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Learn how to create an easy Sookie St. James costume from Gilmore Girls for Halloween with these cheap finds from Amazon that help you create her iconic chef aesthetic at the Dragonfly Inn.

sookie st james costume from gilmore girls

Sookie St. James is Lorelai’s best friend and business partner at the Dragonfly Inn, most commonly wearing bright and colorful chef style while she works. Her look is a very specific type of fashion made especially for the kitchen.

I’m guessing you probably love her for her charming, down-to-earth, bubbly personality, as well as her loyalty, too. Feel free to giggle frequently while dressed in this costume!

To get you in the spirit of recreating her look, below is a video compilation of some of her most iconic moments (and looks!) on Gilmore Girls:

Sookie St. James Costume

Below are my top picks for your Sookie costume. All items are from Amazon for quick and easy shopping. I focused on looks that match the exact aesthetic best, are highly rated, and are on the cheaper side in order to keep your costume affordable.

Purple Bandana

Sookie wears a classic bandana in the kitchen so often. And, in my mind, I think “purple” when I think of Sookie’s bandana. However, feel free to wear another color if you have one.

Auburn Pigtail Wig

Sookie most often wears her auburn hair in cute pigtails under her bandana. If you’re looking for the most accurate hair, this auburn wig will give you that. While the pigtails are higher than Sookie wears them, they will be under a bandana, so only the bottoms will peek out like Sookie.

However, you can also put your own hair in pigtails!

Colorful Chef’s Coat

Sookie is known for her job as a chef, and she wears the most vibrant and colorful chef gear. I love this bright blue chef’s jacket to get her bold aesthetic, and it compliments the purple bandana well.

Dragonfly Lapel Pin

While Sookie doesn’t wear a dragonfly pin, I thought this gold dragonfly pin was a great symbol of the Dragonfly Inn’s logo and would do a good job of rounding out the costume and making it clear who you are dressing as.


While you don’t NEED to carry a spatula (or other kitchen accessory) as Sookie, I always think these little details really put the finishing touches on a costume.


Sookie often wears a white half-apron in the kitchen, and this one totally fits the bill.

Chef’s Pants

While I think you can wear any dark pants of your choice with the Sookie St. James costume, if you really want to wear traditional chef’s pants, these pants are a great option.

Crocs Black Clogs

Lastly, while I also think you can wear any dark shoes of your choice with this costume, these black Crocs clogs are true to the aesthetic of a chef.


This Gilmore Girls-inspired Sookie St. James costume captures her quirky culinary style, as well as her charm. Wearing this outfit is a delightful nod to Sookie’s infectious spirit and flair in the kitchen.

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