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Full Review of MasterClass: The Best Online Classes

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Whether you’re a lifelong learner looking to digest new topics or a newbie looking to gain a special skill, this full MasterClass review will give you all the details of the best online classes on this unique learning platform.

You may have already heard about MasterClass — the online learning platform where you can get an insider’s look into the best practices and tips of particular celebrities and renowned persons who are the most exceptional in their fields.

In short, the courses are filled with a few hours’ worth of video lessons and workbooks that teach you what made a particular person “best in class” in their field, and how you can apply their best advice in your own life.

For example, you can learn comedy from Steve Martin, cooking from Gordon Ramsay, and writing from James Patterson and Malcolm Gladwell. Since Reading Rainbow inspired this blog, I was most interested to learn the power of storytelling from LeVar Burton!

It’s both educational and fun! There are some courses I took to learn skills, some I took for inspiration, and some I took purely for joy and entertainment.

Here’s a quick trailer for you to get a brief overview of MasterClass:

And below is everything you need to know about MasterClass:

  • Frequently asked questions and answers about how it works;
  • A full review of MasterClass itself, including details about the categorites and courses, pros and cons, and whether it’s worth it;
  • And specific reviews of the many individual courses I have taken.

Table of Contents

Frequently Asked Questions about Masterclass

How does MasterClass work?

MasterClass offers video lessons on an online learning platform from celebrities and renowned experts in their fields, on a variety of subjects, from business to music, food, sports, writing, and lifestyle.

A “master” teaches a specific class, which is comprised of several video lessons and lasts about two to five hours total. A course workbook is also included with each class, and there is an online community for further discussion.

Masterclass may be purchased only as an annual membership, which provides access to all courses via desktop or mobile app.

How do you watch MasterClass courses?

You can watch MasterClass on your personal computer via the web, your
iPhone or Android phone via the MasterClass app, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, or Roku TV.

I personally like to watch it via the iPhone Masterclass app and on my tv via the MasterClass app, which I downloaded from the Amazon app store via my Amazon Fire stick.

You can also download courses to watch offline.

Who is MasterClass for?

MasterClass is good for lifelong learners who love to absorb educational material in a variety of subjects from an array of experts. It’s also good for those in a particular field, like business or the creative arts, looking to improve their skills and get practical tips on a specific topic.

How much does Masterclass cost?

The cost of Masterclass is $180 per year for an all-access pass to all courses. There are no free courses, and you cannot purchase any courses individually.

There are also no free trials; however, a new feature is that current Masterclass members can send three one-week trials out as “guest passes.”

And, nonprofit organizations can apply for free access to MasterClass.

Also, there are group-rate discounts for organizations that buy five or more Masterclass memberships at one time.

If you are not satisfied with MasterClass, you can request a refund. Please note there are specific rules for how to request a refund depending on how you purchased MasterClass.

Can I pay for MasterClass monthly?

No, you can not pay for MasterClass monthly. MasterClass currently only offers an all-access annual membership for $180.

How many classes do you get with MasterClass?

At the time of posting, there are 127 MasterClasses. With an annual membership, you get access to all of these classes, plus new courses that are published during your membership. 

What makes MasterClass different than its competitors?

MasterClass is different than its competitors because it teaches “craft,” and it does so by way of famous and/or world-renowned leaders in their fields — the kind of people who are household names.

Alternatives to MasterClass include Udemy, Skillshare, and The Great Courses. These alternatives generally are also web-based platforms, but they tend to be more like entry-level college classes.

For example, I took a photography course from Udemy once, and it was taught by way of both pre-recorded videos and PDF written materials like MasterClass, but unlike MasterClass it comprehensively taught each and every definition, rule, and basic principle of photography in a sequential progression from start to finish. And it was taught by instructors that have the skill and knowledge to teach at the college level.

On the contrary, MasterClass lessons are more like TED Talks, with best practices and best lessons on a given topic and subset of topics. And they are taught by the absolute best-in-class people.

One is not necessarily better than the other — they are just different.

