Best Gifts for Book Lovers: Unique Ideas on Amazon

If you are confusedly shopping for the best gifts for book lovers, you have come to the right place. I’m both a book lover and a self-proclaimed shopper extraordinaire.

I was very discerning in selecting for this story only the most unique gift ideas for book lovers, bookworms, and bookish people.

Unique Gifts for Book Lovers

A Book About Books

• Chances are he or she will enjoy displaying it and/or will find a few new books to add to his or her “to be read” list.

A Coffee Table Book

• Coffee table books make great gifts! There are so many out there that it would help to try some general searches for “[insert topic] + coffee table book.”.

A Boxed Set

• There are so many swoon-worthy boxed sets of books on the market right now, and they make really excellent gifts for book readers because they can be both read and displayed.

A Special Edition Book

• A special edition of a book is, well, special to give as a gift.

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