These easy DIY World Book Day and Book Week costumes for teachers and other adults can be put together quickly (even at the last minute) to celebrate with literary style that kids will love. (You can also wear them for Halloween!)

teacher reading to kids during book week

I curated all of these book character costumes myself, focusing on teacher dress up ideas for literary characters that are popular and that you are most likely to teach in the classroom.

These book costumes are mostly female characters, along with a few that I believe can be worn by a male or female. I also focused on Book Week dress-up ideas for teachers that are more modest in appearance since they are generally meant for an adult to wear around children.

Most of these book week teacher costume ideas are from Amazon so you can quickly and easily shop them, but I also linked to some of my easy DIY ideas in case you prefer to create these outfits yourself.

Book Week Costumes for Teachers

What are good costumes for teachers?

Alice in Wonderland
Anne of Green Gables
Belle from Beauty and the Beast
The Cat in the Hat
Cindy Lou Who
Cruella Deville
Daisy Buchanan
Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz
Eloise at the Plaza
Fern from Charlotte’s Web
Harry Potter
Hermione Granger
Holly Golightly
Junie B. Jones
Katniss Everdeen
Kirsten Larson
Little Red Riding Hood
Mary Poppins
Molly McIntire
Ms. Frizzle
Nancy Drew
Olivia the Pig
Peter Pan
Pippi Longstocking
Raggedy Ann
Rory Gilmore
Sherlock Holmes
Snow White
Wilma or Wenda from Where’s Waldo
Winnie the Pooh
Wonder Woman

Easy Book Week Costumes for Teachers


Now you know all the best Book Week costumes for teachers!

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