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13 Best Virtual Book Clubs to Join Online with Literati

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If you’re looking to join an online book club but don’t know where to find the right one for you, learn more about the thirteen best virtual book clubs to join right now via the Literati book subscription box, by which you can meet digitally via a mobile app and actually interact with authors, celebrity book club hosts and other members.

(This post was sponsored by Literati. All opinions expressed here are my own.)

About Literati’s Virtual Book Clubs

Since the focus of this post is specifically about virtual book clubs hosted by Literati, first, let’s talk about what Literati is and how it works.

Literati is a virtual book club that offers “book clubs, reimagined.”

More specifically, Literati is a monthly book club in which book picks are selected by thirteen different famed hosts, called “Luminaries.” (More about exactly who they are later!)

Each month, online book club members choose a Luminary as their host and receive a hardcover copy of that Luminary’s book pick in the mail. Then, they read and follow along with discussions of book club members and virtual video events on the Literati app with their Luminary (and also often the author). 

FUN FACT: Literati is unique from other virtual book clubs in that you get direct access to the celebrity Luminaries and the books’ authors.

And it’s reasonably priced at under $30 a month for one hardcover book and access to the Literati app (available in the Apple App Store, Google Play, and your desktop browser).

(Of note, the Literati app gives you access to ALL book club discussions and events, both current and prior. And you can switch your Luminary at any time if you don’t want to read the selected book for a particular month.)

For more about how Literati works, visit my full review of Literati.

Now that you know what Literati‘s online book club is, next I will answer a few questions you may have about virtual book clubs, tell you about the thirteen virtual book clubs you can choose from with Literati, and lastly, I will give you a sneak peek at Literati’s virtual book club in action.

Frequently Asked Questions About Virtual Book Clubs

Are there any virtual book clubs?

Yes. You can join any one of thirteen virtual book clubs hosted by celebrities with the Literati app, and you can even switch what club you are in each month.

Can I join a virtual book club?

Yes. You can join any one of Literati’s thirteen virtual book clubs in twenty-six genres (and counting) on the Literati website on a monthly or annual basis.

Where do I find virtual book clubs?

You can find thirteen virtual book clubs hosted by famous persons to join on the Literati website.

How do you do a virtual book club?

You can do a virtual book club with Literati on the Literati mobile app (available in the Apple App Store, Google Play, and your desktop browser). Choose from one of thirteen monthly clubs and receive the selected book via mail. Then, chat with your celebrity book club host and/or other book club members throughout each month, then attend virtual events with the author, and more.

You can also interact with Literati and its book club members on Instagram.

What happens in a virtual book club?

In the Literati virtual book club, each of the thirteen book club hosts selects a book to read each month from twenty-six (and counting) genres.

Thereafter, the virtual book club members receive the hardcover book via mail and interact with the host and other book club members on the Literati mobile app to discuss the book while reading it throughout the month.

You can also attend virtual events at the end of each month, like video chats with the author.

How do you make a virtual book club fun?

You can make a virtual book club fun by engaging in discussion with other readers that are part of your book club community. For example, with Literati’s virtual book club, you can actually interact with your celebrity book club host, the author, and other book club members, from anywhere in the world, at any time. You can also attend virtual group events that occur at specific times, like video chats with the author.

13 Best Virtual Book Clubs to Join Online with Literati

Literati‘s virtual book clubs are hosted by famous industry leaders, artists, authors, and activists known as “Luminaries.” As a member of Literati’s online book club, you can join and/or switch monthly membership in any of the following thirteen digital clubs:

  1. The Underrated book club hosted by Stephen Curry, who focuses on books about social justice and defying the odds;
  2. The Wild Reads book club hosted by bestselling author of Wild, Cheryl Strayed, who shares books about personal, vulnerable journeys;
  3. The Fearless book club hosted by Nobel Prize Laureate and human rights activist Malala Yousafzai, who focuses on books about bold and courageous women;
  4. The Read Like an Artist book club hosted by writer and inspiration alchemist Austin Kleon, who shares creative books;
  5. The Reading with Richard book club hosted by the Virgin Group founder (and occasional Shark Tank host!) Richard Branson, who focuses on books that are adventurous and ambitious;
  6. The Joy Collective book club hosted by psychologist and joy promoter Kelly McGonigal, who shares happy books filled with resilience, happiness, and compassion;
  7. The Beach & Beyond book club hosted by bestselling beach read author Elin Hilderbrand, who focuses on escapist books that are also intelligent;
  8. The Underrated book club hosted by New Yorker writer and Twitter fanatic Susan Orlean, who shares literature for lovers of the craft;
  9. The Audacious book club hosted by cultural critic, author, and professor Roxanne Gay, who focuses on books that are challenging and entertaining;
  10. The Myth and Meaning book club hosted by The Joseph Campbell Foundation (which is inspired by the mythology professor and well-known writer), which shares tales that are epic, philosophical, and spiritual;
  11. The Call In book club hosted by professional soccer star Megan Rapinoe, who focuses on books that ask the hard questions and seek a better future;
  12. The Gathering of Voices book club hosted by acclaimed novelist and lyrical truth-teller Jesmyn Ward, who shares thoughtful prose on important subjects; and
  13. The Finding Wonder book club hosted by travel publication Atlas Obscura, which focuses on books of exploration.

For more about these Luminaries and the books they previously selected for their book clubs, check out my post about Literati’s 13 unique celebrity book clubs.

A Sneak Peek Into the Literati Virtual Book Club App

If you’re wondering what it’s *REALLY* like inside Literati’s virtual book clubs, here’s an exclusive sneak peek.

First, here is my unboxing of the book my virtual book club hosted by Elin Hilderbrand chose this month:

Literati box

I was a member of Elin Hilderbrand’s book club last month, and I decided to stay in it because she chose an older read from an author I know I like, but I hadn’t already read this particular novel. It also happens to be an award-winning title! So far, I am really enjoying it, especially since I prefer to read books in their tangible format.

And here is a collage that offers a sneak peek at what’s going on in the Literati app this month for my online book club (Shh!):

Inside the Literati App

This is how your Literati profile looks and the types of posts and discussion threads you can see in your online book club. (I have not included any members’ posts to protect their privacy in using the app.)

I already found some interesting tidbits in the app this month — like how my book club’s book got its cover — and I am looking forward to engaging more as I continue to read along.

I hope one or more of these thirteen unique virtual book clubs with Literati piqued your interest and that you join and participate as a happy member!

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