Review of MasterClass

Below is a review of MasterClass, including more details about the categories, instructors, and courses it offers; the pros and cons of MasterClass; and whether it’s “worth it.”

Categories and Classes in MasterClass

MasterClass currently offers 127 classes in eleven categories, listed and discussed more fully below (Note: MasterClass lists some courses in more than one category):

  • Food (19 classes)
    • Example courses: cooking with Gordon Ramsay; cooking with Wolfgang Puck
  • Design & Style (15 classes)
    • Example courses: creativity and leadership with Anna Wintour; photography with Annie Liebovitz; fashion design with Marc Jacobs
  • Arts & Entertainment (63 classes)
    • Example courses: filmmaking with James Cameron; songwriting and producing with Alicia Keys; effective and authentic communication with Robin Roberts; acting with Natalie Portman; writing thrillers with Dan Brown; directing with Ron Howard; filmmaking with Martin Scorcese; writing for television with Shonda Rhimes; writing with James Paterson
  • Music (18 classes)
    • Example courses: the art and soul of guitar with Carlos Santana; singing with Christina Aguilera; country music with Reba McIntyre
  • Business (19 classes)
    • Example courses: self-made entrepreneurship with Sarah Blakely; building a fashion brand with Diane von Furstenberg; business strategy and leadership with Bob Iger
  • Sports & Gaming (13 classes)
    • Example courses: the athlete’s mindset with Wayne Gretzky; gymnastic fundamentals with Simone Biles; shooting, ball handling, and scoring with Stephen Curry; tennis with Serena Williams
  • Writing (20 classes)
    • Example courses: writing for social change with Roxane Gay; storytelling and humor with David Sedaris; creative writing with Margaret Atwood; writing with Judy Blume
  • Science & Tech (4 classes)
    • Example courses: cornservation with Dr. Jane Goodall
  • Home & Lifestyle (24 classes)
    • Example courses: the art of magic with Penn & Teller; the art of home cooking with Alice Waters
  • Community & Government (5 classes)
    • Example courses: campaign strategy and messaging with David Axelrod and Karl Rove
  • Wellness (8 classes)
    • Example courses: mental strength with Robin Arzon; self-expression and authenticity with RuPaul;

New MasterClass classes are frequently added.

As you can see, most courses are geared towards arts and entertainment, and fewer courses are geared towards scientific topics.

Pros of Masterclass

  • Membership is “all access” to all 100+ courses.
  • The videos and materials are extremely high quality. Many are “talking heads” but others also have more visual “in the field” components.
  • You can listen to specific lessons of your choice in a course OR take the full course.
  • The courses can be consumed many different ways via web browsing or mobile app, and you can even just listen (instead of listen and watch) on your mobile phone. Or, you can just read the workbooks to get a quick course overview.
  • The courses are taught by renowned A-list celebrities and industry experts. They are simply the best of the best.
  • The classes really feel like you are getting a behind-the-scenes look into how a particular instructor performs his or her craft. It feels like “picking their brain” or having them act as your mentor.
  • MasterClass gives you an opportunity to provide detailed feedback on the classes. It makes me feel like they are open to making them better and better.
  • There is an online community to discuss the courses.

Cons of Masterclass

  • It is relatively expensive at $180 per year, and sales are extremely rare.
  • Only annual membership is offered at this time.
  • It’s all or nothing — you cannot buy specific courses one at a time.
  • You get little to no interaction with the instructors. I have heard a few stories of them interacting in the online communities, but it does not seem common.
  • The videos are pre-recorded (not live).
  • Courses are currently generally geared towards the creative arts like writing and music (however, there are still many business and other types of courses).
  • You generally learn only the best practices and tips on a topic, not a full skill from start to finish.
  • You do not receive any certifications as a result from taking these courses.
  • My understanding is that courses are generally not updated over time.

Is MasterClass worth it?

MasterClass is worth it if you:

  • Are interested in getting an insider’s into the greatest minds of our generation and apply their best practices to your own life;
  • You want to be inspired and/or entertained by the greatest minds of our generation;
  • and/or you want to try something different in a new discipline.

