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Review of the Literati Book Club Subscription Box

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If you’re looking for an exclusive digital book club, this honest review of Literati book club subscription box will tell you what you really need to know about this amazing service for “book clubs, reimagined.”

(This post was sponsored by Literati; however, all opinions expressed here are my own.)

Literati is a book subscription box in which new books are chosen monthly by an assortment of admirable, famous hosts, called “Luminaries,” and events are held digitally.

It’s reasonably priced and highlights underrepresented and debut authors. It also gives you digital access to both your famous Luminaries and authors.

Below are frequently asked questions about Literati (including how it works and what it costs), and my review of the Literati book club subscription box.

Frequently Asked Questions About Literati

How does Literati work?

Literati is a monthly book club subscription with 13 book clubs hosted by “Luminaries,” which are a variety of renowned industry leaders, artists, authors, and activists.

Each Luminary selects a book each month from a variety of 26+ genres. The selections are announced around the 15th of each month via email.

While members choose one Luminary’s book club, you can change your Luminary each month if you would like to try other book clubs.

Thereafter, you receive the book via mail and interact with your Luminary and other book club members on the Literati app to discuss the book as you read along.

A Literati membership provides access to ALL monthly book club events of ALL book club Luminaries.

Literati Cost: How much is a Literati subscription?

Literati costs $25 / month (billed monthly) or $20 / month ($240 billed annually; 20% savings).

A Literati membership provides access to all digital book clubs and events and one curated book box delivered to your doorstep each month.

Is Literati Worth It?

Literati is most worth it for people looking to be a member of a book club that has digital events from a variety of hosts. It’s also most worth it if you really like one of the famous Luminaries that host the book clubs and want to read exactly what they are reading, and to feel like that person is your personal literary mentor. It’s also most worth it for people who want to read more underrepresented and debut authors, as that is one of Literati‘s focuses. Lastly, it’s also worth it if you want a book subscription that offers discounts on books.

What is the Literati App and where can I find it?

The Literati App gives members access to exclusive content, including author interviews and celebrity conversations. It’s available in the Apple App Store, Google Play, and your desktop browser.

My Review of the Literati Book Club Subscription Box

Below is my review of the Literati book club subscription box, including my thoughts on the Literati “Luminaries,” my Literati box unboxing, my thoughts on using the Literati app, and what I like about Literati as a company.

Literati Luminaries

As mentioned above, the Literati book subscription box has 13 book clubs for adults, hosted by “Luminaries,” which are a variety of industry leaders, artists, authors, and activists. I’m so excited that many of these Luminaries are NEW and very influential in their fields, including two of my very favorite authors! The Luminaries are:

  • Stephen Curry: (Underrated) an NBA athlete with a passion for books about social justice and defying the odds;
  • Cheryl Strayed: (Wild Reads) the bestselling author and adventurer features personal, vulnerable journeys;
  • Malala Yousafzai: (Fearless) Nobel Prize Laureate and human rights activist with a focus on bold and courageous women;
  • Austin Kleon: (Read Like an Artist) creative reads with the writer and inspiration alchemist;
  • Richard Branson: (Reading with Richard) adventurous and ambitious reads with the Virgin Group founder;
  • Kelly McGonigal: (The Joy Collective) psychologist and joy promoter with happy books about resilience, happiness, and compassion;
  • Elin Hilderbrand: (The Beach & Beyond) the queen of the beach reads shares intelligent escapes;
  • Susan Orlean: (Underrated) New Yorker writer and Twitter fanatic;
  • Roxanne Gay: (Audacious Book Club) challenging and entertaining books with the cultural critic, author, and professor;
  • Joseph Campbell: (Myth and Meaning) tales that are both familiar and peculiar, curated by the Joseph Campbell Foundation;
  • Megan Rapinoe: (The Call In) read about the hard questions and a better future with the professional soccer star;
  • Jesmyn Ward: (Gathering of Voices) acclaimed novelist and lyrical truth-teller reading thoughtful prose on important subjects; and
  • Atlas Obscura: (Finding Wonder) explore with the wanderer’s guide and travel publication.

For more about the Luminaries and their book club selections, check out my post about Literati’s 13 unique celebrity book clubs.

How I Selected My First Literati Luminary

Prior to receiving my first box, I selected Cheryl Strayed as my Luminary because I love her books, which share really thoughtful and meaningful views on the journey of life, and because I had heard great things about the book she selected for the month, The Final Revival of Opal and Nev.

I also considered Malala Yousafzai’s book club, as I had just read her own memoir, I Am Malala, and was interested in both her and her mission to empower women in education.

And, I also considered Elin Hilderbrand’s book club, because I absolutely love her books, and I know she is committed to sharing really thoughtful, well-crafted escape reads.

I could see my husband being interested in reading along with business mogul Richard Branson or NBA star Stephen Curry. There truly is a Luminary for everyone.

But, for now, mine is Cheryl Strayed!

Literati Unboxing

My first box arrived just a few days after it was shipped. Inside my book box was a hardcover copy of the book selected by my Luminary, a note about the book from my Luminary, a booklet of all of the Luminary’s book club picks for the month, and a bookmark.

I got to reading, then checked in on the Literati app!

Using the Literati App

Sneak peak inside the Literati app

The Literati App is easy to use and provides an all-access pass to both your Luminary’s book club, as well as all other Luminaries’ book clubs — past and present! So, technically, you can engage in other book clubs for the same month, or even go back to discussions from prior books.

On the Literati App, there are discussions separated by chapter groupings, so that you don’t read about any spoilers! I was surprised to see how intimate the chats felt compared to other digital book clubs and chats, and how directly you could access such renowned Luminaries! It feels so exclusive, like you are on a group text with the Luminary.

I also peeped around other book clubs to see what people were reading and talking about.

And, I “followed” a few Luminaries (like social media), so I can keep track of their activity. You can follow other book club members as well.

Lastly, I noticed that events are often held on the Literati app at the end of the month, such as “Ask the Author” sessions. This can also give you really direct access to people who inspire you.

I will be keeping tabs on my book club at the end of this month to see whether any events will be held.

For more about the Literati app, check out my post on Literati’s virtual book clubs.

What I Like About Literati as a Company

Literati has donated over 250,000 books to underfunded schools, women & children’s care centers, and nonprofits. If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen my recent “school library” project in which my followers and charitable donors helped me secure 1,500 books for underserved Philly classrooms in one week! So, this is a cause near and dear to my heart.

Literati also highlights underrepresented and debut authors and books. This is also important to me, as I have read about things like the racial pay gap in the book industry.

At Literati, the team is comprised of authors themselves. To me, authors are like teachers — you’ve just got to love them!

That concludes my honest review of the Literati book club subscription box for adults.

As a reminder, or in case you missed it, if you are asking yourself the question, “Is Literati worth it?” I believe the answer is “Yes!” especially if:

  • you want a book club that has exclusive digital events from a variety of renowned hosts and authors;
  • you really like one of the famous Luminaries (or the authors of the selected books) and want direct access to that person to discuss the book;
  • you want to read more underrepresented and debut authors but don’t know where to start or what to read next; and/or
  • you want a book subscription that provides discounted books.

I personally find the direct access to the Luminaries (and the authors), via the app, to be the best feature of Literati. This is different than other “celebrity” book clubs and something I never ever thought I would experience.

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