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5 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks for Introverts

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It's that time of year when EVERYONE is talking about their Nordstrom anniversary sale picks. And it can be overwhelming. I know I have purchased my fair share of sale items I never even wore or wore once because I succumbed to great marketing and hype.

My goal is to NOT do that to you. So, I am limiting my Nordstrom anniversary sale picks to: (a) JUST 5 things that (b) are meant for introverts and/or book lovers and (c) that I already own and love myself (and am stocking up on again this year!). Over the years, these 5 things have become popular with blog readers here as well!

These are ONLY a handful of items I personally stand behind and truly believe are worth the investment, especially at a discounted price.

Below are the dates for the Nordstrom anniversary sale and my top 5 Nordstrom anniversary sale picks for introverts and book lovers like myself!

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Dates

When does the Nordstrom anniversary sale start?

-Starting on June 29, 2022, you can preview the Nordstrom anniversary sale and add items to your wish list.
-On July 6, 2022, early access to the Nordstrom anniversary sale begins for Nordy Club "Icons."
-On July 7, 2022, early access to the Nordstrom anniversary sale begins for Nordy Club "Ambassadors."
-On July 9, 2022, early access to the Nordstrom anniversary sale begins for Nordy Club "Influencers" who are Nordstrom cardholders.
-On July 15, 2022, public access to the Nordstrom sale begins.

You can log into your Nordstrom account to check your status.

How long is the Nordstrom anniversary sale?

The Nordstrom anniversary sale ends on July 31, 2022.

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks

Moonlight Pajamas by Nordstrom

Nordstrom Moonlight pajamas are my absolute FAVORITE pajamas to date, and if you buy just one thing from this list of my Nordstrom anniversary sale picks, I hope it's THIS.

I bought these specific Nordstrom Moonlight pajamas during the last Nordstrom anniversary sale after hearing an influencer say they were her favorite pajamas. I remember feeling doubtful because I am a self-proclaimed pajama connoisseur, but SHE WAS RIGHT.

Nordstrom Moonlight pajamas run true to size/a bit small but are roomy enough that they feel super cozy and comfortable. They have a stretchy and silky feel. AND they wash really well and can be thrown in the dryer (unlike some other high-end pajamas that need to be air-dried).

Since first buying Nordstrom Moonlight pajamas, I have been testing other brands (sometimes double the cost) and have yet to be able to find a brand that tops these specific pajamas.

I like to save them for Friday nights when I get comfortable with a glass of wine and a book before dinner. #Introverting

Buying tip: I have kept my eye on the pricing of the Nordstrom moonlight pajamas all year, and I haven't really seen any good sales on them, so if you want to try them, I recommend you buy now!

I bought 2 pairs this year, and I decided to size up for more roominess!

Barefoot Dreams Cardigans, Blankets & Socks

Barefoot Dreams products are truly worth the hype in my opinion. If you haven't tried them yet, you have probably heard of the brand because it is so beloved and popular.

I tested out this specific Barefoot Dreams cardigan during the Nordstrom anniversary sale last year, and so began my love affair. The material feels like a super soft, stretchy, and snuggly chenille. And it washes REALLY well. (I usually wash on the delicate cycle, then air dry, except for the socks, which I throw in the dryer.

What I love about the Barefoot Dreams cardigans is that they look just as good over loungewear as they do over casual wear. After trying one myself, I purchased several more as gifts, which were all adored by their recipients.

For more information read my full review of Barefoot Dreams cardigans.

I also find the Barefoot Dreams socks to hold up much better than other snuggly slipper socks and not show as much dirt. I plan on stocking up on these myself this year.

And my sister bought me this specific Barefoot Dreams blanket and both me and my cats love it! I prefer this blanket for light coverage when I am reading and lounging in warmer weather. It's hard NOT to feel so safe and secure under the Barefoot Dreams blanket.

I snagged another for my new reading room, as well as another cardigan and socks.

Buying Tip: Barefoot Dreams sale items are extremely popular during the Nordstrom anniversary sale and will very likely sell out fast. So, if you see something you want to try, I recommend you buy it fast.

Leggings by Spanx and Zella

Every introvert needs GREAT (not just good) leggings and Spanx and Zella are two GREAT options.

The cult-favorite Spanx faux leather leggings are an absolute must you will keep in your closet for years (like me!) They have A TON of compression and make you feel (and look) REALLY good. I always feel my absolute best in these specific leggings. They are also really thick and can be worn at home for introverts or for going out. They are a purchase I can't imagine anyone regretting.

Zella "Live In" leggings are also really popular and considered to be similar to LuLuLemon leggings at a cheaper price point. These specific leggings are also really thick and have a lot of compression, but they are more meant for staying indoors or working out. I love to pair them with my Barefoot Dreams cardigans on rainy days when I'm reading indoors.

I always size up in both of these leggings.

Nest (& Other Luxury) Candles

Speaking of reading indoors on rainy days, the Nordstrom anniversary sale is a great time to stock up on luxury candles for reading ambiance and other self-care time. They can be expensive, so it always helps to get a deal.

I have found that they make SUCH a difference to me. They smell so much more subtle and layered, and they burn so cleanly.

My favorite from this group is the Nest Bamboo candle. I can often even smell it when it's not burning. It's just a super fresh and clean smell that anyone can appreciate.

I haven't tried the other ones pictured above yet, but I am going to stock up during the sale.

Necessaire Bath & Body Products

The last of my Nordstrom anniversary sale picks is another self-care item that I feel 100% lives up to the hype. A lot of bloggers have talked about Necessaire bath products, which can sometimes make me skeptical.

I decided to give in and give the body wash a try, and I cannot even tell you exactly how much I loved it. It's super luxurious in both how it feels and smells -- like the most perfect day at the spa. It's also clean (non-toxic) and loaded with great ingredients. So, grab your favorite book and bath tray, and then have the best bath ever!

When I emptied my bottle and started testing out other bath washes, I thought about this specific body wash every single time I was in the shower and wished I still had it. It's that good. Since it's pricy for a body wash, the Nordstrom anniversary sale is the perfect time to test it out or stock up.

This was definitely a happy purchase for me this year!

Those are my top 5 Nordstrom anniversary sale picks for introverts and book lovers -- only the absolute best of the best, so you buy only what's really worth it and don't get too overwhelmed.

Buying tip: If your size and/or color isn't currently available, keep an eye on the item! I have snagged sale items on re-stocks later in the sale in prior years.

As a reminder to narrow it down even further, if you buy only ONE thing from this list, I hope it's THIS!

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