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How to Read More Books When Stuck Inside

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Are you stuck inside and wanting to find cost-effective and efficient ways to read more? This is a quick guide on how to read more books when you are stuck inside. At the time of writing this post, I am stuck inside due to the Coronavirus, when many of you may be stuck inside as well.

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But, we can get through this together! On the bright side, this is a great time to improve your reading life. There are so many life-changing benefits of reading more books! Read on to learn how.

How to Read More Books

So, you want to read more books? I read 100+ books per year while also working full-time, and I created an entire blog post on how to read more books. You can get a sneak peek of my ideas from this Instagram post:

My favorite way to read more books is to listen to audiobooks faster, at 1.5-2.0 speed, while I am multi-tasking doing things like cleaning, working out, getting ready and commuting. This is such a great way to maximize the commodity of time.

Socializing with bookish people has also changed my life forever, as it forced me to set goals and stay accountable on GoodReads, and it allowed me to make friends who influenced me to add certain books to my “to be read” list on Instagram. You can start by following me on GoodReads and Instagram.

What books should I read?

After deciding to read more, the first question you will likely ask yourself is: what should I read next? I can help you with that.

The three books I recommend most (because they are so universally beloved) are:

You can find more ideas on these posts:

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The Best Psychological Thriller Books for You to Read – Again, my favorite thriller here is Verity, but you can check out even more thriller ideas. I’m pretty critical when it comes to the best thrillers!

The Best Fiction Family Drama Books – Family dramas are my favorite genre, so I adore and recommend ALL of these books, but my favorite is the Audible version of The Dutch House, read by Tom Hanks, which was also my favorite fiction book of 2019.

The Best Love Story Fiction Books of All Time for AdultsMy Oxford Year is on this list of love stories as well, but I love all of these love stories, from rom-coms to classics.

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How can I get books for free and for less?

If you are trying to read more books in a limited amount of time, chances are you want to save some money on your hobby. Luckily, reading is a very cost-effective hobby! There’s nothing I love more than getting a book for free (use those libraries!) or for less. Below are some posts where you can get tips for getting books for free and for less:

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How to Get Books Online for Less Money – Here I share everything from my book deals, to my favorite retailers for book deals, how to stack deals and more.

I hope you were inspired by this quick guide on how to read more books when you are stuck inside. I wish you many wonderful adventures of the mind during this time.

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Monday 30th of March 2020

I love! It's been so nice to listen to books lately when I'm too stressed to stay still and read.


Monday 23rd of March 2020

Great post, its been so hard recently!


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