However, MasterClass is probably not worth it if you:

  • Are looking to pick up specific technical skills from start to finish on a particular topic;
  • Are most interested in topics not related to general business and/or the creative arts; and/or
  • You want to learn in a way that makes you instantly more marketable as a new job candidate (the way a certification would).

Review of Specific MasterClass Courses

Below are reviews of specific MasterClasses I have taken, with my top 6 picks annotated (because it was too hard to pick only 5):

(Note: Overall, I found the business courses to be the most practical to apply in real life and the writing professors to be the kindest and most empathetic mentors.)

  • Aaron Franklin on Texas style BBQ
  • Amy Tan on fiction, memory, and imagination
  • Annie Leibovitz on photography
  • Bobbi Brown on makeup
  • Bob Iger on business strategy and leadership
  • Bob Woodward on investigative journalism
  • Chris Voss on the art of negotiation (one of my top 6 picks)
  • Daniel Pink on sales and persuasion (one of my top 6 picks)
  • David Sedaris on storytelling and humor
  • Elaine Wenteroth on designing your career (one of my top 6 picks)
  • Herbie Hancock on jazz
  • James Suckling on wine appreciation
  • Jeff Goodby and Rich Silverstein on advertising and creativity
  • Jon Kabat-Zinn on mindfulness and meditation (one of my top 6 picks)
  • Judy Blume on writing
  • LeVar Burton on the power of storytelling
  • Malcolm Gladwell on writing
  • Matthew Walker on the science of better sleep
  • Robert Reffkin teaches buying and selling real estate
  • Robin Roberts on effective and authentic communication
  • Roxane Gay on writing for social change (one of my top 6 picks)
  • Sarah Blakely on self made entrepreneurship (one of my top 6 picks)
  • Timbaland on producing and beatboxing

Review of MasterClass by Aaron Franklin on Texas Style BBQ

Now, I am mostly vegan and always vegetarian, but my husband absolutely loves Texas BBQ, most especially from Aaron Franklin’s Franklin Barbecue in Austin, Texas, so I asked him if he wanted to watch some of this MasterClass with me.

Despite not eating meat myself, I still enjoy shows like Top Chef, so I figured it may still be interesting to me. We didn’t watch all of it, but what I really took from this MasterClass is how immensely detailed the process of creating this world-famous BBQ is. It didn’t seem to be something the home chef could duplicate, but, as I mentioned, I didn’t watch this entire MasterClass.

I think it would be most helpful to those who regularly use a smoker and advanced cooking methods to cook meat.

Review of MasterClass by Aaron Franklin on Texas Style BBQ

Now, I am mostly vegan always vegetarian, but my husband absolutely loves Texas BBQ, most especially from Aaron Franklin’s Franklin Barbecue in Austin, Texas, so I asked him if he wanted to watch some of this MasterClass with me.

Despite not eating meat myself, I still enjoy shows like Top Chef, so I figured it may still be interesting to me. We didn’t watch all of it, but what I really took from this MasterClass is how immensely detailed the process of creating this world-famous BBQ is. It didn’t seem to be something the home chef could duplicate, but, as I mentioned, I didn’t watch this entire MasterClass.

I think it would be most helpful to those who regularly use a smoker and advanced cooking methods to cook meat.

Review of MasterClass by Amy Tan on Fiction, Memory, and Imagination

I was only really interested in bestselling author Amy Tan’s MasterClass because I am a fan of her books. I don’t really plan on writing fiction any time soon, so I just cherry-picked a few lessons I felt were more universal to watch. I was really drawn in by her and impressed by her lessons. I found her to be a lovely woman with useful writing tips and, if I were writing fiction, I would definitely consume her entire class.

Review of MasterClass by Annie Leibovitz on Photography

I’m always personally interested in learning more about photography, so I was definitely interested in famed photographer Annie Liebovitz’s MasterClass on photography. I loved how she explained the interesting stories behind some of her most famous works, as well as some of the things she looks for to create her personal photography. I also found her to be helpful to students in roundtable videos where she mentored them.

