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Best Warm / True Autumn Makeup and Nail Polish Colors

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This epic guide to Warm / True Autumn makeup and nail polish shares hand-curated makeup and nail polish to enhance your natural beauty and make you look your best.

book in fall forest

Overall, the True Autumn palette is comprised of warm-toned, muted shades, reminiscent of a golden Fall forest.

But before we dive into True Autumn makeup colors in detail, let’s discuss the Color Season analysis as a whole. I first became interested in researching the Color Season analysis as part of my process to come up with my own unique capsule wardrobe.

You can learn more about how to create your own unique capsule wardrobe (as I did) with the book The Curated Closet.

If you aren’t familiar with the Color Season analysis, it’s a curated selection of colors that pair well with your natural features (i.e., skin tone, hair color, eye color). It’s first categorized by the four seasons (Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter) and then by three subcategories within each season (for 12 total categories).

Once you know your season and your subcategory, you can begin to learn what colors work best for you, from makeup to clothes, and more. Trust me, it’s life-changing.

While I am not personally in the True Autumn color palette, I am still an Autumn (Deep Autumn, in fact), and I love the process of learning about color so much, that I just had to research and share this with you to help you determine what colors suit you best.

Now, let’s talk about the True Autumn color palette and the best makeup for a True Autumn.

About the True Autumn Color Palette


Overall, the True Autumn palette is comprised of warm-toned, muted shades, reminiscent of a golden Fall forest.

The skin tone and hair color of a True Autumn ranges from light to dark, but it is always warm and golden. Auburn, copper, caramel, or ginger hair is also common. Eyes are rich, warm, earthy shades of green and brown. There is a medium contrast among the features that is neither very blended nor very distinct.

A few great examples of celebrity True Autumns are Jennifer Lopez, Isla Fisher, Debra Messing, Jane Seymour, Bernadette Peters, and Mariska Hargitay.

The best colors for a True Autumn are golden yellows, oranges, reds, greens, and browns. They are neither as light as Soft Autumn colors nor as dark as Deep Autumn colors.

True Autumn Makeup and Nail Polish

True Autumn Makeup

Eyeshadow can work in warm beige, apricot, gold, honey, and brown shades like this bronze Natasha Denona palette and this mini bronze Natasha Denona palette.

Warm brown eyeliner like this Clinique eyeleliner in Dark Chocolate I wear and this brown Tarte mascara I personally love are less harsh than grey or black.

Lipstick in warm pinks, orangey reds, golds, and browns with a medium saturation are so flattering. I especially love these lipsticks for a True Autumn:

I prefer a nice warm bronzer on the cheeks:

But if you want extra warmth, try something orangey like this bareMinerals
Gen Nude Blonzer Blush + Bronzer in copper peach

True Autumn Nail Polish

The most flattering True Autumn nail colors are any and all of the shades listed above in all sections. To get you started, I have curated a neutral ombre look and also suggested a more colorful collection of Olive & June nail polish colors for True Autumn below:

true autumn nail polish colors
Shop Olive & June Nail Polish
  • Thumb: “Golden Afternoon” (sunny marigold)
  • Index: “You’re a 10” (juicy tangerine)
  • Middle: “Touchdown” (turf green)
  • Ring: “Lava” (spicy orange red)
  • Pinky: “Tip Your Barista” (muted espresso brown)

Also, here are a few more Olive & June nail polish colors I like for a True Autumn:

  • “OJBH” (liquid gold)
  • “Caramel Budino” (toffee brown)
  • “Picante” (spicy orangey red with a quick dry finish)

Bonus: I’m a huge Olive & June fan + an ambassador of their products for at home nail care. You can use my code OJJulianneB20 to save 20% off of any Olive & June system.

That concludes all the best True Autumn makeup from my personal research. I hope you now feel totally educated and enlightened to revamp your makeup now!

Pin this post to Pinterest because you can refer back to it for more of the best True Autumn makeup (I will keep it updated with new picks I test out and like)!

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