Get all the best bright Summer nails with Olive & June for lazy, hazy days beach reading in the sun, and other fun adventures. There’s simply no better time to wear bright colors and pretty bold shades with your manis and pedis than Summer.

You will LOVE these bright Summer nail ideas!

olive and june summer 2023 nail polish set

The Best Bright Summer Nails

Since I’m an Olive & June ambassador and only use their nail products exclusively, I am focusing on their products for these cute Summer nails. Their collections are so thoughtful, their products truly enable you to DIY a salon-quality mani and/or pedi, and I just LOVE how this year’s nail trends are reminiscent of Italy.

Olive & June is known for their SUPER long-lasting nail polish (with their bestselling top coat) to achieve a salon-quality manicure at home for a fraction of the cost. I started using their mani system and pedi system when COVID hit, and I never went back to the salon again.

Now, I dive into my kits every Friday night with an audiobook and a glass of wine at *exactly* 5 pm.

Olive & June also boasts the following accolades:

  • vegan products
  • cruelty-free products
  • non-toxic products
  • Press on nails from 94% post-consumer recycled materials and non-damaging glue
  • Allure Best of Beauty winner (cuticle serum and nail polish remover pot)
  • woman-owned business

Discount code: You can use my code OJJULIANNEB20 for 20% off your purchase of any Olive & June system.

(For more info check out my review of the Olive & June mani system and/or the pedi system.)

Now that you know all about Olive & June, let’s talk about their bright Summer nails!

New Bright Summer Nails for 2023

Olive & June has 6 new shades of Summer nail polish and 6 press-on Summer nail designs this year. I also share 4 of their prior Summer collections of cute Summer nail polish and some bold quick dry nail polish, for dozens of 43 ideas for colorful nails for Summer!

Olive & June’s Summer 2023 mani system comes with six total nail polishes, all inspired by Italy.

olive and june summer 2023 nail polish

From left to right:

  • Not a Cloud: cloudless azure sky blue
  • Starshower: clear rose gold glitter
  • How Do You Spell Bougainvillea: a fun floral hot magenta
  • House of O&J: a regal deep purple
  • Bocce Ball: a fresh grassy green
  • Flowerpot: burnt orange terracotta

I tested all of these shades, and House of O&J was my favorite. It’s just a very Grape-like purple that will work on nails and toes. I also love Flowerpot because it’s different, as well as more warm-toned. Lastly, Starshower is an extremely subtle topper. I love how it ever so slightly elevates all the polishes. It looks like a night sky over House of O&J!

I keep saying that this collection is somehow both bright and deep. It reminds me of the hottest days of mid to late Summer, and I think it would all especially look good on tanned or darker skin.

Here’s a video that shows the collection and how each shade looks on my nails:

(You can also top these shades with the ever-popular Pink Goldfish!)

Summer Lifestyle Tip: While you can buy the nail polish of your choice separately, you can get 20% off with my code OJJULIANNEB20 when you purchase any Olive & June system. The Summer mani system contains all the tools you need to achieve that salon-quality look and feel, PLUS a limited edition Italian tile print box, a lemon-print bikini pouch, and magenta Poppy (for holding the brush).

olive and june summer 2023 manicure system

New Summer Press Ons

Olive & June also has six new press on sets for Summer 2023.

olive and june summer 2023 nail press ons
  • Pink Party French: celebration of all things pink and french in medium almond shape
  • Purple Chrome Gradient: glazed purple chrome gradient in a medium oval shape
  • House of O&J: regal deep purple in a medium almond
  • Italian Tile: medium almond press-on with tips and accent nails inspired by Italian tiles
  • How Do You Spell Bougainvillea?: fun and floral hot magenta purple in a medium oval
  • Velvet Swirls Fig Ranch: mixed pack of figgy mauve swirls, solids, and frenches with a velvet shimmer treatment

A few quick tips about the press-ons:

You can cut the press-on nails, shape them, and even paint on them, and they also come off with NO damage to your nail in about 15-20 minutes of soaking them in soapy water.