But, as an amateur photographer myself, I didn’t really learn any practical tips. This was more of an inspiration and aesthetically pleasing look into the creation of art for me than something I could personally learn from.

Review of MasterClass by Bobbi Brown’s on Makeup and Beauty

I was excited to take the MasterClass of renowned makeup artist and beauty mogul Bobbi Brown, as I have been familiar with her and her products for decades, and I wanted to learn a thing or two about makeup application.

The course was geared towards the novice or intermediate level makeup guru, but there were definitely some tips for pros as well (especially when it comes to the business of makeup).

I did not walk away with a better understanding of what colors would work best for me, but I do think that would be tough to convey without a personal consultation. So, I still felt a bit confused.

Two things I did learn were to use coconut oil as a cheap makeup remover and to use colored powder, not translucent, which many powders are sold as.

I did enjoy the course overall and am going to try to lighten my hand a bit in applying makeup, as she does (preferring a more natural look), but I do wish I took away a few more new tips from this course.

The workbook does a bit better of a job helping you understand color, and it also has some great product recommendations I am going to jot down!

Review of MasterClass by Bob Iger on Business Strategy and Leadership

Disney CEO Bob Iger’s MasterClass on business strategy and leadership was one of the classes I was most interested in taking, as I have heard nothing but good things about him as a CEO. My husband also became really interested in it and watched it along with me.

The focus of the MasterClass was mainly behind-the-scenes looks at the major acquisitions Disney made during his tenure as CEO (i.e., Pixar and Marvel). It was really interesting to see how these acquisitions played out and how Iger strategized to accomplish his goals for each acquisition, but at the same time, I didn’t really learn much in terms of practical tips I could apply myself.

I would describe the MasterClass as insightful for those interested in Disney, business, and/or Bob Iger, but it’s more inspiration and forces you to make connections yourself as to how to apply his tips to your own life.

Review of MasterClass by Bob Woodward on Investigative Journalism

Journalism is very interesting to me, so I was intrigued by renowned journalist Bob Woodward’s MasterClass on journalism. Quickly, I realized that the class really was geared more towards *actual* journalists, and so I decided to move on to a different class. I don’t have anything against this class or Mr. Woodward’s outstanding career, though. I just felt it was better for the pros.

Review of MasterClass by Chris Voss on The Art of Negotiation

(one of my top 6 picks)

I was extremely interested in Chris Voss’s MasterClass on the art of negotiation because I am a huge fan of his book Never Split the Difference. Voss is a former hostage negotiator for the FBI who teaches his hostage negotiation tactics for use in everyday life, from buying a car, coping with children, or making a business deal.

And his TIPS are REALLY practical and REALLY useful, using human psychology to get people to happily collaborate with you — it’s not just a give and take. While I loved his book and the content was very similar, I found his MasterClass to be an even more memorable and immersive experience, because it tapped into more ways of learning (visual and audio), and contained practice exercises to critique.

I am adding notes to the notes I already have from his book and absolutely plan to watch this MasterClass again. I think they both work really well in tandem together and have absolutely no doubt you anyone and everyone can gain something from it.

Review of MasterClass by Daniel Pink’s on Sales and Persuasion

(one of my top 6 picks)

I was interested in taking Daniel Pink’s MasterClass because I am familiar with his books, and I felt the topic of “persuasion” could apply to anyone’s life. It was by far the most practical course I have taken ever, and I couldn’t stop jotting down notes.

Daniel Pink has authored four New York Times bestselling books and was the former chief speechwriter for Al Gore. His books focus on motivation and selling, but if you are thinking, “That sounds sleazy,” I can assure you, you’re wrong!

His MasterClass consisted of 16 lessons and 3.5 hours of video, and it teaches you exactly how to pitch your idea (with several tactics), how to frame your message, how to bounce back from rejection, and so, so much more. I especially loved the roleplaying exercises he did so that I could see his tips in action.

