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37 Deep Autumn Celebrities to Copy Now

This list of Deep Autumn celebrities, both male and female, in a range of ethnicities, can help you both decide whether you are a Deep Autumn AND get ideas for your own style and beauty if you are one.

deep autumn celebrities to copy now

One of the easiest ways to figure out your season on the color analysis chart is to look at celebrities who have already been matched to that season. For example, if you see someone on the list who people always tell you looks like you, that's a good sign you may match that color season. And looking at those celebrities wearing complementary colors helps you see what will look good on you too.

For example, I thought I was a Deep Winter (which is similar, but more cool and ashy in tone) until I thought about how I was most often compared to more warmer-toned celebrities like Victoria Beckham.

Looking at a list of celebrities like this one gives you a more objective look at who matches a Deep Autumn color palette and why.

Before we get to the list of Deep Autumn celebrities, let's quickly review the common characteristics of a Deep Autumn. A Deep Autumn is reminiscent of Thanksgiving dinner in a dark forest. Think of harvested vegetables, spices, red wine and cider amongst brown and mossy trees where red and orange leaves have fallen.

The overall appearance of a Deep Autumn celebrity or person will then most often include green, hazel, or brown eyes and dark hair with red or gold tint. Skin tone can range from light to dark and is neutral, with warm shades like olive, honey, gold, espresso, and chocolate. There is a medium contrast, neither an extremely high nor low contrast, in features.

All of the colors referenced above will look great on a Deep Autumn. And the opposite, light cool pastels of a Light Summer, should be avoided.

For colors that are generally cooler in tone, shades that are warmer and more saturated work best: navy for blue, salmon for pink, mustard for yellow, and tomato and burgundy for red.

Now, let's take a look at the list of Deep Autumn celebrities followed by pictures of these celebrities wearing a complementary Deep Autumn color palette.

Book recommendation: The Curated Closet: A Simple System for Discovering Your Personal Style and Building Your Dream Wardrobe by Anuschka Rees helps you come up with formulas and color palettes perfectly suited to you.

List of Dark Autumn Celebrities

Below are dozens of Deep Autumn celebrities, both male and female, in a variety of ethnicities:

  1. Alicia Keys
  2. Angela Bassett
  3. Aubrey Plaza
  4. Brenda Song
  5. Cindy Crawford
  6. Denzel Washington
  7. Eva Longoria
  8. Eva Mendes
  9. Frieda Pinto
  10. Gabrielle Union
  11. Garcelle Beauvais
  12. Halle Berry
  13. Jada Pinkett Smith
  14. Jason Momoa
  15. Jessica Alba
  16. Joseph Gordon-Levitt
  17. Josh Hartnett
  18. Kim Kardashian
  19. Kristin Kreuk
  20. Leighton Meester
  21. Lucy Hale
  22. Maya Rudolph
  23. Monica Lewinsky
  24. Natalie Portman
  25. Oprah Winfrey
  26. Meghan Markle
  27. Minka Kelly
  28. Rashida Jones
  29. Ryan Reynolds
  30. Sarah Hyland
  31. Serena Williams
  32. Sophia Vergara
  33. Taraji P. Henson
  34. Tiffany Haddish
  35. Vanessa Lachey
  36. Victoria Beckham
  37. Zendaya

Pictures of Deep Autumn Celebrities

Below are pictures of these Deep Autumn celebrities to further help you learn about their features and best colors, followed by my thoughts on why they are Deep Autumns, what colors work for them, and why.

I specifically selected pictures where these celebrities are wearing Deep Autumn colors to make it super easy for you.

Scroll through the widget below to see all the pictures:

Of all of the Deep Autumn celebrities listed and pictured, Eva Longoria gets her fashion choices right most often. Kudos to her stylists! They match her warm, dark features with dramatic, warm, saturated colors in the Deep Autumn palette like tomato red and navy.

Several celebrities on this list also know that a warm, saturated salmon is the most complimentary Deep Autumn color for the otherwise cool-toned pink.

Oprah's and Kim Kardashian's nautal beauty pops in mossy, olive green style -- reminiscent of the Fall forest on Thanksgiving that inspires this color palette.

Classic navy always works better as a neutral Deep Autumn color than black or white, because it's warmer, and you may notice how many of the above pictured celebrities are wearing it well. Even Joseph Gordon-Levitt chose it for a suit over black.

And Meghan Markle takes navy to the next level in a deep and warm Blackwatch plaid coat (a great Deep Autumn print).

Lastly, if tomato red is too bright for you, burgundy (the color of red wine) is also ideal, and you can see many Deep Autumn celebrities stun in this shade.

Now you know which celebrities are Deep Autumn, what colors work on them, and why.

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