Why Books Shouldn’t Be Banned: 13 Important Reasons

Learn exactly why books are being banned by American school boards at massive rates and why books shouldn’t be banned.

Hint: when you ban books, there can be a lot of negative consequences, particularly for younger generations.

Why Do Books Get Banned?

• The first reason why books shouldn’t be banned is because most Americans don’t support book bans.

Most Americans Don’t Want Book Bans

• Having these freedoms for ourselves means that we also must be present with and co-exist with the freedoms of others, who may be different than us.

Books Are Part and Parcel of Freedom of Speech

Banned Books Help Students Think Critically

• This is because their content is generally “different” in some regard and different things make you think.

Banned Books Facilitate Public Discourse

• This is how we learn and grow. It’s hard to discover yourself without ever being exposed to anything new or different and talking about it.

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