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5 Flower Girl Gifts from Amazon That Are Cute & Useful

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If you are looking for flower girl gifts from Amazon, these five ideas are super cute, on theme and practical.

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They are exactly what I purchased my flower girls for our classic and traditional wedding. I focused on items that were appropriate both for the wedding day and thereafter.

My goal throughout was to save as much money as possible on our wedding and also not to create waste. I wanted to gift things that were totally usable. And because these items are available on Amazon, you can quickly and easily purchase them.

I hope you and your little ladies love these flower girl gifts from Amazon.

Flower Girl Gifts from Amazon

Flower Girl Coloring Book (and Crayons)

A flower girl coloring book is perfect to teach your flower girls about their special role, and to keep them occupied during a very long wedding day. They can easily use it after the wedding too!

Since I am primarily a book blogger (with a hint of lifestyle), I had to get my girls some books!

This specific flower girl coloring book is the one I purchased for my flower girls, and they loved it, especially the stickers inside!

For more options, check out these additional flower girl coloring books on Amazon. And don’t forget crayons!

Flower Garden Building Kit

  • Amazon’s Choice
  • Highly Rated

A flower garden building kit is a unique toy your flower girls probably don’t already have, and it can also be used to teach them about their task of distributing flowers while keeping them occupied at the same time, on the wedding day, and anytime after.

Ring Pops

  • Amazon’s Choice
  • Best Seller

Ring pops will keep your flower girls happy and quiet when they inevitably get cranky on the big day, and they will make your girls feel like they are wearing an engagement ring like yours too!

Hershey Kisses

  • Amazon’s Choice

Hershey’s Kisses are also oh-so-sweet, and they are so reminiscent of the kiss you will share with your newly minted spouse on the wedding day. Also, who doesn’t love receiving and snacking on a handful of Hershey’s Kisses in any gift assortment?!

We bribed my flower girls with them the entire time getting ready and taking pictures pre-wedding. And it worked.

Bridal Inspired Stuffed Animal

I personally thought gifting my flower girls a bridal-inspired stuffed animal was genius. The thought behind it was that I had seen my fair share of flower girls completely crumble at the exact moment it was their time to walk down the aisle. I felt that, even if they refused to do the whole flower thing, they would probably both be willing to carry a stuffed animal and be comforted by it while all eyes were on them.

I was right! My girls ended up carrying both a flower and their stuffed animals on our wedding day.

My recommendation is that you choose one that appears higher-end and bridal to be on theme and not look like some old toy if they do end up carrying it down the aisle. The best search term I found for a stuffed animal that appeared bridal was: ballerina stuffed animal doll.

The bunny stuffed animal pictured above looks like a bride, doesn’t it? It’s also bound to make your guests swoon. I just love this idea. And, of course they can play with their stuffed animals for years to come thereafter!

Those are 5 super cute flower girl gifts from Amazon based on the exact gifts I gifted my own flower girls. I loved how their gift basket came together to be on the theme of a wedding and practical both on and beyond the wedding day. I hope your flower girls enjoy them too!

For even more ideas, shop Amazon’s recommendations for flower girl gifts.

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