His workbook reiterated these principles, and I devoured it with the hopes of retaining his tactics forever.

This MasterClass is best for anyone who is a human! We all engage in negotiation in daily life, even with ourselves and our families, and these tips help you get where you want to be in a really purposeful, meaningful way. I recommend it most highly. For me, it was a true game-changer and absolutely felt like I was taking a class from a master.

Review of MasterClass by David Sedaris on Storytelling and Humor

I took David Sedaris’s MasterClass on storytelling and humor because I enjoy his comedic books and because, like me (as a blogger), he writes nonfiction. So, I gathered I may learn more from it than the fiction writing courses that didn’t really apply to me.

I did learn a few practical tips, but I also just genuinely enjoyed listening to him teach. It felt just like I was reading one of his books.

I also thought he did an excellent job of explaining to new writers how and why to be a nice person in marketing your book. I get a lot of books marketed to me as a blogger, and I definitely wish more people would market to me the ways he suggested.

Review of MasterClass by Elaine Wenteroth on Designing Your Career

(one of my top 6 picks)

Former Black Teen Vogue Editor Elaine Wenteroth’s MasterClass was my absolute favorite class I have taken thus far! I wanted to take it because I had read and liked her book, More than Enough.

Her MasterClass was a full blueprint for creating a fulfilling career in a modern world. While it is probably best for creative freelancers, I think anyone looking to get more out of their career can benefit.

It was a fairly short course around two hours long, but it was so jam-packed with information that I took notes. And I liked the fact that she didn’t take up a lot of time giving us her whole life story. It was just really practical advice.

She encourages students to hone in on their unique “zone of genius” and to think about what matters to them more than money (these are values). She then helps you create a mind map of your goals in a way that combines passion, talent, skill, value, and money.

She was also really helpful in giving actionable tips on networking and mentorship, how to decide when to leave a job, managing fear when starting something new, avoiding burnout by scheduling times to do something joyful, planning your social media content, dealing with imposter syndrome, and even managing “getting canceled.”

The course materials provided resume and job interview advice, as well as a nice workbook to print out and fill in with the brainstorming she recommends.

This course really has it all when it comes to really modern career advice, and Wenteroth is extremely engaging and inspiring. I very highly recommend her MasterClass.

Review of MasterClass by Herbie Hancock on Jazz

Herbie Hancock is a legendary pianist and composer, whose jazz music I adore. I know NOTHING about music other than listening to it and enjoying it, and jazz is the ultimate vehicle for relaxation for me, so I wanted to try this MasterClass.

As someone with no technical musical knowledge, it was way over my head. I enjoyed listening to the classes where he was playing music, but other than that, this MasterClass just wasn’t for me, unfortunately. I will stick to just listening to Herbie Hancock play and not trying to learn his masterful ways myself!

That being said, I recommend this class only to those who already understand the composition of jazz and know how to play the piano.

Review of MasterClass by James Suckling on Wine Appreciation

James Suckling is an internationally renowned wine critic, and his class on wine appreciation was one of the reasons I purchased MasterClass! I really wanted to get started on learning more about wine virtually, so this seemed like the perfect way to start.

This course is shorter than others in terms of lessons, with only eleven lessons total, but many of the classes were longer than other MasterClasses — around the fifteen to thirty-minute mark.

I found this particular MasterClass to be more visually engaging than others. While some MasterClasses you can listen to because the lessons are just “talking heads,” this class really took you through tastings and vineyards, and it was fun to both watch and listen.

I found it to be really interactive and was definitely jotting down all his favorite wines to try!

The workbook included a reading list, definitions, tasting techniques, details about locations of winemaking and how it affects the wine, how to create a home wine cellar, and pairing tips. It also lists all the wines tried during the MasterClass. I’ve read a few wine books and found this workbook to be a really solid primer on wine.

