Easy Guide to Pick What to Read Next

Easily determine exactly what to read next with this helpful story that’s customizable to your personal preferences.

Here is a story that categorizes my many book recommendations, so that you can pick what books to read based on a few different themes that may strike your interest.

What to Read

• Want to find a unique answer to the question, “What book should I read?” Then keep reading, and stop and explore when you find something that feels right.

Do you know that you want to read non-fiction (vs. fiction)?

Here are a few book lists for you to peruse: • Best Non-Fiction Books • Best Audiobook Memoirs

Do you want to read fiction based on reading level (young adult vs adult)?

Check out these posts for young adult books: • Guide to The Summer I Turned Pretty Series • Guide to the American Royals Series

Here are a few specific posts that may interest you: • Best LGBTQ Novels • Best Books About Asian • American Identity

Do you want to read something diverse?

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