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What is Black Watch Plaid? (+ Best Women's Black Watch Plaid Clothing)

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If you are looking for ideas for women's black watch plaid clothing, you have come to the right place. Black watch plaid is one of my favorite classic, preppy prints because it never ceases to be beautiful or timeless. It goes particularly well with a corduroy skirt, for example. Buy it once, wear it forever!

Frequently Asked Questions About Black Watch Plaid

First, let's talk about what black watch plaid is and answer other FAQs about it.

What is black watch plaid?

Black watch plaid was associated with the British infantry Black Watch regiment. It was worn first by the six “watch” companies in the Highlands, which were formed in 1725. It was produced by over sixty weavers and worn for hundreds of years by Scottish soldiers around the world.

What colors are in black watch plaid?

The colors black, green and blue form black watch plaid.

Who can wear black watch plaid today?

Today, black watch plaid can be worn by anyone! It is a classic and timeless print that evokes the coziness of holidays and winter beyond. Black watch plaid pieces are investment items that can be bought at reasonable prices yet worn year after year.

Who is known for black watch plaid style?

American-designed Ralph Lauren is especially known for its offering of black watch plaid each, and the stylish Duchess Kate Middleton has been spotted in black watch plaid as well.

Personally, when I think of black watch plaid, I think of my favorite movie, Home Alone.

Where can I shop for women's black watch plaid clothing?

Below are trusted retailers that are offering women's black watch plaid clothing:

J.Crew Factory
Lands' End
L.L. Bean
Old Navy
Vineyard Vines

Shop Women's Black Watch Plaid Clothing

Below I have highlighted my favorite black watch plaid women's clothing, including scarves, jackets, coats, tops, pants, dresses, skirts, and more.

A few highlights:

I have my eye on these leggings for work-from-home life.

You can't go wrong with a headband these days. The perfect hint of plaid!

I have blouse similar to this blouse and wear it every year.

And I'm thinking of picking up this skirt this year.

And, since I always pair lifestyle with a book, I am pairing this post with one of my favorite books, Classic Style. Black watch plaid is classic style at its finest, and this book perfectly defines classic style through words and beautiful watercolor pictures.

Check the current price on Amazon:

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Wednesday 4th of December 2019

I have the plaid top from J.Crew factory and I love it! I love this print and so interesting about the black watch fact! Xo, Kelsey

Julianne Buonocore

Thursday 5th of December 2019

I ordered the plaid top too since posting this!!


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