Review of MasterClass by Jeff Goodby and Rich Silverstein on Advertising and Creativity

I wasn’t familiar with Jeff Goodby and Rich Silverstein by name, but as a small business owner, I was interested in learning more about advertising. These men happen to be the geniuses behind basically every memorable advertising campaign ever (or at least it feels that way.” They created the “Got Milk?” campaign along with so many others, including the Kevin Bacon fan commercials.

They really took you behind all of these major campaigns and explained how they came about from start to finish, and they were so interesting and talented. While I didn’t really learn any practical skills (because I’m simply nowhere near as immensely creative and learned in advertising as they are), I found them to be utterly fascinating, and their MasterClass was a real pleasure to watch.

Review of MasterClass by Jon Katat-Zinn on Mindfulness and Meditation

(one of my top 6 picks)

I wasn’t familiar with mindfulness expert Jon Kabat-Zinn prior to taking his MasterClass; however, I WAS interested in the topic of mindfulness and meditation, which I have been wanting to try.

Dare I say this MasterClass was actually life-changing?! He completely demystified both mindfulness and meditation for me, and debunked the common myths that I (and I am sure so many others) have. Most helpful is the theory that thoughts are just things that come and go in your brain, and the purpose of meditation is not to remove them completely. I really felt both changed in my knowledge and inspired to practice more mindfulness and meditation in my own life.

There are also several guided meditations for you to try yourself as part of this MasterClass. I recommend this course to EVERYONE who isn’t already an expert on this topic, as it’s more geared towards newbies.

Review of MasterClass by Judy Blume on Writing

I was interested in Judy Blume’s MasterClass because she is such an iconic writer whose books played a major role in my personal education as a pre-teen. Unfortunately, I don’t have any current interest in writing fiction, so I knew going in that it was not totally on point for me, but I was able to cherry-pick a few of the more wide-reaching lessons to watch.

I found Blume to be the most empathetic and humble writing mentor who can really help writers navigate the isolating emotions that can go along with writing, in addition to helping them actually write better. I would definitely recommend her class to writers everywhere.

Review of MasterClass by LeVar Burton on The Power of Storytelling

As a long-time fan of Reading Rainbow (which inspired this blog), I jumped at the chance to take LeVar Burton’s MasterClass on storytelling.

He brought all of the engagement and charm I expected in recounting his own career — which has involved storytelling in a variety of formats, from actor to author to podcaster to children’s television host.

He also gave practical tips, mostly pertaining to oral communication and public speaking.

The course companion further instructed on active listening, having a purpose, speaking your truth, and body language.

I thoroughly enjoyed spending a few hours with this influential figure in my life, and I think the course would be best for other LeVar Burton superfans, like myself, and anyone looking to build their oral communication skills.

Review of MasterClass by Malcolm Gladwell on Writing

Malcolm Gladwell’s MasterClass was the first class I took because I am a huge fan of his books and how he makes arguments through compelling storytelling.

Taking the course, it was clear why he is in a league all his own when it comes to non-fiction writing. I left with the sense that every word he writes is calculated, and he definitely allowed the student to get inside his mind to uncover his research and writing process and best practices.

I thought this course would be best for nonfiction writers to pick up his skills and for Malcolm Gladwell superfans like myself, who just love his style of communicating and are interested in whatever topic he discusses.

I perused the Workbook for this course as well, and I thought it provided helpful summaries of each chapter, along with thoughtful exercises and extra articles to read.

Review of MasterClass by Matthew Walker on the Science of Better Sleep

I was familiar with neuroscience professor Matthew Walker because my husband read and enjoyed his popular book Why We Sleep. I thought this would be an interesting subject to explore and hopefully learn a few things and improve my well-being.

While I have heard his book can be really nitty-gritty in the technical science of sleep, his MasterClass felt more like a summary of the basic points the average person can grasp and understand.

It did feel more like a book or podcast than a ” MasterClass” per se to me, but I still enjoyed it and learned a lot. He goes through all of the things that can harm our sleep (i.e., caffeine and alcohol), all the things that can help (i.e., a warm bath and a worry journal, plus a good diet and exercise) and why it matters — going so far as to say that lack of sleep can not just impact our daily lives and well-being, but it can even be a carcinogen.

