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Have you been thinking of dressing in a Rory Gilmore Halloween costume this year? Our favorite literary-loving heroine is best known for the Chilton uniform from Gilmore Girls.

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I found most of these items for this Rory Gilmore costume on Amazon for quick and easy purchase. You can also pull some similar items from your closet to create this costume!

Let’s break down the Rory Gilmore Halloween costume!

Rory Gilmore Halloween Costume: Chilton Uniform

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Rory Gilmore Chilton Uniform Skirt

A top seller on this blog!

The most recognizable Rory Gilmore Halloween costume is undoubtedly the Chilton uniform from Gilmore Girls (with “the Rory Gilmore sweater” coming in second place, of course). It consists of some “musts” and some fun optional pieces.

The first “must” is this specific blue plaid pleated skirt. I found it on Amazon, and I purchased it myself to test it out. It works perfectly for the Rory Gilmore uniform and is of great quality, but size WAY up by using the size guidelines and reading the reviews.

Since I first posted this blog post, it’s become a top seller with readers of The Literary Lifestyle!

Oxford Blouse

The second “must” for the Rory Gilmore Chilton uniform is an oxford blouse. Since this is a staple wardrobe piece, I recommend buying one you can wear again and again, like this bestseller.

Lands’ End also has classic options that are affordable and “no iron.”

I wore my favorite classic Ralph Lauren blue oxford button-down shirt from my closet when I wore this costume.

Rory Gilmore Chilton Uniform Options

Now, let’s talk about options for your Rory Gilmore costume. Over Rory’s oxford shirt, she has worn such pieces as a sweater vest and a wool cardigan sweater. She has also occasionally worn a criss-cross tie.

I found these options for the Chilton uniform from Gilmore Girls on Amazon for quick and easy shopping. As mentioned, you can also pull similar items from your closet in grey and blue tones. Personally, I wore my own favorite J.Crew Factory blazer with this costume.

Saddle Shoes and Knee Socks

On the bottom of Rory Gilmore’s school uniform, she wears such options as white knee socks (or tights from your closet in grey, navy, or white) and saddle shoes (although I think you can really wear any modest ballet flats that are already in your closet — I did!).


Lastly, accessories always make the costume, if you ask me! If you want to accessorize your Rory Gilmore Halloween costume, you can carry a Luke’s mug, Yale pennant, yellow Jansport backpack and/or Rory’s favorite book, Anna Karenina.


This Rory Gilmore costume is a cute nod to the New England prep school charm of Stars Hollow and the coming-of-age tales from Gilmore Girls. Perfect for those looking to embody the essence of the witty, book-loving, coffee-drinking Chilton and Yale student, this ensemble speaks to fans of the show and lovers of early 2000s nostalgia alike. Here’s to a night of fast-talking pop culture references and all the charm of the Gilmore world!

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