How To Develop a Reading Habit Quickly and Easily

Learn how to develop a reading habit quickly and easily to enjoy all the life-changing benefits of reading, from learning new things to improving your communication.

Here I share how to get into reading based on my experience and with these exact principles in mind. Then, I answer a few frequently asked questions about how to develop a reading habit.

How to Develop a Reading Habit

Schedule Your Reading Habit.

• My reading schedule during the weekend is that I make my morning coffee and take it upstairs to my reading room to read.

Keep a “To Be Read” List.

• It can become easier to slip into periods of not reading simply because you don’t know what to read. A list makes it clear exactly what you will read next.

Set Reasonable Goals.

• If you really want to know the secret to how to make a habit of reading it’s knowing that any progress is… progress!

How long does it take to develop reading habits?

You should expect it to take at least two months, on average, to develop reading habits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it hard to develop reading habits?

It can be hard to develop reading habits for a variety of reasons, the most common among them being lack of time.

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