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Epic Guide: Deep Winter Color Palette (Capsule Wardrobe, Makeup, etc.)

This epic guide to the Deep Winter color palette covers everything from skin tones to celebrities, colors to wear, colors to avoid, flattering jewelry, makeup, outfits, and more!

I researched the Color Season analysis as part of my process to come up with my own unique capsule wardrobe.

You can learn more about how to create your own unique capsule wardrobe (as I did) with the book The Curated Closet.

If you aren't familiar with the Color Season analysis, it's a curated selection of colors that pair well with your natural features (i.e., skin tone, hair color, eye color). It's first categorized by the four seasons (Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter) and then by three subcategories within each season (for 12 total categories).

Once you know your season and your subcategory, you can begin to learn what colors work best for you, from makeup to clothes, and more.

I initially thought I was a Deep Winter, which is exactly why I dove deep and created this guide to the Deep Winter palette.

(In the process, I learned that I'm actually a Deep Autumn, which is similar, but favors warmer rather than cooler tones. If you're also debating between the two, I think the key is whether you can wear warm oranges, like rust and pumpkin. I also did my makeup twice -- once as a Deep Winter and once as a Deep Autumn, and that also helped me clarify my Color Season.)

Guide to Deep Winter Color Palette

Below is your full guide to the Deep Winter Palette, including:

  • Skin tone and other common features
  • Celebrities
  • Color palette (what to wear and avoid)
  • Jewelry
  • Makeup
  • Capsule wardrobe / outfits

Note: Deep Winter is also sometimes referred to as Dark Winter.

Deep Winter Skin & Features

What skin tone is Deep Winter?

Deep Winter skin has olive or cool blue undertones, and dark features are prominent. Skin tone can range from fair (light beige) to deep (dark cocoa), but it is always a cool tone or a neutral-cool tone.

Is Deep Winter cool or warm?

Deep Winter is cool-toned, with dark neutral or ashy hair, dark eyes, and skin with olive or cool blue undertones.

More specifically, Deep Winter has a high contrast in coloring.

  • Hair is often medium to dark brown or black.
  • Eyes are generally dark brown or black.
  • Skin has olive or cool blue undertones.

Whether light or dark-skinned, you can note the contrast in Deep Winter persons even between the whites of their eyes and the irises.

Deep Winter Celebrities

Below is a comprehensive list of Deep Winter celebrities. This list can help you determine whether you are, in fact, a Deep Winter. You can also use it to research the colors these celebrities look best in (especially as they are often styled by professionals).

What celebrities are Deep Winter?

Salma Hayek
Robert Downey, Jr.
Nina Dobrev
Sandra Bullock
Taraji P. Henson
Rose Byrne
Gal Gadot
Kit Harrington
Uzo Aduba
Demi Moore
Orlando Bloom
Penelope Cruz
Zayn Malik
Catherine Zeta Jones
Adam Driver
Linda Cardellini
Monica Belluci
Viola Davis
Wynona Ryder
Lucy Liu
Mila Kunis
Shay Mitchell
Lea Michele
Mindy Kaling
Johnny Depp
Julianna Marguiles
Elliot Page
Keira Knightley
Lily Aldridge
Keanu Reeves
Priyanka Chopra Jonas
Octavia Spencer
Michelle Rodriguez
Oprah Winfrey
Michelle Obama
Teri Hatcher
Freida Pinto
Olivia Munn
Audrey Tatou
Anne Hathaway

Deep Winter Color Palette

The Deep Winter color palette is reminiscent of a forbidden forest on a cold Winter night: dark, intense, bright, and cool.

What are Deep Winter colors?

Deep Winter colors are intense and cool-toned. Below are examples in a variety of color groups:

Neutrals: white, black, navy blue, espresso brown, charcoal grey

Reds: blood, wine, ruby, garnet, cardinal, chili, burgundy, raisin

Pinks: fuschia, magenta, dark rose

Yellows: dark lemon, mustard

Greens: spruce, jungle, emerald, pine

Blues: navy, midnight, royal, cobalt, turquoise, teal, sky, French

Purples: plum, dark violet, grape, eggplant

What colors should Deep Winter wear?

A Deep Winter person should wear colors that are intense in saturation and cool-toned. Jewel tones (ruby, emerald, sapphire), most blues, greys, and shades of berry work well. High contrasts in these colors also work well, like white and cobalt, since Deep Winter people naturally have a high contrast in color tones.

