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31 Bright Summer Nails with Olive & June (+ Promo Code)

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Get all the best bright Summer nails with Olive & June for lazy, hazy days beach reading in the sun, and other fun adventures. There’s simply no better time to wear bright colors and pretty bold shades with your mani’s and pedi’s than Summer.

You will LOVE these bright Summer nail ideas!

The Best Bright Summer Nails

Note: Since I’m an Olive & June ambassador and only use their nail products exclusively, I am focusing on their products for these cute Summer nails. Their collections are so thoughtful, their products truly enable you to DIY a salon-quality mani and/or pedi, and I just LOVE how this year’s nail trends are reminiscent of Summer camp.

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Olive & June has 7 new shades of Summer nail polish and 6 press-on Summer nail designs this year. I also share 3 of their prior Summer collections of cute Summer nail polish, for a grand total of 31 colorful nails for Summer!

Bright Summer Nails Inspired by Summer Camp

Olive & June’s Summer 2022 mani system comes with seven total nail polishes, plus a friendship bracelet and more, all inspired by Summer camp.

New Summer Nail Polish

Let’s take a look at these new bright Summer nail polishes from Olive & June:



From left to right:

(Bonus: Top these shades with Pink Goldfish!)

These shades really impressed me! They are all muted and super creamy — my favorite type of nail polish. And they mix and match together really well.

My new personal favorite is Field Day because it brings some orangey and pinky tones to classic red for Summer. It reminds me of “Nantucket red.” It’s absolutely perfect for pedicures too!

And Green Canteen can be mixed with Pen Pal for preppy palm tree / Palm Beach ombre nails!

Pen Pal is another new favorite of mine because it’s the most perfect pinky salmon nail polish shade for the beach.

Shopping Tip: While you can buy the nail polish of your choice separately for $9 each, you can get 20% off with my code OJJULIANNEB20 when you purchase any Olive & June system, including the new Summer Mani System.

The new Summer mani system contains all 7 new Summer nail polishes, PLUS:

  • the trunk studio box
  • friendship bracelet
  • tomato red Poppy (to help you paint more easily)
  • pencil case pouch
  • nail clippers
  • nail buffer
  • nail file
  • clean up brush
  • super glossy top coat
  • nail polish remover
  • cuticle system (award-winning)

With all seven new colors, it’s $90 ($129 value) PLUS you get 20% off with code OJJULIANNEB20.

(Alternatively, you can order a mani system with just one nail polish for $55, a pedi system with one nail polish for $75, or a pedi system with six nail polishes for $104 — PLUS you can still get 20% off any of these systems with code OJJULIANNEB20.)

New Summer Press On Nails

Olive & June also release 6 new press-on options this Summer:


From left to right:

These press-ons are ALL limited edition, and they tend to sell out EXTREMELY fast, especially the ones with nail art and/or a nail design.

Shopping Tip: While you can buy the press-on nails of your choice separately, you can get 20% off with my code OJJULIANNEB20 when you purchase any Olive & June system, including the press-on system.

The Olive & June press-on system contains either 1 press-on set ($54 + 20% off with code OJJULIANNEB20) or 4 press-on sets ($84 +20% off with code OJJULIANNEB20), plus:

  • carry-all pouch
  • nail clippers
  • nail file
  • nail buffer
  • cuticle pusher
  • cuticle serum (award-winning)
  • nail strengthener
  • removal kit

Book Pairings: Books Set at Summer Camp

Read these books set at Summer camp to match your bright Summer nails inspired by Olive & June’s camp-themed collection:

The bestseller and Reese’s Book Club Young Adult pick about sisters who meet at camp

The remarkable epic saga that spans decades and begins with a group at camp

A bestselling thriller that spans two generations of camp mysteries

More Bright Summer Nail Ideas

This Olive & June collection is like a rainbow for your nails:


From left to right:

And this Olive & June collection screams, “Pastels, but make them bright!”:


From left to right:

Lastly, this Olive & June collection is for those who want bright Summer nails that are more subtle and neutral:


From left to right:

Those are all the best bright summer nails, plus a few themed Summer camp books to pair them with!


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