Review of Tom Lake by Ann Patchett (With Book Club Questions)

This book review of Tom Lake by Ann Patchett is meant both to give those who read it something more to reflect on.

As well as to give those who did not yet read it helpful tips for indulging in this literary masterpiece. You’ll even get discussion questions for your book club.

Tom Lake Book Review

Tom Lake Summary

• The three Nelson daughters are distinct, and their unique qualities are as worthy of discerning as the March sisters in Little Women.

Tom Lake Review

• Tom Lake is one of those books that starts off very good, then gets better and better as you become more immersed and invested in the story of Lara.

Tom Lake Audiobook Review

• The voice of Lara comes across so tenderly, and the voices of the other characters never felt forced.


• Yes. The plot, characters, and themes of Our Town by Thornton Wilder feature heavily in Tom Lake by Ann Patchett.

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