What colors should Deep Winter avoid?

Since the Deep Winter color palette favors dark and cool colors, the opposite colors should be avoided: light and warm colors, such as gold toned oranges and browns and warm pastels, like peach and melon.

Can Deep Winter wear orange?

No. Orange is the one color that a Deep Winter person should avoid. Orange is a warm color, whereas Deep Winter persons should wear colors that are cool.

Below are images of Deep Winter colors and color palettes:

Color selection tips: If you get confused when you are shopping for clothing, jewelry or makeup, you can start by asking yourself, "Is this cool or warm?" If warm, it's a no. If cool, then ask yourself, "Is this shade intense/highly saturated?" If yes, it's probably a Deep Winter shade. You can also try to remember that, generally, jewel tones, berry tones, and red wine tones generally work best.

Deep Winter Jewelry

Can Deep Winter wear gold jewelry?

Silver jewelry is a better color match for jewelry for a Deep Winter person, but technically a Deep Winter person can still wear gold jewelry. For example, gold metal accents to a Deep Winter jewel tone like emerald, ruby, garnet, or sapphire would accentuate the natural features of a Deep Winter person well.

The easiest way to remember the best jewelry colors for a Deep Winter is to think of jewel tones, since virtually all of them are good Deep Winter colors. For more casual jewelry, rely on silver-toned metals and/or turquoise, which is both intense and cool.

Below are some examples of flattering Deep Winter jewelry. I chose to highlight only Kendra Scott earrings here, because she offers such a wide array of colors and earrings are her most popular seller. Her jewelry is also affordable. It's the brand where I buy most of my jewelry, and it always gets compliments for its bold designs and colors.

While I highlighted a lot of colors below, I also want to note how much I love my silver drusy earrings from Kendra Scott (pictured below too) for a metal only look (with a hint of shimmer). And I also want to note that these are just examples -- you can also shop necklaces, rings, and more at Kendra Scott.

Click the images below to shop my recommendations for Deep Winter jewelry:

If you want to browse actual gemstones, you can do so on Amazon here:

Deep Winter Makeup

The easiest way to remember the best makeup shades for Deep Winter is to think of food: berries, wine, espresso. A lot of makeup shades already have food in the name, so when you see names like "deep berry" or "sangria red," you are generally looking at the right shades.

On the eyes, silver, pewter, taupe, and grey work best for neutrals. I love this specific Taupe eye palette from ColourPop and this eyeshadow stick by Laura Mercier for a really shimmery cool metallic look.

Accents, like eyeliner and mascara, can range from black to espresso, charcoal, and dark purple.

For more "fun" eye colors, try a palette in the dark purple family.

While many color experts say you should avoid bronzer (which is generally warm toned), I adore this specific cool-toned bronzer by Hourglass. It's really light and natural, PLUS has the cool tones Deep Winters need.

On light-skinned cheeks, look for pinks with rose or plum tones. Darker skin tones can veer into darker, deeper shades of red. This specific Tarte blush is a great one that provides some color but still offers a natural look and long wear.

On lips, again you should look for shades of plum, berry, and deep, cool reds. I'm a fan of this specific Honest Beauty tinted lip balm and this Dior Glow balm in the various berry and fuschia shades.

Click the images below to shop my recommendations for Deep Winter makeup:

Deep Winter Capsule Wardrobe & Outfits

Below are some tips to create your own Deep Winter capsule wardrobe.

Black can work well as a neutral if your skin is light because it offers a good contrast. If your skin is dark, try other neutrals with more color, like navy.

For very professional settings, pair neutrals like a black or grey suit with a white blouse and jewel-toned jewelry. 

Otherwise, make a statement with jewel tones and berries.

In the Summer, white clothing works well because it offers a contrast. You can create a contrast by pairing it with another Deep Winter color and/or pattern, like a navy and white gingham pattern, or red, white, and blue for the 4th of July.

Patterns should have high contrast and be comprised of Dark Winter colors, such as light grey and dark purple.

Larger, bolder patterns, like geometric patterns work well.

Smaller patterns and more muted patterns (like tony watercolor florals) do not offer enough contrast for the highly contrasted Deep Winter person.

Below are examples of outfits to inspire you to create Deep Winter outfits for your capsule wardrobe:

You have now completed this epic guide to the Deep Winter color palette.

Click where you would you like to shop for Deep Winter colors:

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