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Full Guide: Molly McIntire Outfits for Women

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These American Girl doll Molly McIntire outfits are perfect for traditional and classic women who want to dress like one of the most beloved historical characters. You’ll obsess over these swoon-worthy styles!

When I was a child, the only three American Girl dolls that existed were Kirsten, Samantha, and Molly. I loved the American Girl doll Molly for a few reasonswe both had glasses, we both wore our brown hair in braids and, while her father fought in World War II, both of my grandfathers did so.

Girls today can “see themselves” in American Girl dolls of all sorts, but I was lucky at that time to see myself and to feel okay being “me” through the American Girl Molly doll.

I learned so much about history by reading Molly the American Girl doll’s stories, and I swooned each time a catalog came in the mail. Of course, we were rarely allowed to order any of these expensive items, but we were lucky enough to each get a doll in our house.

Not only did I recently wear a Molly McIntire Halloween costume, but as someone with a preppy sense of style, I’ve got to say, I would still wear many of Molly’s outfits!

I decided to expand upon my costume for Molly McIntire’s original outfit with this post when I could no longer ignore how many women’s clothing items and accessories I was seeing that reminded me of the American Girl doll Molly clothes. And, I’ve got to say, I think I completely nailed the Molly McIntire aesthetic for women below.

Molly McIntire Outfits

First, below are the six original book covers for Molly McIntire’s books to remind you exactly what she wore in them:

molly mcintire american girl book covers

And now, here are my Molly McIntire outfit ideas for women to wear today, nearly one hundred years later! They are so classic that they remain relevant and stylish:

molly mcintire outfits collage for women

Click the images below to shop these American Girl doll Molly McIntire outfits:

In Meet Molly, in which we first learned about the young girl whose father was serving in World War II, she wore her classic blue beret over her double braids, round silver wire-framed glasses, red and blue argyle sweater, navy skirt, and black flats (but I like to substitute these saddle shoes).

In Molly Learns a Lesson, Molly’s school outfit was a preppy plaid jumper, and she carried a satchel bag.

In Molly’s Surprise, Molly’s Christmas dress was a traditional green velvet dress and, to bed, she wore a classic red and white striped pajama set reminiscent of the holiday itself.

In Changes for Molly, she stayed dry in the Winter with a preppy yellow rain jacket and red rainboots.

In Happy Birthday, Molly, she celebrated her Springtime birthday with a pretty white ric rac dress (and a puppy!)

In Molly Saves the Day, Molly attended Summer camp, where she wore a very Americana outfit: red chino shorts and a classic white button down shirt.

Now you too can dress just like her with these utterly wearable Molly McIntire outfits for women.

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