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12 Best Men’s Gifts for Bourbon Lovers from Amazon

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If you are looking for unique men’s gifts for bourbon lovers, this list contains all the bourbon accessories we actually own and love! They’re not just pretty things I found on the internet; they are only the best tried and true products for you.

old fashioned bourbon cocktail

My husband is a bourbon man himself, and he is also a very particular cocktail aficionado, so he knows his stuff and has his favorites. And all of these items can be purchased from Amazon for quick and easy shopping!

Gifts for Bourbon Lovers

Old Fashioned Book

My husband’s favorite cocktail to make with bourbon is the classic old-fashioned, so I purchased him this Old-Fashioned book to keep on our home bar, (since I am a book + lifestyle blogger!). It’s one of the best gifts for bourbon lovers that he may not already have.

If you are looking for even more books, check out my list of best wine and cocktail books.

Crystal Whiskey Decanter

There are oodles of whiskey decanters out there, but I love this specific whiskey decanter because it’s made of high-end crystal and comes from a trusted brand, but it’s also sold at a very cost-effective price.

Whiskey Stones

Amazon’s Choice

Whiskey stones make a great stocking stuffer or add-on gift. These are cost-effective and can be purchased easily on Amazon.

Whiskey Barrel

My husband has several mini bourbon barrels similar to these in which he ages and dispenses both spirits and premade cocktails. They also look great on your home bar.

Macy’s Whiskey Glasses by Waterford

Amazon’s Choice

Waterford makes some of the most high-quality glassware. I especially like these specific whiskey glasses as one of the best gifts for bourbon lovers because they come at a great price point. We have had them for years, and I often gift them. We have also noticed them on tv shows/movies!

Cocktail Smoking Kit

Amazon’s Choice

This cocktail smoking kit is fancy. It’s a splurge gift for the serious cocktail maker to add real smoke to your drinks. My husband loves to use his to smoke Fall and Winter-themed bourbon cocktails. They come out smelling like a campfire and tasting as they came out of one!

Bar Tool Set

Every bourbon lover needs good tools, and this bar tools set is a best seller for great quality and style that impresses.

Unique Cocktail Shaker

If your bourbon-drinking man likes to create cocktails, a unique cocktail shaker makes a fun gift. My husband has had this specific penguin cocktail shaker for several years and loves it!

Sphere Ice Molds

Sphere ice molds for large ice cubes are another great stocking stuffer or add-on item. My husband swears by these, which are a #1 bestseller, and you can buy them quickly and cheaply on Amazon.

Cocktail Mixing Glass

A nice cocktail mixing glass is one of the best bourbon gifts for men because they may not already have one, and they are cost-effective while looking high-end. You can add a nice bar spoon and tie it with a bow for your gift recipient.

Custom Flask

Even if he has a flask, does he have a custom flask?! A monogrammed leather flask was one of the first gifts I bought my husband (many years ago), and he loved it so much that he purchased several other items from this Etsy maker. He still uses it to this day!

Cocktail Canteen

I can recall so many situations (such as travel) when my husband wished he had all of his tools to make a nice craft bourbon cocktail on the go. When I saw the Cocktail Canteen, I knew he had to have it. Sure enough, he loved it, and thought it was as clever an idea as I did!

Those are all the best gifts for bourbon lovers.

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