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Without a Hitch Book Interview with Mary Hollis Huddleston & Asher Fogle Paul

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If you love romantic comedies and/or books about weddings, check out my Without a Hitch book interview and summary with authors Mary Hollis Huddleston and Asher Fogle Paul.

Without a Hitch is an Amazon Editors' Pick for best romance book and is described as "Sweet Home Alabama meets Emily in Paris." First, I share a Without a Hitch book summary from the authors themselves, and then a fun interview with the authors about their novel, so you can decide if this is the book for you.

Let's see what they have to say!

Without a Hitch Book Summary

As part of my interview, authors Mary Hollis Huddleston and Asher Fogle Paul provided me with this summary of their book Without a Hitch:

Without a Hitch follows the journey of our heroine, Lottie—a woman who thinks she has her life mapped out only to have her plans fall apart.

Heartbroken and adrift, she eventually starts working at one of the South’s top luxury event firms. It’s an intense and glamorous environment. She has to channel her own dashed hopes into creating her clients’ happily ever after.

She finally has a chance to build a real, satisfying career (and possibly a new relationship). But first, she’ll have to figure out why she lost her way in the first place and how to find herself again.

Honestly, we hope that the wedding hijinks make readers laugh, that the event details feel dreamy, and that they relate to/root for Lottie.

Without a Hitch Book Interview with Mary Hollis Huddleston & Asher Fogle Paul

And below is my quick interview with the authors of the book Without a Hitch, Mary Hollis Huddleston and Asher Fogle Paul, about themselves, their inspiration, book club questions for discussion, quotes, and fun pairings for the book.

Hello! First, tell us about yourselves. 

Hi, I'm Mary Huddleston, co-author of the forthcoming novel, Without a Hitch, which offers a behind-the-scenes look at the glamorous (and ruthless!) world of high-end Southern weddings. Inspired by my experiences as an event planner in Dallas, it's a fun and heartfelt read that's very "Sweet Home Alabama meets Emily in Paris." I'm also the co-founder and creative director of Please Be Seated, the premier event rental company in Nashville, and have a lifestyle platform, Mrs. Southern Social, which is all about modern entertaining.

Hi, I’m Asher Fogle Paul, co-author of Without a Hitch. I’m also a journalist who’s written about culture, design, entertaining, parenting, and health for Good Housekeeping, People, House Beautiful, Us Weekly, Marie Claire, Prevention, Brit + Co, and a bunch of other outlets. I live in New York City with my husband and three kids.

What inspired you to write Without a Hitch?

The germ of the idea came from our own experience. Mary’s extensive career in events was a driving force, as well as some of our own personal journeys and my work in journalism. Many of the colleagues and clients in the book are inspired — very loosely — by my own or Mary’s.

And Lottie’s friends are very much an homage to several of our shared friends from college. Neither of us had to plan an ex-boyfriend’s wedding, thank goodness — but after school, we both found ourselves pivoting into careers, relationships, and, eventually, families that neither of us could have anticipated at 18 or even 22. We’d felt an intense pressure to “figure it all out” in our twenties, and as we’ve aged, those benchmarks keep shifting until you realize they don’t matter as much or define your future. 

All that said, the biggest inspiration was our desire to share a taste of the fun, glamour, celebration, and extravagance we’ve seen!

Can you share with readers a few questions about Without a Hitch for book club discussion?

As the event planners know, every couple has one major “must” at their wedding. If you’re married, what was it for you? Or, if you’ve never been married, what would it be if you had a wedding?

You may not have planned a wedding to someone who never proposed, but have you ever thrown yourself into a plan/goal only to realize it wasn’t actually the right thing for you?

Several characters proved to be different than Lottie’s initial assumptions about them. Which character do you identify with most? Were there any who frustrated you? Who was your favorite?

If you’re married, what was the biggest disaster that occurred surrounding or during your wedding?

For even more Without a Hitch book club questions, check out my post of 109 generic and general book club questions for discussion of fiction & nonfiction that can apply to ANY book. 

Tell us your favorite quotes from Without a Hitch.

“You know what they say about marriage?” he asked. “Marriage is about three rings: the engagement ring, the wedding ring, and suffer-ing.”

“At fourteen, fifteen, you feel like your life has finally started and that everything that happens from here on out will dictate your entire future. It’s why first heartbreaks feel crushing, first defeats seem insurmountable. Even though it will all pass, you don’t believe that yet. There’s a specific magic to adolescence.”

“Wouldn’t you know it. My first pair of Christian Louboutin 100mm black patent Pigalle pumps. He even nailed my size. I was getting somewhere.”

“What felt like devastating rejection had perhaps, in some way, freed me to find myself again, separate from my fears about the future and admittedly manic desire for a storybook ending.”

“Years ago, back on those chapel steps, I thought I’d lost everything. In some ways, I had. My entire perfect life. The wedding of my dreams and the guy who frankly only existed in my imagination. And that version of me, contorted to fit something that wasn’t right. But the path I was set on, packed with broken glass, and collapsed cakes, twisting, and twirling like a first dance, had become my own. Along the way, it became a choice and not a chance.”

On this website, I love to share lifestyle pairings for books. Do you recommend pairing this book with anything?

Honestly, we’d pair this book with a glass of champagne, petit fours, and a fresh mani/pedi!

Or on a beach with a margarita and the soundtrack of “My Best Friend’s Wedding.”

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