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Makeup and Nail Polish for the Soft Summer Color Palette

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This epic guide to the Soft Summer color palette shares hand-curated makeup and nail polish to enhance your natural beauty and make you look your best.

soft summer colors

Overall, the Soft Summer palette is cool and muted, with HIGHLY desaturated, very grey-toned colors, reminiscent of an overcast day at the beach.

But before we dive into makeup for the Soft Summer color palette in detail, let’s discuss the Color Season analysis as a whole. I first became interested in researching the Color Season analysis as part of my process to come up with my own unique capsule wardrobe.

You can learn more about how to create your own unique capsule wardrobe (as I did) with the book The Curated Closet.

If you aren’t familiar with the Color Season analysis, it’s a curated selection of colors that pair well with your natural features (i.e., skin tone, hair color, eye color). It’s first categorized by the four seasons (Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter) and then by three subcategories within each season (for 12 total categories).

Once you know your season and your subcategory, you can begin to learn what colors work best for you, from makeup to clothes, and more. Trust me, it’s life-changing.

While I am not personally in the Soft Summer color palette, I love the process of learning about color so much, that I just had to research and share this with you to help you determine what colors suit you best.

Makeup for the Soft Summer Color Palette


What does it mean to be a Soft Summer?

The skin, eyes, and hair of a Soft Summer are grey-toned and muted, and they blend into each other with a low to medium contrast. Eyes are grey, grey blue, grey-green, grey hazel, or muted brown (especially on darker ethnicities). Hair color ranges from a medium ash blonde to light to a medium ash brown. Skin tone ranges from a muted fair to tan and can be neutral, cool neutral, or olive. Likewise, the color palette is generally cool-toned and very muted.

Is Soft Summer the same as Light Summer?

No. Soft Summer is all cool grey toned, whereas Light Summer will have some warmth to the eyes, skin and/or hair. Soft Summer’s eyes will usually also have the look of crackled glass, whereas Light Summer’s eyes can be deeper.

Soft Summer colors, which are generally cool, muted, grey-toned, and highly desaturated (faded).

So, you will see a lot of pinks, greens, blues, purples, and, of course, greys, here.

In my opinion, Sarah Jessica Parker consistently nails the Soft Summer color palette. No one looks better in greys and muted pinks than her, and you can just see that glassy blue sparkle in her eyes! Jennifer Aniston can also do no wrong. Both are a great frame of reference for Soft Summers.

And since the Soft Summer color palette is almost into Autumn, some muted deeper shades can also be worn (unlike True Summer), but never those burnt oranges, which are too warm.

Soft Summer Makeup Ideas

Can Soft Summer wear red lipstick?

Yes. While Soft Summer is generally a muted, grey, cool palette, Soft Summer’s neighboring palette is Soft Autumn, so some reds can be worn. Soft red, earthy red, and garnet red all make great shades of red lipstick for a Soft Summer. They are muted and not too deep, bright, or dark.

I have to say, I am so jealous of Soft Summer makeup shades, which have such a beautiful range of faded pinks and greys that are so pleasing to the eye.

Again, colors should be desaturated, muted, and grey toned. They should neither be too light nor too dark. And they should always have a more matte finish, as high gloss, metallics, glitter, etc., is too overpowering.

An eyeshadow palette should have muted pinks, blues, greys and/or browns.

Since Soft Summer borders Autumn, bronzer CAN be worn, but it should be in a medium pink shade without warm tones.

The best shades of blush are dusty pink, mauve, neutral and/or or berry.

Likewise, lipstick can include nearly all muted, cool-toned pinks, along with muted, grey-toned purples and reds, including desaturated shades of red wine.

Eyeliner and mascara works best in cool, deep greys and browns.

A smoky grey eye makes for an incredible dramatic look on a Soft Summer. Sarah Jessica Parker does this look so well on the red carpet.

Soft Summer Nail Polish

Lastly, because I am an Olive & June nail product ambassador, I also created a cute Soft Summer palette with five (of many) potential options for your nails:

(And you can get 20% off any system at Olive & June with code OJJULIANNEB20.)

soft summer nail polish

Rose Valley / ECC / Angelfish / World Lit / Art Class

A few “quick dry” Olive & June nail polish shades I like for a Soft Summer also include:

  • Vintage (vintage denim blue)
  • Prairie (sweet blooming purple)
  • Koala (neutral soft grey)

You have now completed this epic guide to makeup and nail polish for the Soft Summer color palette!

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