Explore all the best clothing brands like Vineyard Vines for that classic American, coastal New England preppy style aesthetic.

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Created in 1998, Vineyard Vines is based in my personal favorite place on earth, Martha’s Vineyard (where I visit each Summer and stay right by the flagship store!), and it’s the absolute staple of fashion in Martha’s Vineyard, with popular shops dotted across the island. Their motto is:

Every day should feel this good.

And I can’t agree more. Known for their cheeky whale logo, popular Vineyard Vines styles include pastel graphic ties for men, classic tote bags for accessories, and the bestselling Shep shirts (a half-zip pullover perfect for cool seaside mornings and evenings).

It’s all quintessential American prep, with a coastal New England flair.

To get started, here are some of my favorite Vineyard Vines finds for Summer. I’m usually not one for prints, but they are so beautiful this year!:

If you love preppy clothes from Vineyard Vines like the ones above, these similar preppy brands below are some of my personal favorite brands like Vineyard Vines. They sell fashion in-store and/or online, including every style you love from short sleeve polo shirts, to boat shoes, and button-downs.

Brands Like Vineyard Vines

Below are all the best clothing brands like Vineyard Vines, which I personally shop all the time and love, along with a few quick thoughts about each. Then, get more details below about each brand and pictures of their best-loved products for you to scroll through and shop.

A bestselling brand like Vineyard Vines on this blog: Readers love Southern Tide, a South Carolina brand that bears a very strong resemblance overall to the Vineyard Vines brand. It’s just like Vineyard Vines, but a bit more Southern coastal in style. Shop Southern Tide.

Banana Republic

A division of the GAP company, Banana Republic was founded in 1978 and offers elevated basics from trousers to suits and beyond. While similar to Vineyard Vines, the overall aesthetic is more streamlined, practical, and timeless. Think: crisp white oxford shirts and straight khaki pants.

It was my go-to mid-priced retailer when I worked in a fairly traditional business casual office, and it has ALWAYS been where my husband and I primarily shop for suits.

Still, shoppers of both will find overlapping styles from subtly printed men’s button-down shirts to women’s cardigans and shirt dresses.


Boden has really caught my eye recently as one of the best brands like Vineyard Vines. It began as a mail-order company in 1991 selling classic American clothing via catalog.

While the silhouettes are timeless, shoppers will also find slightly bolder prints than a classic stripe, which Vineyard Vines also offers. It’s classic but makes a statement at the same time, but it appeals to an over 30 or over 40 crowd, whereas Vineyard Vines appeals more to all ages.

Brooks Brothers

Brooks Brothers is the oldest clothier for men in the United States, founded in 1818 in New York. It’s a privately-owned company known for a higher-end, uber-traditional aesthetic, often for business people.

You’ll find their Golden Fleece embroidered polo shirts in upper-class offices across the country, and it’s also the type of place where you’ll find a sport coat or tweed jacket to wear over your Vineyard Vines pants.

And when Brooks Brothers sells prints, they are super over-the-top, in-your-face preppy prints like madras plaid — as if they came straight out of a Connecticut prep school parent-teacher conference.

Draper James

Draper James is the newcomer on the block. Started by actress Reese Witherspoon to honor her Southern heritage, you will find classy feminine silhouettes and prints like stripes, gingham, and florals here, in everything from loungewear to dresses.

I have been shopping there more and more over the past few years, and I love how the brand shares modest style without being too stuffy — just like Vineyard Vines!

Draper James excels best at gingham anything and everything!


GAP holds a special place in my heart because I worked there for many years. Originally a t-shirt and denim retailer that opened in 1969 and is headquartered in San Francisco, California, it’s still known for classic American casual basics like jeans, khaki pants, shorts, and t-shirts.

Over the years they have elevated these simple styles with arrays of colorful options to choose from, as well as memorable marketing campaigns.

It’s always a sentimental experience for me to shop at the GAP, and I still go there first when I need to stock up on basics.

J. Crew

J. Crew is kind of like the “original” Vineyard Vines, and my wardrobe has always been a J.Crew capsule wardrobe. It was the accessible preppy retailer of my own youth, having been founded decades before Vineyard Vines in 1983.

It’s the brand I “go to” most often for anything and everything classic in clothing, from Summer linen to Winter cashmere, and the best timeless outerwear styles for all seasons.

You can always count on J. Crew to produce updated versions of preppy prints each year too, like gingham, tartan plaid, and black watch plaid.

