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This is a special post. It's my biggest secret to saving money on books (as well as most online purchases and some in-store purchases) -- Rakuten! This is an honest Ebates / review from a 6-year user of the service.

I joined Rakuten (formerly known as Ebates) in 2014 when I was buying a house. I knew I would be spending a lot of money on furnishings and was willing to try anything to save a bit of extra money. I had heard of this service and thought: why not?!

Seven years later, and at the time of posting I have earned $2,264.05+ in CASH BACK.

Now, I am a book lover, and so a lot of my purchases these days go-to books. Currently, Rakuten provides cashback on purchases at book retailers like Books-A-Million, (sometimes) Amazon, Book Outlet, Book Depository, eBay and more!

Rakuten book retailers

Below is my review, I answer frequently asked questions and show you how to use Rakuten, which is both FREE and EASY.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Rakuten

What is Rakuten?

Rakuten is a company that gives its users cashback, in varying percentages, usually from about 1%-10% on purchases made at a wide variety of stores (over 2,500, including most major retailers).

Can Rakuten be used in store?

Yes. You can link in-store offers to your credit card and earn cashback purchases in-store as well as online.

How Rakuten works: How does Rakuten make their money?

Rakuten is legit. Rakuten makes their money through something called affiliate marketing, which is how many bloggers make money. Simply put, retail stores give Rakuten monetary compensation when consumers click on Rakuten's special link to the store and make a purchase at the store. (It's sort of like Rakuten is marketing for the retailer.) Rakuten then gives a portion of its compensation back to the consumer.

How much does it cost to join Rakuten?

Rakuten is FREE to join and FREE to use. There is no cost to the consumer to join and use Rakuten.

Why should I use Rakuten?

Rakuten is worth it. While you only get a small percentage of cashback on your in-store and online purchases, they add up over time.

I average about $500.00 cashback a year on Rakuten. That's no small pocket change! It's also as easy as one click. And I have never had any issues with it in 7 years of use.

Is Rakuten or Ebates better?

Rakuten is Ebates. Ebates recently changed its name to Rakuten. It's the same company now.

When does Rakuten have the best deals?

Around various holidays and other times of the year, Rakuten will run specials, which can be something like 3x cash back or 14% cashback for February 14 (Valentine's Day). When they email you a good deal like this, it may be just the right time for you to pounce on a purchase you were thinking about.

When does Rakuten pay out?

Rakuten pays out 4 times a year: May 15, August 15, November 15 and February 15. You can get a check in the amount of cashback you earned that quarter, or you can get a gift card with bonus cash on it to one of your favorite stores. I usually pick a gift card since it comes with even more cash on it!

How To Use Rakuten

Next up in this review is how to use Rakuten. There are two ways I use Rakuten: via a Google Chrome extension and via the Rakuten App. I explain how to do both below.

How to Use Rakuten for Chrome

To use Rakuten on your personal computer, simply download the Google Chrome extension and log into your account. When shopping, you will get a popup to activate your cashback. That's it!

The extension will also alert you to coupon codes you can use at checkout.

Your cash back will be deposited into your account after your purchase is complete.

How to Use the Rakuten App

To use Rakuten on your phone or tablet, download the Rakuten app from your App Store and log in.

Then, browse or search for a store and click on it to activate your cashback and be taken to the store's website. Continue shopping on the store's website and make your purchase through the Rakuten app.

Your cash back will be deposited into your account after your purchase is complete.

Is Rakuten Worth Joining?

Lastly in this, review, I answer whether Rakuten is worth joining. Since I have earned over $2,000 in CASHBACK for FREE on purchases I was already making by using Rakuten, in one simple click, I can unquestionably say that Rakuten has been worth joining for me.

I truly believe that saving money is equal to making money.

And you can start making money by saving money today too. When you join Rakuten for free and make your first purchase using the service, Rakuten will deposit $10.00 cash into your account. That's like getting a new book for trying it out. (wink)

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