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Book Review: Long Bright River by Liz Moore (A Novel)

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This book review of Long Bright River by Liz Moore discusses this unforgettable page-turner suspense novel about sisters in Philadelphia dealing with the opioid crisis from two very different perspectives: police officer and addict. It also gives you lifestyle pairings for more like the book.

Book Review of Long Bright River by Liz Moore

Long Bright River, a Good Morning America book club pick, refers to "a long bright river of departed souls" dealing with the growing opioid epidemic in Philadelphia (where I live), and more specifically, in the troubled neighborhood of Kensington.  I have seen the effects of this epidemic grow especially over the last year or two and infiltrate the city as a whole, contributing to things like more homelessness and panhandling.

While Long Bright River is a thriller and a page-turner, it also has compassion and a social conscience.  The thrills are not gratuitous, but they have a purpose.  And the characters are not just good or evil, they are complex and multi-faceted.

The story centers around Mickey, a youthful female Philadelphia police officer and single mother, who is searching for her estranged and missing sister, a drug addict on the streets, after a string of similar women are found dead in the Kensington neighborhood.

These sisters also shoulder the weight of their pasts -- they were raised by their grandmother after their own mother died of an overdose, and each sister subsequently endured her own share of hardships.

Mickey is dutiful and driven, albeit guarded, and it's easy to root for her.  As the mystery of her sister's whereabouts unfolds, there are surprising twists as the reader gains a deeper understanding of the longstanding effects of the opioid epidemic on people, families and whole communities, as well as its intersection with the police.

Long Bright River is one book I never stopped thinking about and highly recommend as one of my Best Books of 2020.  It's also great for discussion.

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I hope this book review of Long Bright River by Liz Moore with lifestyle pairings was helpful.

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Tuesday 2nd of February 2021

I agree, this book is fantastic and one of the best of last year! Thanks so much for guest posting about this one for us!


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