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200+ Book Adaptations You Can WATCH on the Gilmore Girls Reading List

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Fans of books + Gilmore Girls welcome to The Rory Gilmore Book Club! This particular post contains all the Rory Gilmore book list tv shows or movies you can watch, either instead of reading the books or, as I prefer, as a companion to the books (this is a book pairing blog!).

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You may also wish to visit my popular post with The FULL Rory Gilmore Book List -- it's my helpful list with shoppable links of the 500+ books mentioned by our favorite literary buff on Gilmore Girls (including the revival on Netflix).

The Gilmore Girls reading challenge first started when Buzzfeed posted all 339 books mentioned in seasons one through seven. Literary buffs like Rory (and me) became obsessed with reading the full Rory Gilmore book list.

I first thought about doing the Gilmore Girls reading challenge out of a desire to read more well written classics. But, at the same time, I had a back list of modern classics I wanted to read as well. The Rory Gilmore book list has both of these wrapped into one! And no one is more well read than Rory herself.

I mentioned it on my Instagram stories, and I got more direct messages than ever before. I knew I was onto something, and so this is this post marks the second in my series of posts for "The Rory Gilmore Book Club," which I am hosting.

So, without further do, below are all the books you can "watch" as movies (or tv shows) on the Rory Gilmore book list for your Gilmore Girls reading challenge. You can shop the books on Amazon by clicking the links.

Watch The Rory Gilmore Book List on TV Shows & Movies

That concludes the list of all the books the Rory Gilmore book list tv shows and movies you can watch.

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Tuesday 1st of March 2022

I am trying to collect many of the books from this list. Would you please create an alphabetical version by authors last names? Thnx!


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