Best Books to Start a Reading Habit for Adults (+ PDF)

Discover the best books to start a reading habit for adults that gets you into reading books for the long term.

I will help you find books specifically for YOU to both start your reading habits and turn them into permanent reading habits.

Best Books to Start a Reading Habit

A Self-Help Book

• Self-help books make for great beginner reading books for adults. They’re inspiring, motivational, clear, and engaging.

A Re-Read of a Book You Loved

• This can work particularly well if you haven’t read it in a while or if you read it in a different format (i.e., graphic or audiobook vs. print or digital).

A Read-a-Like

• I also like to include in the definition of read-a-like books from authors whose books you’ve already read and liked, as well as authors like those authors.

A Book Recommended By Someone You Trust

• This can work well for books too, but since reading is so personal, it’s imperative that you have a reason to trust the person’s recommendation.

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