Best Rory Gilmore Chilton Uniform Costume: Cheap and Easy to DIY

I found most of these items for this Rory Gilmore costume on Amazon for quick and easy purchase. You can also pull some similar items from your closet to create this costume!

Let’s break down the Rory Gilmore Halloween costume!

Rory Gilmore Halloween Costume: Chilton Uniform

• The most recognizable Rory Gilmore Halloween costume is undoubtedly the Chilton uniform from Gilmore Girls.

Rory Gilmore Chilton Uniform Skirt

• Since this is a staple Fall capsule wardrobe piece, I recommend buying one you can wear again and again, like this bestseller.

Oxford Blouse

Rory Gilmore Chilton Uniform Options

• I found these options for the Chilton uniform from Gilmore Girls on Amazon for quick and easy shopping.

Saddle Shoes and Knee Socks

• On the bottom of Rory Gilmore’s school uniform, she wears such options as white knee socks and saddle shoes.

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