How to Get Free Art for the Samsung Frame TV (+5 Downloads)

If you want great art for your Frame TV but don’t want to pay for it, these are my top hacks on how to get free art for the Samsung Frame TV and install it fast and easy.

What’s so unique about the Samsung Frame TV as a smart TV, in particular, is that it’s really thin and can be mounted completely flush onto a wall.

How to Get Free Art for the Samsung Frame TV

Use Free Images From the Samsung Art Store

• Navigate to the Samsung Art Store on the home screen of your Samsung Frame TV.

Use Free Images From the Deco TV Frames Art Store

• Deco TV Frames, a company that makes frames for the Frame TV has its own art store, at which you can get free art.

Use Your Own Photos

• I recommend using high-quality images so they don’t appear pixelated, and then cropping and/or re-sizing them to fit the dimensions 3840 pixels x 2160 pixels.

Create Your Own Digital Images

• You can also create your own images digitally in the software of your choice.

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