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Full Summer Darlings Novel Review (+ Pairings)

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This Summer Darlings novel review gives you the details of this soap opera-like historical fiction book set in 1960s Martha's Vineyard -- perfect for coastal grandmothers. And because this is a book pairings blog “where books meet lifestyle,” I have also provided some recommended pairings for more fun.

Summer Darlings Novel Review

It's 1962, and coed Heddy Winsome leaves her Brooklyn neighborhood for a Summer escape as a nanny to a wealthy family in the vintage glamour of Martha’s Vineyard. 

As she is thrust into the world of the rich and famous (cue the Kennedy references!), she gets an insider's look behind their oversized sunglasses and into the real, and sometimes dark, inner workings of their family dynamics. 

At the same time, Heddy learns that her academic scholarship at Wellesley has been revoked, putting her entire future at risk. 

And in her personal life, she nurtures a romance with a hip surfer. As Heddy comes of age during this memorable Summer, she wonders whether money solves problems or creates more of them. 

But her Summer without end without some added suspense! Summer Darlings is perfect for lovers of Martha's Vineyard and/or women's historical fiction.

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Pairings for Summer Darlings (Including Author Interview & Book Club Questions)

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