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Below are details on how to work with me:

  • For Authors
  • For Brands

For Authors

For a variety of reasons, I generally cannot take on unpaid projects such as book reviews and/or assistance with book promotion in exchange for a book.

I do offer some free tips that may help you promote your book here:

Additionally, if you are interested in paid advertising, you can purchase ads on my site, which currently reaches 220,000+ readers per month, directly through my ad network, Mediavine. The minimum budget is $100, and Mediavine provides you with all of the analytics for your ad.

(If you need help getting started, learn more on Mediavine.)

For Brands

Would you like to work with me?

Let's chat about it. It helps if you are able to provide information such as details about your product and/or brand, your end goals for the collaboration (i.e., exposure, sales conversions), your preferred type of promotion (blog and/or social media), any deadlines, etc.

I will provide you with my Media Kit as well as a unique collaboration proposal especially suited to you -- your goals, your budget. I look at every opportunity as completely unique and base my proposals and decisions on my detailed statistics and SEO data to determine how I believe I can provide the most value and results within your budget.

Below are some quick facts:

(as of May 2022)


  • 220,000+ page views per month
    • 86% of blog traffic comes from Google search
  • 12,000+ social media following
  • 400,000+ Pinterest views per month
  • 500,000+ viral Instagram reels views
  • 11,000+ email subscribers


  • 67% U.S. visitors
  • 70% mobile visitors
  • 70% women of all ages
  • 50% between ages 18-34


I’ve been on The Today Show’s Read with Jenna book club on TV, as well as Oprah’s Book Club and Reese’s Book Club on Instagram, and Buzzfeed.

Specialty: SEO for long-term exposure and conversions

I specialize in advanced SEO strategies to analyze keywords and optimize long-form blog posts. This has consistently proven to improve Google and Pinterest rankings for the brands I've worked with, and it has led to long-term growth in both exposure and sales conversions.

Many of the posts I’ve optimized for brands now rank on the first page of Google, outrank mega competitors, and convert at rates of 10-20% each month thereafter, for tens of thousands of dollars in total sales.


For any other requests, please reach out via email. I look forward to chatting with you!

- Jules Buono

[email protected]