I definitely learned a lot and found it to be interesting, but, as mentioned, it felt more like a recitation of the most important information that may be in his book, rather than truly lifting the veil on his topic the way many other classes do.

Review of MasterClass by Robert Reffkin on Buying and Selling Real Estate

My husband and I are interested in real estate investing, so I knew I wanted to listen to the founder and CEO of Compass, Robert Reffkin, teach buying and selling real estate. His MasterClass ended up being more geared towards the average homeowner than the real estate professional, but I still found it to have tons of great tips.

Having just bought and sold my own homes, I truly wished I had his tips a few months ago about what to ask your agent before signing on and how to negotiate with the other side’s agent a few months ago. His tips truly felt like “pro tips” that were very meticulous strategies to get the most bang for your buck, which the average person, or even the average real estate agent for that matter, may not know or already be doing in practice.

I also found his bonus classes on entrepreneurship more generally to be really helpful to any entrepreneurs out there.

And the written materials are an absolute gem and must-read guide for newbies to home buying and selling.

Overall, I think this is a great MasterClass for any homebuyers or sellers out there, regardless of your profession.

Review of MasterClass by Robin Roberts on Effective and Authentic Communication

I had heard the Robin Roberts MasterClass on effective and authentic communication was good even before I took it, so I had high hopes. It definitely delivered. Like all great journalists, she was genuine, charming, and engaging in sharing how she succeeded both as a minority in her field and through various medical struggles.

I found her most practical advice to come in the sections on interviewing for and landing a job. She offered tips I hadn’t heard before and thought a lot of people could benefit from.

And the Workbook nicely summarized the chapters, provided assignments, and more details about Robin’s life and the news industry in general.

Review of MasterClass by Roxane Gay on Writing for Social Change

(one of my top 6 picks)

I am so glad I watched author of Bad Feminist Roxane Gay’s MasterClass on Writing for social change! I chose it because I have heard so much about her without really knowing any details about her work and because like me, she writes nonfiction.

I was completely and utterly captivated by her, her writing, her tips… all of the things. It felt so transcendental to me and like just the act of listening to her made me a better person without even yet implementing her tips. I immediately added ALL her books to my “to be read” list.

Review of MasterClass by Sarah Blakely on Self-Made Entrepreneurship

(one of my top 6 picks)

I have been a fan of Spanx creator Sarah Blakely ever since she appeared on Oprah many moons ago, and I have more recently enjoyed her on Shark Tank. Plus, I’m a customer!

So, I had both an interest in HER specifically and her business tips when I took this course. I found her to be incredibly dynamic and impressive as a woman and a business owner, while also maintaining humility, especially when coaching other business owners throughout the class.

I loved her tip to turn a “no” into a yes by explaining how your product worked for others, and to maintain a good mindset of abundance.

Her business style is also unique in that she differentiated it with cartoons and comedy, which I found so interesting and insightful.

Most of her tips were for business owners selling a tangible product, such as making sure you can 5X the cost in your pricing.

She does also offer a lot of advice about hiring, like hiring your weaknesses.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed Sarah Blakely’s MasterClass, and I felt inspired by it. I would recommend it most to those selling a tangible product.

Review of Masterclass by Timbaland on Producing and Beatboxing

I watched a bit of Timbaland’s MasterClass on producing and beatboxing only because I am so NOT a musical person that I was just curious what a musical MasterClass would be like, and he just seemed like an interesting person to watch at his craft because I love his catchy hooks.

I was so blown away by it! While as a non-musical person, I will never actually implement his tips, I was just so incredibly impressed with his raw talent and learned skills. Everything that comes so naturally to him just feels so impossible to me, and it was so fascinating to see how his brain works.

I so highly recommend this MasterClass!

That concludes my full review of MasterClass, including frequently asked questions, details about the categories and courses, pros and cons, whether it’s worth it and specific reviews of individual courses I have taken.

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