These days, they tend to mix in a bit more trends and traditional business casual wear as well.

Kiel James Patrick

Kiel James Patrick is another newcomer run by a cute, young preppy couple. It’s a small business I simply adore and shop so often! Headquartered in Newport, Rhode Island, it takes inspiration from the sea with many nautical-themed preppy styles, along with other clothing inspired by the New England coastal location, like Vineyard Vines.

Prints include anchors, American flags, and hydrangeas. I would describe the brand as Vineyard Vines with a bit more Americana mixed in.

Lands’ End

Lands’ End is another longstanding American retailer. It originated in 1963 and is headquartered in Wisconsin. It’s a trusted brand for simple, well-priced, high-quality basics like button-down shirts, khaki pants, and tote bags (just like the ones from Vineyard Vines!).

It has become a go-to brand for those shopping for prep school uniforms.

Lilly Pulitzer

Lilly Pulitzer is a brand as widely spotted around Martha’s Vineyard as Vineyard Vines. Started in 1959 by a Palm Beach socialite, it’s beloved by preppy women of all ages for its bright, bold colors and unique prints that make it incredibly easy to spot a “Lilly” anywhere.

With a thriving fan base, prints can become collector’s items, but I also adore their neutral dresses (like this specific Tisbury shift dress I recently purchased), especially when I am in a pinch for a dressy business event.

Lilly Pulitzer always delivers for me. When traveling, I’m known to just throw a bunch of “Lilly” into my suitcase with one matching bag and pair of shoes because you will simply always look put together in their clothes.

Fun fact: I even named my cat “Lilly.” 🙂

L.L. Bean

L.L. Bean has been a classic American retailer since 1912, based in Maine. Based on its very Northern locale, it’s most known for high-quality, long-lasting clothing and outdoor gear primarily for colder days.

If you love Vineyard Vines Shep shirts, you will love L.L. Bean’s rugby pullovers (I have about five myself!).

It’s also, hands down, the best place to buy Winter boots and slippers (I wear the Wicked Good slippers and my husband wears the bison and shearling slippers).

And if you love Vineyard Vines tote bags, check out L.L. Bean’s tote bags.

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren is a brand that probably every American knows, particularly for its classic American style. Created over 50 years ago in New York, it continues to be a leader in the accessible fashion industry.

While Ralph Lauren takes inspiration from many various aspects of American culture, his brand is most widely known for making the polo shirt like Vineyard Vines now sells mainstream.

Fans of Vineyard Vines will also gravitate towards Ralph Lauren’s plaids, striped button-downs, cable knits, and coastal blues.

Fun fact: I designed several rooms of my home to match the Ralph Lauren aesthetic!

Southern Tide

A bestselling brand on this blog

Southern Tide is a South Carolina brand that bears a very strong resemblance overall to the Vineyard Vines brand. It’s just like Vineyard Vines, but with a fish logo instead of a whale, and a bit more Southern coastal in style than New England coastal.

They have an affinity for classic American style, life on the water, and all things blue. The Skipjack polo for men started it all, but the brand has grown substantially and also sells clothes for women and kids now too.


Talbots is a very traditional American retailer for very classic, modest women. What you can find there that is most similar to Vineyard Vines is their striped boatneck short and long sleeve tees.

Even Millenials who love the coastal grandmother aesthetic will love these tops!

Tommy Bahama

I would describe Tommy Bahama as a brand similar to Vineyard Vines, but with a Floridian island flair. Instead of a whale logo, Tommy Bahama bears a marlin, as well as more tropical prints.

Like Vineyard Vines, Tommy Bahama also sells a nice array of licensed fan gear too.

Check out Tommy Bahama if you are headed to a Southern beach.

Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger became synonymous with classic American style due, in part, to its red, white, and blue logo.

Like Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger is notorious for polo styles, as well as other primary-colored basics for men, women and kids. It’s like a more edgy and urban Vineyard Vines.


Last but not least is one of my favorite new online retailers: Tuckernuck! They are basically the Nantucket-based version of Vineyard Vines. What’s different is that most of their clothing is curated from a variety of brands and not just designed in-house.

I find them to be absolute experts and top in their field at curating preppy New England styles!

My favorite style of theirs (which sells out frequently) is the packable sun hat. You can also count on these longtime best sellers.


Now you know all the best preppy brands like Vineyard Vines.

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