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This easy, DIY Eloise costume for adults will have you dressed like the mischievous six-year-old “city child” Eloise at the Plaza in no time for Halloween, Book Week, and beyond.

eloise costume collage

In fact, you can either pull these pieces from your closet and/or shop them quickly and easily on Amazon to dress up in this charming children’s book character costume that kids will love.

Eloise is a young girl who lives on the top floor of the Plaza Hotel in New York City, a fun place for a kid to live, filled with all kinds of unique adventures. She shows children exactly what it would be like to live in a grand hotel with a nanny and a tutor to care for them, as well as an elevator to ride up and down and a full-service kitchen, to serve them!

(Eloise at the Plaza is even a book referenced on Gilmore Girls, by the character Paris, comparing the pranks of her prep school classmates to young Eloise.)

Eloise Costume for Adults

How do you dress like Eloise?

To dress like Eloise from the book Eloise at the Plaza by Kay Thompson, wear a black, knee-length, pleated, a-line skirt with a white short-sleeved button-down blouse and black suspenders. Finish the look with white knee socks, black Mary Jane shoes, and a pink bow.

Eloise at the Plaza by Kay Thompson

First, I always love to recommend you carry “the” book with your literary costume, so everyone knows exactly who you are, and Eloise at the Plaza is the story that started the beloved book series.

Short Sleeve Button Down Blouse

Eloise wears a white short-sleeved button-down blouse, which you can grab from your closet if you already have one. If not, this one with the rounded collar and puffed sleeve matches the aesthetic really well.

Black A-Line Skirt

I also believe you can pull just about any black knee-length skirt from your closet to recreate the look of Eloise, but if you need or want to buy one, this pleated skirt is a really close match to the one Eloise wears.

Black Suspenders

Top off your Eloise outlet with black suspenders, so your skirt stays in place. (Wink!)

White Knee Socks

Keep your legs warm with white knee socks like Eloise. I wear these particular socks with my Halloween costumes because they are compression socks that do double duty in real life!

Black Mary Jane Shoes

You can really wear just about any black flats or heels from your closet with this Eloise costume, but if you really want the exact look, try these black patent leather Mary Janes. Even the slight heel truly makes them look like a classic child’s Mary Jane.

Blonde Wig

If you don’t already have blonde hair like Elosie, then try this short blonde wig with bangs. The wavy texture resembles the messy appearance of Eloise’s hair in the books.

Pink Bow

Lastly, wear Eloise’s signature pink bow at the top of your head. I think a headband makes it easiest to get the exact look of Eloise, and this one is the right shade plus it’s meant for costume wear.


This Eloise costume is a whimsical nod to the mischievous charm of the beloved children’s book character. Beyond the classic outfit, it’s about capturing the playful spirit of a young girl’s grand adventures in New York’s most famous hotel. Whether for a party or a trip down memory lane, stepping into Eloise’s shoes is an enchanting way to celebrate the wonder and innocence of childhood in a bustling big city setting.

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