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Gilmore Girls “In Omnia Paratus” Tribute (+ Merc

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If you’re “Team Logan,” this Gilmore Girls “in omnia paratus” tribute shares all of the best details about the iconic Life and Death Brigade scene from the show, including:

In Omnia Paratus Umbrella from Yale's Life and Death Brigade
  • episode details (with a video of the infamous “jump” scene);
  • translation and meaning of the phrase;
  • wallpaper to download for your desktop and iPhone; and
  • the best “in omnia paratus” merchandise for the biggest fans to shop.

I’m Team Logan, and “in omnia paratus” is one of my favorite scenes and catchphrases from the show. So, this post was a very fitting addition to my many Gilmore Girls blog posts.

If you’re “ready for all things,” let’s get started!

“In Omnia Paratus” Tribute

Episode & Scene from Gilmore Girls with “In Omnia Paratus”

The popular phrase from Gilmore Girls “in omnia paratus” was first heard in Season Five, Episode Seven, entitled “You Jump, I Jump, Jack” which first aired in the United States on November 2, 2004.

Rory is tracking “The Life and Death Brigade,” a secret society at Yale in which her crush, Logan, is a member, for the school newspaper.

The Brigade dresses formally for an outdoor social gathering and is tasked with jumping seven stories while holding umbrellas.

As they stand atop a structure made of scaffolding preparing to jump, the Life and Death Brigade chant their motto, “In omnia paratus!”

Meanwhile, Rory utters “You jump, I jump, Jack,” which is a nod to a scene from the movie Titanic, as she, Logan and other members of Yale’s Life and Death Brigade take the plunge with their umbrellas.

It’s one of the most popular episodes and scenes from Gilmore Girls to this day.

“In Omnia Paratus” Translation in English & Meaning

“In omnia paratus” is a Latin phrase that translates in English to “ready for all things.” Its meaning is one of preparedness, but also one of adventurousness and thrill-seeking.

It works particularly well in Gilmore Girls because Rory is more the “prepared” one and her Yale sweetheart Logan is the more “adventurous” one, and they both bring out the opposing sides of this phrase in each other, both as members of the Life and Death Brigade at Yale and in their lives otherwise.

Fans have decorated their graduation caps with the phrase, and even gotten tattoos with it!

“In Omnia Paratus” Wallpaper for Desktop & iPhone

Below are a few versions of “in omnia paratus” wallpaper I created for your desktop and iPhone. I depicted the umbrellas the Life and Death Brigade held as they jumped seven stories, which have become somewhat synonymous with the phrase. Feel free to save these wallpapers and use them yourself!

Desktop wallpaper: In Omnia Paratus
Cell phone wallpaper: in omnia paratus

Get more free Gilmore Girls wallpaper.

Gilmore Girls “In Omnia Paratus” Products

Below is Gilmore Girls “in omnia paratus” merchandise I hand-selected for you and your fandom needs!

“In Omnia Paratus” Posters

Below are the best “in omnia paratus” posters on Etsy. I love how they so subtley nod to the phrase and the show without screaming it’s a tv show poster. I have one in my office, and it’s always a best seller with readers of The Literary Lifestyle too.

“In Omnia Paratus” Shirts

Below are the best “in omnia paratus” shirts on Etsy.

More “In Omnia Paratus” Products

Below is even more of the best “in omnia paratus” merchandise from Etsy, including tote bags, socks, cross stitch patterns, mugs, onesies, and more!

That concludes my Gilmore Girls “in omnia paratus” tribute with products to shop for the biggest Team Logan fans of Yale’s Life and Death Brigade.

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