I suggest using a “medium” amount of glue to get about 10-14 days of wear out of them.

The press-on nails aren’t too “fake” looking either, and I was even stopped several times at the grocery store the last time I wore the French manicure style!

Reminder: While you can buy the press-ons of your choice separately, you can get 20% off with my code OJJULIANNEB20 when you purchase any Olive & June system. The press-on system contains all the tools you need to achieve that salon-quality look and feel — and remove the nails.

Bright Summer Nails Inspired by Camp

Let’s take a look at these bright Summer nail polishes from Olive & June.

olive and june summer 2022 nail polish set

From left to right:

  • Counselor in Training: peppy cantaloupe orange (limited edition)
  • Pen Pal: bubblegum pink (limited edition)
  • Field Day: juiciest watermelon red (limited edition)
  • Sleeping Bag: pastel mint green
  • Green Canteen: teal green
  • Blue Canoe: medium denim blue
  • Sprinkle Cookie: rainbow confetti

These shades really impressed me! I tested all of them, and they are all muted and super creamy — my favorite type of nail polish. And they mix and match together really well.

My personal favorite is Field Day because it brings some orangey and pinky tones to classic red for Summer. It reminds me of “Nantucket red.” It’s absolutely perfect for pedicures too!

And Green Canteen can be mixed with Pen Pal for preppy palm tree/Palm Beach ombre nails!

Pen Pal is another new favorite of mine because it’s the most perfect pinky salmon nail polish shade for the beach.

Bright Summer Nails Inspired by a Rainbow

This Olive & June collection is like a rainbow for your nails.

olive and june summer 2021 nail polish set

From left to right:

  • Cherry Crush: deep pink
  • Hot Strawberry: electric pink
  • Orange Wedge: vivid orange
  • Lemony Lemon: beaming yellow
  • Lime Fizz: glowing neon green
  • Blueberry Smash: brilliant blue
  • Grape Soda: daring purple

In this set, Hot Strawberry is easily my favorite. It’s just the most perfect bright pink that works every Summer or vacation on both hands and feet. It’s one I always keep stocked.

Bright Summer Nails Inspired by Moods

And this Olive & June collection screams, “Pastels, but make them bright!”

olive and june summer 2020 nail polish set

From left to right:

  • Wild & Free: fierce coral
  • Sweet & Gracious: juicy orange
  • Honest & True: serene blue
  • Bright & Focused: beaming yellow
  • Grateful & Kind: pure pink
  • Fierce & Loving: fresh lilac
  • Bold & Unshaken: bold purple

It’s kind of hard to pick a favorite here, but Grateful & Kind makes a good pink that’s both a bit bright and a bit neutral. Since I always love lilac nail polish, I’m also a fan of Fierce & Loving. It just has a way of always working for Summer.

Bright Summer Nails Inspired by an Everyday Vacation

This Olive & June collection is for those who want bright Summer nail ideas that are more subtle and neutral.

olive and june summer 2019 nail polish

From left to right:

  • BI: peachy coral
  • CNH: denim blue
  • HD: crisp white
  • SE: bubbly pink

Since there’s no better time to wear bright white than in the Summer, HD is definitely my favorite here. It both “pops” and looks neutral on tanned or dark skin.

Bright Summer Nails That Dry Quick

If you are short on time, you will want to check out these Olive & June “quick dry” bright Summer nail ideas. It really does dry in a minute — the only catch is that it doesn’t last nearly as long. I use it when I’m in a time crunch!

These bright Summer nails are inspired by boldness.

Olive & June quick dry nail polish the bold set

From left to right:

  • Taffy: hot pink
  • Royal: regal purple
  • Pomodoro: pinky red
  • Melon: cantaloupe orange
  • Parakeet: electric turquoise
  • Lollipop: cherry red

My favorites here are Pomodoro and Lollipop because they are such basic bright Summer nail colors everyone should have.

Those are all the best bright summer nails!


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