park.

Have a garage sale.

Have a picnic.

Host a barbecue.


Journal about Summer, warm weather, nostalgia, anticipation, vacations, etc.

Limit screen time with a social media detox.

Listen to a Summer-themed playlist.

Listen to the natural sounds of Summer, like waves and birds.

Look for a rainbow after the rain.

Make fresh popsicles.

Make s’mores.

Meditate outdoors.

Meet up with family and/or friends.

Open a window.

Paint, draw, or color nature.

Photograph nature.

Plan something fun and relaxing.

Plan your goals for the second half of the year.

Play a sport outdoors, like baseball, tennis, frisbee, pickleball, or volleyball.

Practice seasonal gratitude for Summer.

Practice seasonal mindfulness for Summer.

Read a Summer-themed book and/or beach read.

Relax on a swing or hammock.

Shop at a farmer’s market.

Sit or play in the sand.

Spend time outdoors with a pet or animal.

Stock your beach bag up with Summer skin care products, like sunscreen.



Take a bike ride.

Take a break.

Take a nap (preferably outdoors).

Take a Summer reading challenge.

Take a walk or a hike.

Travel somewhere warm.

Visit a garden, arboretum, or greenhouse.

Visit an ice cream shop.

Visit an orchard or farm to pick blueberries or strawberries.

Walk on the beach.

Watch the fireworks.

Watch a Summer sporting event, like baseball.

Watch the birds.

Watch the stars.

Watch the sunrise and/or sunset.

Wear lighter, brighter clothes.

Shop the Summer Self-Care Ideas

Below are some of my personal favorite products to help you enjoy these Summer self-care ideas.

Summer Self-Care Challenge

Now that you know all the best Summer self-care ideas, take the Summer self-care challenge! Use the Instagram story template below to track your own custom season of taking care of YOU.

summer self care challenge checklist (instagram story template)

Have a relaxing Summer!

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