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19+ Free Instagram Story Templates for Bookstagram

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If you're a Bookstagrammer working hard to get your content out there, but struggling with time and content ideas, I got you. This post is all about easy, free book Instagram story templates for you to copy and edit for your Bookstagram on Instagram stories!

One of my goals is to provide content that helps not just me, but also by community, grow in our promotion of books. Right now, I'm focusing on quick and easy ways to get our Bookstagram content out there with book Instagram story templates. I created the 19+ Bookstagram templates below for you.

I think these free Instagram story templates are super fun and hope you think so too! If you use these Bookstagram story templates, be sure to tag me @bookish_jules so I can see what you did with them!

Free Instagram Story Templates

Book Goals 2022

Simply fill in the blanks on this Instagram story template for Bookstagram and save it to your highlights to track your yearly reading goals as the year progresses.

book goals 2022

Favorite Books of the Year

You can use this Bookstagram story template all year. Each month, add in your favorite book that month. It will be fun to see your monthly favorites at the end of the year.

This is my most popular template!!

favorite books of the year


I tried to make this #FollowFriday Bookstagram template more catchy than simply tagging other people, so I gave you the option to give "superlative" titles to your favorite Bookstagrammers.

follow friday

Book of the Month Club Instagram Story Template

This is a monthly Bookstagram story template for Book of the Month Club subscribers. Each month, fill in the five Book of the Month Club selections and add in which one(s) you selected. Feel free to add in a related emoji or gif in the large box to describe your pick or how you are feeling about it.

book of the month

Meet the Bookstagrammer Instagram Story Template

This is another Bookstagram story template meant for your followers to get to know you more personally. If you have an "About" highlight on your profile, this would also be a good template to add to it.

about the bookstagrammer

This or That? Bookish Edition Instagram Story Template

This Bookstagram story template is a fun bookish game. Select one of the two options from each category below by placing a dot or emoji next to your pick. You can also underline or circle your pick.

This is my second most popular template!

this or that bookish edition

3 Books I Always Recommend

Since your Instagram followers likely trust and appreciate your bookish recommendations, this Bookstagram template easily answers a frequently asked question. If you have an "About" or "FAQ" story highlight on your profile, you may want to add this template.

This is my third most popular template!

3 books I always recommend

Book Review Instagram Story Template

This mini book review is one template I like to use a lot on Bookstagram. It makes it so easy and fun to give a quick review of a book. You can either color in or circle the stars, or you can add star emojis for how many stars you give a book.

book review

Literary Love

This Bookstagram story template is too cute. It focuses on love stories and would be perfect to share around Valentine's Day! Insert titles, GIFs or emojis in the boxes with your fave picks.

literary love

Top 3 Books - Multiple Editions

I created several editions of this "Top 3" books Instagram template, which focuses on your favorite books across an array of genres. I hope you have fun filling in these free Instagram story templates!

top 3 books non fiction edition
top 3 books thriller edition
top 3 books beach reads edition
top 3 books memoir edition
top 3 books audiobook edition
top 3 books fall edition

Coffee & Currently Reading

Posting your coffee mug and the book you are currently reading is a popular trend on Bookstagram with the #coffeeandcurrentlyreading. With this Bookstagram template, just fill in what type of coffee you are currently reading and what you are currently reading. I suggest you add #coffeeandcurrentlyreading for added visibility.

coffee and currently reading

Last, Now, Next

Another popular trend on Instagram is to post the last book you read, the book you are currently reading, and the book you intend to read next. So, simply fill in the blanks as such on this Bookstagram story template. I recommend you use #lastnownext for added visibility.

last now next

TBR (To Be Read) List

Hold yourself accountable with this reading challenge template on Instagram. Each month you can post your hopeful TBR ("to be read") list, and then check it off with an emoji or scribble as you complete your own personal challenge.

my reading challenge

How To Use Instagram Story Templates

Simply save these free Instagram story templates for Bookstagram to your phone, then fill in the blanks on Instagram stories. You can also take screenshots of the templates to save them.

Once you fill the Bookstagram template out and post it to stories, be sure to include a blank template in the next slide so others can use it too.

Several of the Instagram story templates also have tagging options, so be sure to tag others, so we can all promote each other easily. Also make sure you tag me (@bookish_jules) when you use the templates, so I can see what you did with them!

(I will keep copies of these blank free Instagram story templates for Bookstagram in a highlights section on my Instagram page if you want to access them later.)

Get my Summer Reading Challenge Instagram story template.

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Saturday 10th of July 2021

very lovely templates- I am really allowed to use them for my Instagram? are you on instagram I would like to tag you on instagram.

Jules Buono

Saturday 10th of July 2021

Absolutely, YES you can use them! They are meant to make Instagram more fun for all of us. I am @bookish_jules on Instagram. :)


Thursday 10th of December 2020

What app do you use to create your templates?


Wednesday 14th of October 2020

Thank you! These are fantastic! I am having so much fun looking through your bookstagram suggestions. I'm new and learning a lot!

Jules Buono

Thursday 15th of October 2020

You're welcome! So glad it's helpful.


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