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How to Create a Christmas Capsule Wardrobe (for Women)

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Learn how to create a Christmas capsule wardrobe for women (in two simple steps) to mix and match, wear and re-wear for church, parties, dinners, and more. You’ll look SO festive with these pieces, year after year!

tartan plaid skirt

I keep a capsule wardrobe for the holidays to which I add a few new pieces or accessories each holiday season (although you don’t “have to”), and looking at the holidays in a “capsule” sense keeps things super simple and sustainable.

There are only two simple steps, described in detail below:

How to Create a Christmas Capsule Wardrobe

  • Step one: Start with holiday basics.
  • Step two: Add something festive.

Then, mix and match these items for various purposes over several years!

Step One: Start with holiday basics.

To create a Christmas capsule wardrobe filled with festive outfits for parties, as well as comfortable holiday outfits for home, start with the basics.

Take inventory of everything you own that is solid black, dark blue or navy, green, red, Winter white, or even metallic.

Focus on seasonal fabrics like wool, cashmere, satin or silk, lace, and velvet.

And focus on simple, interchangeable pieces like turtlenecks, blouses, skirts, tights, heels, boots, blazers, sweaters, pants, accessories (jewelry and handbags), etc.

If you feel like something is missing from your current wardrobe that’s a Winter basic in a neutral color, don’t hesitate to buy it! You will very likely get use out of it all Winter long, for many Winters to come since it’s both basic and seasonal. That’s what a capsule wardrobe is all about.

Need some ideas? Below are some of my personal favorite Winter basics I own and love:

Spanx velvet leggings are soo slimming with compression, and they are thick luxe, and perfect for a holiday indoors. (Size up.)

This cardigan is super soft and the pearl buttons elevate it for holiday occasions and beyond. (True to size.)

These (non-itchy) merino wool turtlenecks have been a staple in my closet for at least a decade. They are great on their own or layered. (True to size.)

These cashmere crewneck sweaters can be worn casually or dressy, and they are well-priced for the soft luxury fabric. (True to size.)

I’ve had the same black knee-high boots for at least a decade. They never go out of style.

Yes, emerald earrings are a “basic”! It’s an added bonus that they’re also a Christmas color.

Pearls also work for countless occasions and are timeless.

A white blouse with a black bow makes such an elegant layering piece that can be mixed and matched. (True to size.)

This sweater blazer is so good I have at least five. They give you a perfectly tailored yet comfortable look and can be dressed up or down. (True to size.)

A cable knit sweater (especially in red) screams, “Christmas!” (Runs small.)

I’ve already worn this simple navy dress for both personal and corporate events. (True to size.)

I have several of these pull-on skirts as well. The key word is “pull-on.” Dine on as many Christmas treats as you want because it will still fit afterward. Perfect for mixing and matching over several seasons. (True to size.)

Lastly, my black wedge heels have seen more use than any other dress shoes because of the comfort of the wedge (versus a heel). Great for both the office and going out. (True to size.)

Shop all these holiday capsule wardrobe essentials below:

Step Two: Add something festive.

Second (and last), simply add something festive to your Christmas capsule wardrobe.

To do this, you can make it super easy and simply mix colors and fabrics from the basics you selected above.

Or, you can add something “special” to the outfits in your holiday capsule wardrobe.

To keep my Christmas outfit ideas simple and interchangeable, I like to focus on buying one or two items each year in a very classic holiday print that never goes out of style, like:

I try to focus on prints that can be worn before or after Christmas (like those above), and I also try to focus on items that can be worn with several very different outfits, like scarves, layering tops, and hair accessories. I recommend that you do the same to make the most of your Christmas capsule wardrobe.

For example, if you buy one really fancy plaid dress, you may wear it to one big event, then never want to wear it again. But, if you focus on a basic first, like a black dress that can be worn for many purposes, then just add something festive like a plaid purse, you can get more use out of both for many years, seasons, purposes, etc.

Need some ideas? Below are some of my personal favorite Winter basics I own and love:

This year, I added these J.Crew Factory leggings to my collection for work-from-home life. The style and quality are great. (Size up.)

I also added this classic wool skirt to my holiday wardrobe. I love the style and versatility. (Runs small.)

You can’t go wrong with a headband these days. The perfect hint of plaid! And yes, I snagged this one too and definitely recommend it.

These buffalo plaid socks can be worn peeking out of boots or at home for a cozy Christmas.

I have a sweater similar to this sweater and I LOVE it. It feel so classic, and it can be worn through the snowy skiing season.

This year, I already purchased this tartan headband, so I can pair it with ANYTHING.

I also wear these tartan pants each year to make a bold, preppy impact. Pair them with a simple cream or black top.

I love to pair this ruffle blouse with black velvet leggings or a black skirt. (True to size.

Shop all these Christmas capsule wardrobe essentials below:


In conclusion, to create the most functional Christmas capsule wardrobe, don’t start with “fancy.” Start with holiday basics in dark neutrals and warm fabrics, such as black wool pants, a navy velvet dress, or a red sweater. Either pull them for your closet or buy them, since you will likely get a lot of use out of something like this.

Then, make it festive by either mixing and matching colors and fabrics from what you already selected, or add something festive that can be worn on many occasions, like a plaid headband or blazer. I like to focus on buying just one or two festive pieces each season in a timeless print.

I have been doing this for several years now, and I have developed a really robust holiday capsule wardrobe of colors, fabrics, prints, and accessories that I re-wear multiple times year after year.

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